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  1. 1 point ppr league . Ezekiel Elliott or Gabriel Davis ? I can even consider Irv smith Wdis ? Tia and happy holidays
  2. Hey Scott. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Have to choose between Ezekiel Eliot and Gabriel Davis in 1 point ppr league . I also have tre,quan smith. who should I start ? Tia
  3. Dangerous food

    A famous nutrionist and health expert was sepaking to a group of people and was explaining the dangers of what we eat and how they effect our body . The Nutrionist said that too much fatty foots could lead to heart problems and stroke ; that certain foods contain dairy were hard to digest and could lead to gastrointestinal problems , etc After speaking for an hour , he asked the crowd , do any of you know which is the most dangerous food for human beings and which one can cause the most problems and pain An older man in the back of the room stood up and said " yes , the answer is Wedding Cake "
  4. dude delete your posting in the Aqua Lung thread that his wife wrote ...its got no business being in there the right thing please for all's sake especially his wife's

  5. Rest in Peace Aqua ...and may your family be strong and receive Comfort , Courage and Peace from the good Lord

  6. stung by a wasp

    Friggin little insects pack a wallop stung on my finger which is throbbing and swelling up real good if anyone knows of any remedies for wasp stings would appreciate them
  7. back to reality

    Hate when vacations end ...although not back to work yet , my family vacation to lake george is over ...a great time over past 10 days ...missed the huddle though ...time to get back into the swing of things
  8. stung by a wasp

  9. Woman sues over NYC pipe explosion

    Disgraceful lawsuit ...sorry for her loss on 9/11 but this lawsuit should be squashed immediately
  10. Liberarians are especially difficult when books are returned late to them
  11. RIP Yankees

    Ursa was actually 100 percent correct ...yanks should thank schedule maker to open up with toronto ( not having to face haladay ) and then 4 more home games vs d rays is the royals ..enjoy it while it lasts ..yanks will not see post season and it will be back to reality soon ...
  12. The SURGE

    I have a surge in me trousers
  13. :uponsoapbox:

    Good info cliaz ..glad I could reply to this while I am on line at drive thru at taco bell Seriously , we tend to look for easy way out and I believe this surgery has become the easy way out too often as well
  14. stung by a wasp

    I think you got treating jock itch confused with treating wasp stings alex ...
  15. stung by a wasp

    No need for emergency room , my erection went down on its own ... As for wasp sting , its getting better with ice . Thanks for concern though H8
  16. I bet you couldn't predict this

    Sad way to go ...
  17. back to reality

    Barbaro meant nothing to me ..I did not know him personally
  18. back to reality

    Thanks cliaz ...I feel welcomes back already ..glad I could help with your sigline as well
  19. bass fishing

    Need some help ..doing most of my vacation up in lake george from a pier ...catching a ton of sunnies and perch's from the pier on worms and power bait My question is from the pier which goes out about 10ft into the lake is it possible for me to catch bass and if so what should use as bait and what technique Next question if I get use the rowboat hotel provides there is an area with banks , rocks it good to try and catch bass there and if so what should I use for baot ( live and fake ) ? Thanks in advance
  20. NSab's Perfect Storm.

    Cograts on being a grandpa and condolenscesd on grandma , may she rest in peace And God bless your family
  21. Hate our Iraqi cuase?

    Before my time ..learned about them in school ..still think bush and company are the worst
  22. bass fishing

    Thanks bro , this is good info ..will try it and hope you have a great time when you come up here ..havin a blast so far
  23. Hate our Iraqi cuase?

    Ursa as stated don't waste your time ..some have head buried in sand and are totally clueless Iraq was and is a disaster which we never needed to invade ..we made it worse than it ever was 9/11 had zero to do with iraq and this is a fact Al qaeda was never wiped out and is back and strong as ever and we did not do enough about them as we have wasted billions and military unnecessarily in iraq This adminstration is the worst in our countries history That's about it
  24. Match the Huddler with his Picture

    I can honestly be thankful to not have made this list ..however as I just met whomper earler this week , he is a spittin image of David ...I had to do a double take when I saw david's picture just to be sure Jk by the way
  25. Hate our Iraqi cuase?

    Its a lot closer to fact than opinion ..I know terrorists are real , but not sure what iraq has to do with them other than the fact we created more there now than there were there before war Al qaeda and iraq also had no connection before war and iraq had zero to do with 9/11 ..that is FACT As for wmd , where are they ?? Not in iraq and never proven they were there when we decided to go in Let's keep it real