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  1. QB- Hill TE- Goedert Flex- Higgins The rest as you have it.
  2. That's the way to do it, keep tabs! 😆 For me, without question, you add and play Rudolph. GL
  3. If you don't need Snell, don't drop other players you could need in the future. Sitting tight is sometimes the best advice.
  4. If he starts, then yes. If you'd rather drop AB, that's an option. You just might need AB when the games really matter.
  5. RBs - Gibson and Monty WRs - Hill and Jefferson Flex - AJ TE - think I like Rudolph more than Gesicki Def - Packers GL
  6. Doubtful, being that the saints are playoff bound, they'll want Brees back under center and Hill back as the gadget guy and he'll need some tune up games.
  7. My pleasure, GL, hope everything works out as planned.
  8. I'd give the slight edge to Wilson with the possibility of him adding more value with his legs.
  9. With cousins in tow, thoughts about dropping Hill for Snell then?
  10. Are Snell, Booker, Akers or Pollard available. I like all of them better than Hill or Smith. If you only have those 2 options, I'd probably roll with Hill.
  11. I like Cousins more then Carr but you'll be starting Murray every week anyhow. I'd also drop the Colts for the Rams.
  12. I'm sorry if I'm wrong but you have to start Kamara with Mostert. Then if Jacobs is out, you can play Booker. Otherwise, Corey Davis is your flex.
  13. Depends on what your other options at RB and WR are. To me, Higgins has more value.