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  1. Ca vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Who are your favorite financial commentators?

    Wconfuse Tme Fmore!, mook?
  3. Who did you "Come up" with at the huddle ?

    I showed up to taunt Hokie. GB bonus rubes
  4. Joey Galloway

    forder STILL owes NJ $50
  5. Is it quiet in here?

  6. Pick a sorry QB

    Big Ben, who not even play Gus Frerotte Kyle Boller Yeah.. i know they stink.. huh you think im giving up this game?
  7. Why do you use the handle that you do?

    I thought it was self explanatory

    GDB blah blah blah sniffin round my ass today
  9. Anyone Who Has Lost A Loved One

    I'm the orginal "Angel of Death" (don't read this or you may die too). You will always miss your dad, but you may find you forget the pain of losing him and remember how much he means to you. When you can just smile when you experience something you know he would have liked ( without the pain), you have moved on. Till then, there always beer.
  10. QB Decision

    McNabb Mort says Simms may see some action
  11. Original huddle members

    RAD and mountain dew of course
  12. Original huddle members

    fn robdor & his GBCM i hate to admit it, but robertdora was correct