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  1. You need to get a 2nd QB and I highly doubt you ever start Gore. I'd add Tannehill, Goff 2nd option. Just ride the Steelers for defense.
  2. Lamar Jackson tests positive for Covid

    Playing FF during covid times, not recommended.
  3. Lamar Jackson tests positive for Covid

    The Ravens are toast.
  4. Washington vs Cowboys (Thanksgiving Day)

    Looking forward to the high pick that we can screw up!
  5. Washington vs Cowboys (Thanksgiving Day)

    Get the pick and I was screaming score because the offense won't!! And of course, they didn't.
  6. Washington vs Cowboys (Thanksgiving Day)

    That's making a difference, especially, along the O- line.
  7. Texans vs Lions (Thanksgiving Day)

    6-171-2 TDs!
  8. Washington vs Cowboys (Thanksgiving Day)

    Cowboys 21 - Deadskins 20
  9. Texans vs Lions (Thanksgiving Day)

    Fuller 40 yard TD!! 5-137-TD
  10. Yeah, he's overvaluing Thielen. So basically you're trying to get Mixon and Waller. See if he'll do Golladay and Engram for Mixon and Waller.
  11. I can see any combination of the 3 work out as best options. But I'd roll with Carr and Rodgers.
  12. Unbelievably so, I think I roll with Agholor.