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  1. Super bowl QB help

    Who to start in Championship game. Farve vs Min Hasselbeck vs Sandiego Both pretty much sucked last week. Not sure I can trust either one. I'll reply to your post .. .
  2. Probably go with Alexander. Seattle @ home are tough to beat. If they get ahead on SF (a strong possiblility) then it is a heavy dose of Alexander for most of the game. Las time alexander played at home he had 201 yards . . . I have the same decision to make in my league.
  3. Would you have the Stones to start Cutler?

    I would go with Vick at home. It's hard to trust a rookie in his third start. Atlanta is fighting for a playoff berth, and Vick usually excels in these games.
  4. Tough playoff RB decision

    By the way, It's a 16 team league. I got Alexander in a trade for Tatum Bell and Hines Ward. This was when Tatum Bell just came off his big game against New England in week three. . .
  5. #2 RB this week.

    If K. Jones is hurt try Arlen Harris. Other than that, I would go with Caddy. The Bears D hasn't been stuffing the run lately, and the Bucs probably won't throw much . .. check my post
  6. WDIS: RB (PPR)

    Westbrook and Gore. Check my post . . .
  7. Which QB?

    Tough call . .. . Probably Kitna vs GB. Check out the weather though . .GB typically gives up tons of yardage through the air.
  8. Benching Vince Young

    I would stick with Vince myself. If not him than Eli. Still leary of Leinart.

    Wille Parker against Carolina, who are falling apart. M Jones-Drew. Ron Dayne had two TD's against Tennessee T.O. and Mushin. Start Watson if he is healthy. If not, go with Vernon Davis Check my post . . .
  10. Brady or Favre this week?

    Farve. New England will kill the Texans and will be running after the first half.
  11. I need some advice, I have BIG, HUGE problems!

    Dayne might be your best choice after all. The Texans are going to have to run alot to avoid getting Carr killed
  12. WDIS @ QB, Def?

    Jax D and Eli
  13. Who would you start? Must pick 2: LJ @ Chargers Gore @ Seahawks Alexander Vs 49ers Many thanks for your advice
  14. Bench Fitzgerald?

    1 pt per 10 yds receiving. 10 pts per touchdown Would you bench Fitzgerald this week? Must start 3 WR/TE's options include: Fitz vs KC Rod Smith vs BAL A. Gates vs PITT D. Gabriel vs MIA B. Berrian vs BUF J. Shockey vs. WAS I'm leaning towards D Gabriel, Fitz and Gates, but something is telling me Shockey is going to have a big game tomorrow. Need your advice. Thanks
  15. WDIS @ RB

    Please pick two . . Thanks for your advice