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  1. RIP Vincent Jackson

    I remember that Taz when talking to you. Glad you got up off the mat. As an individual surrounded by family members who were alcoholics and addicts, I've been to my fair share of AA meetings and have even seen the struggles of family members who were living in the same house I was trying to get and stay sober. It was a constant battle and, as they put it, a battle you have to fight every day of your life for the rest of your life. If you don't, you'll find yourself back in the same hole.
  2. Wentz to Colts for 3rd and...

    That says it all. Rivers looked shot at the end of the previous year with the Chargers, I truly didn't expect a great year out of him in Indy and got about what I expected.
  3. Wentz to Colts for 3rd and...

    Well, get ready, cause that's definitely a situation I can see things going very well. Great o- line, opportunistic D, Taylor at RB is a beast, get some more weapons or develop what they have further at WR and they will surely compete.
  4. J.J. Watt’s landing spots

    JJ supposedly also considering the Brownies as they have the cap room and he thinks a decent chance at a SB run.
  5. RIP Vincent Jackson

    Yes, I do, was just seeing if you were alive and kicking.
  6. RIP Vincent Jackson

    He was retired and this has nothing to do with fantasy football, so no reason to create a thread to discuss things that could go south. Just kidding... Jesus christ, just awful, 38 years old. What a shame. Wonder what the cause of death will be?
  7. J.J. Watt’s landing spots

    Nailed it!
  8. J.J. Watt’s landing spots

    Agreed, I honestly thought they'd be in the SB this year against the Chiefs.
  9. J.J. Watt’s landing spots

    Possibly going home.
  10. Superbowl viewership was down sharply

    Jesus, that's awful! I know you'd probably prefer not to discuss it but was just curious about what happened with the accident. Who was driving? Did you know you lost your friend immediately on- site or only later at the hospital? Like I said, if you don't want to discuss it, that's cool.
  11. Trevor Lawrence holds early pro day workout

    He's only 6'6" because his face is 3 feet tall. He's a midget otherwise.
  12. Trevor Lawrence holds early pro day workout

    Well, at least we don't have to be jealous that his lady is hot.
  13. J.J. Watt’s landing spots

    I know it's just about Valentine's Day, but these guys have a serious bromance going on here! Impressive!
  14. J.J. Watt’s landing spots

    Steelers with his brothers, done.
  15. You should get something! I mean you were only 73.10 points behind first!