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  1. Which WR will emerge next year.

    I 2nd Ernest Wilford...
  2. Champion Baby!

    Champion Baby! Wouldn't you know it Andre Johnson and Fred Taylor finally wake up and contribute...Won by 7, thanks to anyone who has given any advice this year. Team MVP: Tiki Barber
  3. Taylor/Wells

    Fred Taylor or J.Wells? Someone? Anyone? Please help...
  4. Edge

    When he pulls himself out he cant come back in immediately because the Colts run a hurry up. So he can't come back in until the next dead ball to keep the other team from subbing.
  5. Moss?

    Is he starting? I'm thinking about starting Gabriel during the "Bye Week Blues"...
  6. QB Quandry...

    J.Martin vs. Jac T.Dilfer vs. Hou G.Frerotte vs. NO thanks guys...
  7. Lionel Gates - MIA

    Isnt that the name of the lawyer on the Simpsons?
  8. Boldin and Fitz

    Start them both what they are doing this year is comparable to what Wayne and Harrison did last year.
  9. ugh thats ugly go with lewis at least he should get the most carries out of that group...
  10. Jamal Lewis or Mewelde Moore?

    Go with moore he's got a pretty good matchup and his rushing and receiving yards will make up for td's he doesnt get + Lewis is losing carries to taylor
  11. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 7

    More questions than usual - Jamie Martin or Trent Dilfer? Kevin Kurtis vs NO or Eric Moulds vs Oak or Muhammad vs Bal? Also would you trade Fred Taylor for Domanick Davis? -Thanks
  12. Holt's Performance here on out

    He may actually get better. Many times back up QB's don't go through their reads and lock onto the best WR and keep throwing it to them no matter what. Plus it won't hurt that the Rams have one of the worst D's in the NFL and will probably playing from behind alot...
  13. Kyle Orton...

    Dear CowboysDiehard, As a fellow Cowboys fan I would really appreciate if you took a good look at my roster contained in my sig. Look long and hard then immediately promise you will not pick up or trade for any of them. Thanks, davehb1
  14. Tim Rattay to the Bucs

  15. which qb?

    1.McCowan 2.Martin 3.Brooks 4.Brunell McCowan has a tasty matchup up this week against Ten Please see my post http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?showtopic=119522