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  1. And thats why I drafted Zeke!

    Kiss of death right there.
  2. Rams or Chiefs D/ST?

    Like them both this week. Pouncey out for SD has me leaning Chiefs but then again Aaron Donald.
  3. Who is GB’s WR2

    Is it Lazard or MVS?
  4. How did Chiefs pick fans to attend?

    Got it. Makes sense to do it this way.
  5. Am I being petty?

    Agree with the idea that the commish should have just given the option to keep the 16 and drop another. Otherwise drop the 16. Simple.
  6. 32 Homers needs owners

    NYG -
  7. I bet they count merch sold everywhere, not just at the game.
  8. Lynn Bowden Jr.

    Read @DMD's write up in Best of the Rest. Sounds like a good flyer type, but don't know much about him. Is he like a Taysom Hill?
  9. Please keep me logged in

    @WW thanks for the quick turnaround. It does seem better. Hopefully the team can solidify and we can stay logged in keep on reading! (Probably see an uptick in time on site metrics too. )
  10. Please keep me logged in

    @Shorttynaz no worries. Thanks for chiming in. @WW thanks for update. Glad to hear it’s being worked on. I’m pretty sure settings are fine from my side, as I don’t have this issue on many other sites (although I acknowledge implementation could be different).
  11. Please keep me logged in

    Btw, I generally use Safari on iOS when on my phone and latest Chrome on macOS.
  12. Please keep me logged in

    I’m getting logged out automatically what seems like every day. Please keep me logged in by default or at least offer a remember me option. Very frustrating. Also, after logging in, see issues with the site knowing I just logged in, depending on where I am on the site. Clean this up please!
  13. Over/Under 9 wins for your team

    Over at 10 for the Gmen. Watch out @Cowboyz1 and @League_Champion However, at this injury rate, might be 2 by the start of the season.
  14. Chris Herndon, NYJ TE

    4 games out should should generally lower investment needed to grab him late or pick up early in the season.