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  1. which qb

    im kinda leaning with brady too, with moss, stallworth, maroney,faulk, and watson thats alot of weapons.
  2. which qb

    which qb does everyone like better this year BRADY or BREES
  3. keeper trade

    if i drop alexander i would get my 1st rnd pick back. if i trade him for brees, brees becomes my 1st. its a messed up system, we dont announce till draft day who is kept and who is available. if i kept LJ, GORE, and BRADY i will still have my 1st,2nd, 3rd, and 4th rnd picks. i believe i am 5th spot in 10 team draft.
  4. keeper trade

    what about tom brady i have him and i believe he was a 6th rd pick. should i release alexander
  5. keeper trade

    i get to keep 3 keepers a year and we lose the draft round that is associated with that guy we keep. my 3 keepers are alexander (1st rnd ) LJ ( 5th rd) and gore (7th rd). we only start 2 RB. anyone think i should trade shaun for someone like peyton or just go with the 3 i have and hope to get someone later in the draft. i am probably going to try to grab wr in the 2nd, 3rd rnds. thanks
  6. playoff help

    thanks everyone, good luck to all
  7. playoff help

    any more advice? all will be appreciated
  8. playoff help

    should i go with bulger@oak or farve vs det. and for my #2 back tatum@ariz or morris@ buf. thanks everyone. i wouldnt have made it this far without you.
  9. ok i got 2 wdis. bulger@oak or farve vs det. and tatum @ ariz or morris @buff thanks
  10. lineup help

    keeper league. i drafted LJ last year in 5th rd. we get 3 keepers so i kept LJ, shaun, and boldin. drafted gore in the 6th this year. i went 6-7 in this league. my team brady, LJ,gore,shaun, boldin,wayne,cooley,josh brown, and vikings d.
  11. lineup help

    THANKS i cant believe i am considering sitting LJ
  12. lineup help

    im begining to lean toward LJ and GORE. what do you guys think?
  13. lineup help

    please help me with my lineup i need 2 rb's and 1 TE. i have LJ vs baltimore, ALEXANDER @ cardinals, and GORE vs GB. my TE's are COOLEY vs philly, and DESMOND CLARKE @ rams. thanks fellow huddlers i need this game bad.....
  14. Fantasy Playoff seeding question

    i started a league this year with 1 division of 10 top 2 teams get byes, next 4 make the playoffs. everyone seems to have liked this. the other leagues i am in are both 2 divisions with division winners getting the bye and 2,3 playing. it always seems like there is a team that should be in the playoffs that doesnt get in because of a strong division. i have enjoyed the 1 division