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  1. Participating in an all-star competition for my league. Basicly, you can pick any QB, 2RBs, 3WRs, D &K. Doesnt matter whose team they were on during the season. It is a fun way to end the year. How much will LT play. San Diego can lock up home field with a win, so I suspect he will play, but will he sit in the second half if they are up or will he play like every other game since they have a bye next week. What do you think
  2. WDIS at QB - Brady or Rivers

    Any last thoughts. Rivers is more consistent Vs. Brady and the hope for a bounce back game. Need to turn in my lineup. Thanks. rsureck
  3. I would go with Javon Walker. I think Arizona will score and Cutler will have to pass.
  4. WDIS at QB - Brady or Rivers

    Any last thoughts. Rivers or Brady?
  5. Trip to the Championship! WDIS

    We have almost the identical set of WR. I have Boldin and dont have Winslow. Otherwise identical. The TE scoring is a bit interesting and puts a wrench into, but of that group I am going with Reg. Brown and Booker (and boldin). I figured Caldwell is too risky given Brady's insconsistency and the same can be said for Mason. Booker has been a stud lately especially with getting a point per reception. Reg Brown has been good too since Garcia has been throwing alot and the Giants give up points. With Balt's defense, I might stay away from Winslow. See mine. rsureck
  6. Pick one WR from...

    Henderson. Too much passing going on in NO not to go with him. See mine. rsureck
  7. 1pt per 5 completions or 20 yds. 4pts per TD pass. Brady at home vs. Houston Rivers at home vs. KC A few weeks back I would have easily gone with Brady especially with Houston being amongst the worst against the pass, but after last week good gosh. KC is in the middle of the pack in Pass Defense and Rivers is likely the more consistent choice. I have a pretty strong team and in the first round of the playoffs I am facing a much weaker opponent. Your advice is appreciated. The rest of my starting lineup. L. Johnson, S. Jackson Boldin, Booker, Reg. Brown. Balt Vinatieri.
  8. Roster QB - Brady & Rivers - Play 1. RBs - L. Johnson, S. Jackson, F. Taylor, & Michael Bennett - Play 2 WRs - Boldin, Booker, Caldwell, R. Brown & Jennings - Play 3 D - Balt K - Vinatieri. I will always start Johnson and Jackson at RB unless they get hurt. I picked up Bennet in case LJ goes down. I am now considering picking up Stephen Davis in case Jackson gets hurt. I have 3 options: 1. Do Nothing (except maybe replace Jennings). 2. Cut Fred Taylor to pick up Stephen Davis in order to grab Jackson's back up. 3. Cut Jennings to pick up Stephen Davis and hope that no more than one of my WR's goes down in the next few weeks. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  9. Need some advise please!

    I would go harrington. Det D gives up points. NE is a tougher matchup.
  10. WDIS at Flex

    I would lean towards Terry Glen. I think he will have a bigger game. see mine. rsureck
  11. wdis @ wr

    I think it is between furrey and booker. I would lean towards furrey, but that is just a hunch. I think Det will get behind early and will throw. see mine. rsureck
  12. WDIS Garcia or J.P. Losman

    Losman. Garcia is terrible. see mine. rsureck
  13. MOJOD or Thomas Jones

    Go with MJD. Jones didnt practice yesterday. Maybe a slight injury. Jax will run a ton and MJD will get the ball near the goal line. I have Taylor and been frustrated all season. See mine. rsureck
  14. Tough Turkey Day WR Decision

    I cut Bryant for Booker. I would go with him. Much more consistent and Harrington going against his old team. Bradley is a wild card. I wouldnt expect that much in NE. See Mine. rsureck