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  1. Choose 1 J. Jones or McGahee

    It's my first superbowl and pretty much everybody in the league has said I need to win 'cause my opponent is the worst winner. We don't want to go through an entire offseason listening to his garbage. If you have any reasons for your choice please post and I'll check out yours if you want
  2. Where'd the BUFFALO DEF TD go in Yahoo?

    I'm seeing the same thing (26 points on main page, 20 points on stat tracker). I sent yahoo an email last night asking what's up. If I get a reponse I'll post.
  3. For everyone who is in your SB.....

    My team listed first QB:------K. Collins ------- B. Favre WR:------T. Holt ---------- E. Kennison WR:------J. Horn --------- D. Bennett RB:-------C. Dillon -------- L. Tomlinson RB:-------L. Johnson ----- B. Westbrook WR/RB:--W. McGahee* - B. Stokley TE:-------C. Cooley ------ A. Gates K:---------J. Elam --------- D. Akers Def:------Buffalo --------- New England *Note: If McGahee can't go I'll start Julius Jones instead I'm first in points and standings, he's 2nd in points and standings. It's a toss up right now. I'm amazed I got in. I lost priest holmes and Kellen Winslow, got lucky with the McGahee pickup (frustrated owner dropped him early) and I grabbed J. Jones when he returned from the injury. I like my chances but Kennison/Bennet have been lights out and his matchups are a little more favorable. Good luck to everybody who made it.
  4. Holt, Horn, or McCardell?

  5. WDIS at WR

    I'd go Mason, Chad Johnson, and Burelson Bledsoe's recent play scares me off of Moulds.
  6. Holt, Horn, or McCardell?

    Which 2 would you start? Holt @ Buffalo with his concussion Horn @ home vs Champ Bailey with his knee McCardell coming off his bye in Oakland Right now I think Holt is the odd man out because of his poor play on the road and the Buffalo D but it's still hard to bench him. 6pts/TD, 10yds/pt, 0.5pts/completion