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  1. Is L Fitz playing? Seems like Warner has thrown to everyone but the waterboy and Fitz...
  2. Philly Starters

    Thanks swami, I made the switch.
  3. Philly Starters

    Phili homers...I have a few minutes left to change my lineup-do I replace Westy with Buckhltr? Thanks
  4. V Young?

    Why has he not even tried to rush today? I guess I picked the wrong QB for my superbowl.
  5. Westbrook news?

    It's a two week superbowl (combined score of weeks 16 and 17).
  6. Westbrook news?

    I've got the super-bowl this weekend, and I need Westbrook to come up big for me. Any news on the illness that sent him home yesterday? Thanks!
  7. Rivers...

    0 for 9, nice game! Why do they even let him pass the ball?!
  8. How' Eli looking?

    I did the same thing...I figured the Giants will turn it on to make the playoffs....Eli BLOWS!!
  9. I have that old familiar "one and done" playoff feeling.
  10. How' Eli looking?

  11. How' Eli looking?

    I don't get the game here, but I'm playing him over Vince Young, and I see a lot of incompletions on espn gamezone. Is he still the same scared ineffective QB?
  12. No way IND going to the superbowl

    ...and then...Indy FUMBLE...
  13. Fantasy Football week 17

    Our playoffs are weeks 14-17. Weeks 14 and 15 make up 1 game, (2 weeks worth of points for each team), and weeks 16 and 17 are our superbowl. Yes, I am in the superbowl this year (thanks LT , was lucky enough to get the 3rd overall pick this draft and SA and LJ want 1 and 2). Anyone else do this two week combined score thing?
  14. How will Romo do tonight?

    Did Romo have a fumble lost?
  15. How will Romo do tonight?

    I hope he throws three ints and has 0 tds.