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  1. Do you collect trading cards?

    @LordOpie Panini Prestige retail is good place to start. Last I checked you can also find 8 card, 8 pack boxes at Target online for 19.99. Panini is the go to for NFL as they hold all the contracts, for now. Fanatics just came in this year and starting in a few years will be the main NFL card manufacturer. One thing is for sure - this is not the market we collected in back in the 80s. The high end hobby boxes now go for hundreds, if not thousands. Take Panini Black for example. 1 pack, 5 cards. Um, what?! I got back into it a little bit but stay away from the high end. Can't afford it. I also won a couple auctions for PSA graded (a whole other ballgame) rookie cards I was after. I have them in my man cave. If you just want to have some packs to rip (which is the best part), stay low end for now and have fun. is great resource to see what's out and what's coming up. It will make your head spin with how many issues there are.
  2. Keep me logged in!

    Forums keep me logged in, as do other sites I log into with the same setup. I don't think it is my browser/OS/settings. Thanks for the feedback and hopefully it can be resolved. Appreciate it!
  3. Keep me logged in!

    I'm sure this will get closed/locked quickly, but I can't get a response from the help form so I don't know what else to do. I'm using the latest version of Chrome on Windows 10 and I have to log in multiple times a day when viewing paid content. Can we please get this addressed with a "remember me" type feature? These are table stakes features web sites, especially paid ones. The forums keep me logged in, so why not the paid site?
  4. The kit looks awesome. Thanks for making this a great site to come back to every year.
  5. Where should Dayne be taken?

    Next question.
  6. FF Magazine

    Picked up ESPN's the other day. Not bad. In the past, I've read Fanball, PFW and Sporting News. There's a lot of Index readers here, so I may give that one a shot this year. DMD, when do the rankings go up? 7/1?
  7. Kicker News

    Signed by Miami
  8. This builder has done a few stadiums for the NFL, including Gilette. What's interesting to me is that it's being built with both teams in mind. So when the Giants and Jets play in the future, they'll both be the "home" team. Link to story SPORTS STADIUM BUILDER SKANSKA WINS DESIGN/BUILD CONTRACT FOR NEW JETS / GIANTS STADIUM U.S. Units of Swedish Company Takes On Construction Of First-of-its Kind NFL Facility EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – American units of Skanska AB have been awarded the design/build contract for the new $1.4 billion Meadowlands NFL Football Stadium project in New Jersey. The Skanska contract is valued at $998 million, approximately SEK 7.4 billion and is with the New Meadowlands Football Stadium LLC. It is the largest U.S. project for the Swedish construction company, which has been involved in a number of stadiums in the U.S. “Skanska has in recent years proven itself to be among the leading sports stadium builders in the world, and has shown a great affinity and understanding of the U.S. market,” said Giants president John Mara. “We are very impressed with their capabilities and bringing them on board will help ensure we stay on track to complete this project on time and on budget.” Jets owner Woody Johnson said, “We are pleased to have Skanska as our contractor for the design and build portion of this project. They are up to the challenge and will help us reach our objective of delivering a truly extraordinary facility for our fans, one that will set new standards for the NFL and indeed for stadiums around the world.” The new stadium will be the home field for the New York Jets and the New York Giants, the first facility built specifically to accommodate two U.S. National Football League (NFL) teams. The stadium will also be used for concerts and other entertainment and sports activities. The new Meadowlands stadium will be a technologically advanced open-air stadium with seats for 82,000 spectators, including 217 Luxury Suite boxes. The stadium project comprises 175,000 square meters and will be part of the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The project is a design/build assignment, which will be implemented in an internal joint venture of Skanska USA Building and Skanska USA Civil. The units will employ the building and steel-construction expertise gained from previous Skanska stadium projects, including Gillette Stadium in Boston. Skanska USA Civil’s share of the new contract amounts to $150 million. Preparatory work has commenced and construction will be completed for the opening of the 2010 football season. The exterior design for the stadium is expected to be completed by early spring, with groundbreaking slated for later in the spring or early summer. In the U.S., Skanska has constructed several major stadiums in recent years, such as Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas, and the Gillette Stadium in Boston, Massachusetts. At present, Skanska is also participating in building of the new Yankee Stadium in New York. Skanska USA Building Inc. is a leading national and local provider of construction, pre-construction consulting, general contracting and design-build services to a broad range of US industries, including life sciences, healthcare, education, high-tech, aviation, transportation, sports and entertainment. Skanska USA Building also provides pharmaceutical validation services to clients. The company is headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, and has approximately 3,700 employees. The company reported sales in 2005 of about SEK 30 billion. Skanska USA Civil’s operations focus on transportation infrastructure and facilities for power generation, water and wastewater treatment in the eastern US, Colorado and California. Skanska USA Civil has some 4,300 employees and had sales totaling approximately SEK 9.4 billion in 2005.
  9. So Long and thanks for all the Fish

    Good for you. I myself dropped to one league this past year and it was great. It's my local and honestly, it never felt like a burden at all. If you have second thoughts about leaving, consider doing one league and do your best not to spend hours and hours on it. Good luck.
  10. Colts vs. Pats

    Somewhere Merriman is dancing...
  11. Bears Vs Pats

  12. Colts vs. Pats

    What Brady can't shake Manning's hand? Wah....
  13. Eli to air it out more next season?

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.
  14. Congratulations to the SuperBowl Champs...

    Happy feet is right. I think deer in headlights also applies. Could this game be any more boring?
  15. Any one else hoping for a Bears win

    No. I'm pulling for an NO/IND Super Bowl.