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  1. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    This thread isn't to start a fight or argument (although, that's likely what will happen). I'm curious, if you're not vaxxed, other then the line, "Because it's my body and no one is gonna force me to do anything I don't want to," why haven't you really gotten the vaccinations? What really holds you back? Concern about future, unforseen complications or implications? Just headstrong? Don't trust the science or lack thereof? Don't trust the short range trials?
  2. The Project Thread

    Very nice Rajn! I'm handy with certain things but try to rarely mess with plumbing or electric.
  3. Broncos vs Browns (TNF)

    He's been targeted, just hasn't happened for him yet. Fell on 1 route.
  4. Absolutely! Jeudy is the most valuable guy on that list easily over Johnson. Gordon is next and also way more valuable than Johnson! Gainwell is 3rd. Those 3 are far better. I even prefer Felton but that's closer. Btw, Loved Chubbers!! 🤣
  5. I'll do the best I can to give my 2 cents and try to help. I know nothing more than any of you but I do know that it feels good to chat about those weekly frustrating decisions and have people to commiserate with and even blame.
  6. I'd play out the way you are, Mitchell and sutton.
  7. Shepard is a definitely play! I'd play Jacobs and Connor in the flexes.
  8. Hypothetical trade help

    Swift is a top 10 RB, I'd keep him.
  9. I see Carter as a top 25 RB and pushing higher. He has more value than Chubba, Gaskin or Hines, who are in her team. Definitely make the move!
  10. Wazzup Dcat! Happy Thursday! Since I'm not sure what RB/ WR/ Flex spots you have, I'll list the players in the order that I like them- Mixon Sutton Jacobs Pittman Meyers Johnson Ruggs Green Defense- Cards RB- Connor WR- Cooks Flex- Pittman 2 RBs- Jacobs and Booker WR- Ruggs Flex- Callaway Need to see if Julio plays, not sure it changes anyhow.
  11. I wouldn't make that trade at all. He's trying to seek you on volume and names. You lose value at WR big time!! And don't really improve much at all at RB from Gibson to Mixon and Gibson and Barkley are even to me. This year is all about how it negatively impacts your starting lineup. I see you as losing out on 60-70 points in your starting lineup on the season, therefore, 6-7 weekly points. I'd pass.
  12. As you said Henderson for sure and Johnson. T Higgins in the flex.
  13. I like the Saints more this week. I don't think Keenum is a downgrade for the Brownies over a hurt Mayfield. Yes, i know they are still missing other important pieces, but I just like the Saints more.
  14. I'm going with Smith, Mooney would be my 2nd choice.
  15. Watson, if he clears his legal issues, is exactly what a team like Miami needs. He will make every aspect of that team better.
  16. Yeah, you bought the name with AJ and I always felt Carter would end up coming up as the season progressed.
  17. Oooof, neither. Try to trade one away to upgrade elsewhere.
  18. That's a tough trade that I'd probably decline. I'd never want to lose Cupp or Allen and would never want Barkley. Thomas is an unknown and while Dak is great, losing in this other areas and what you got back is a major risk.
  19. Hey Jax, I had a solid b- day with the fam. Thx for asking. I'd be starting Pitts at TE and Sutton is surely the flex for me. GL
  20. Hey TGA, Yeah, I was worried when you might fall off the wagon with a bad add/drop or trade. It happens, sometimes, we just can't help over-tinker. Keep an eye on Collins for your RB2 but think the way you have it, is the way you may have to go. 1. Solid trade for you as you would be able to start Carter this week over Stevenson. 2. Another solid trade for you as I like Monty more than the combo of Carson/ Collins and like Carter more than the value Henry has for you. 3. Hell no on Hopkins for Chubba and ARob. I'd trade Hopkins for Allen and Davis in a heartbeat. I actually like Allen as much or more. This would be the trade I'd target most. GL