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  1. Jesus loves you.

  2. yer a little buddy.

    -Cat Lover

  3. Help me find a battery

    I see lots of Invertors for $20 at walmart fruitf0k.
  4. The SURGE

    Please don't rub my mojo wth such enthusiam. Demonrats, Lieberals... all the same. I steal nothing from no one momma's boy. I am the alpha and the omega, I am the reason Harry Potter dies f0ktard. You want to hate me? Am I an El Guapo? Get in line, and then some.
  5. On-line Dating sites?

    We went looking for a stripper party in st.augustine, couldn't find it, got pissed and drove back to jax. Stopped at the first open place, was a bar called Micky's I think, all we wanted was beer and tequila, but they had some hot coeds, so we stayed. I found a petite one without kids... and here I am ten years later. editors note: no longer petite without kids
  6. Help me find a battery

    Buy something newer, or get AC adapter.
  7. Thinking of building a deck

    I used the standard treated stuff you buy at lowes, bought a bunch of deck books, but none fit my idea of what I wanted, so I got a custom. 8' x 16' plus stairs on either side, thing can withstand a hurricane, cost about $1100 does not include roof which I will do next year. 4x6x16 corners, four 4x4x8 posts, 2x6 decking, 2x6 steps doubled six feet wide. We like it.
  8. I can not put into proper words........

    I agree! But at least my team has a chance. Yours? Not so much....
  9. Cost of Game Tickets

    Is that legal in texas?
  10. Woman sues over NYC pipe explosion

    Liberals of course blame Iraq. Regrettable accidents like this could be prevented if we spent our money on actual needs - like maintaining and enhancing our infrastructure instead of launching preemptive attacks against other countries and overextending the military force that is supposed to protect the people of this country, not incite more angry feelings toward America by serving as the de facto police force in another nation whose people do not want us there. Hey momo... the pipeline was owned by a private company.
  11. The SURGE

    Spin this demonrats.
  12. WCOFF role call....

    We got Owens and Reggie Wayne from the 2 hole last year: http://www.h8tank.net/images/06boardsm.jpg ... we also won our league.
  13. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    Since vick has been silent, and since he just hired a high profile trial attorney, I think this gets worse before it gets better. Regardless if vick is aquitted or not, we know for a FACT, dogs were killed at his residence, and tortured. This is enough to tarnish him forever. Same with kobe, so he didn't rape her, he still cheated on his wife wife and had rough sex with a practical teenager. Vick gets released before its all said and done.
  14. stung by a wasp

    If I were you, I'd go to the emergency room.