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  1. Another chat about health care costs

    I had my appendix out about ten years ago and I think the bill came out to around $3000. I didn't stay a night in the hospital though...
  2. Dog Training Question

    Sugar has some very good info here.. I have an Australian Cattle Dog and I did just about everything Ms. Magnolia recommended. Now given an ACD is one of the more intelligent breeds, but I had that damn dog house trained in one week, and he hasn't spent one night out of his crate since I got him. Since I had kids, he knows that he is NOT allowed on the bed. He jumped up once on the bed with my daughter and I whopped his ass off the bed. I wouldn't recommend ever letting a dog on the bed if you have kids. The dog will try and establish their dominance over your kids and that is never a good thing... Best of luck...
  3. Where did you propose?

    Did anyone else ask their in-laws if it was OK if you married their daughter?? I did, and they sat still for at least 30 seconds before they said anything...That was a tad bit uncomfortable... Anyone else??
  4. Great Parenting!

    I was thinking of that quote but couldn't think of the movie... Thanks for sharing...
  5. So, did anyone else have a water main break today?

    I just found out that I have to wait until the "Dig Line" guy comes out and mark all of the utilities....He should be at the house sometime this afternoon or early tomorrow morning.... Isn't this fun...
  6. Where did you propose?

    I got engaged during a TV timeout during a Duke basketball game on March 16, 2001. I wasn't going ask her that night but it just kind of happened....
  7. So, did anyone else have a water main break today?

    I will be finding out in the am what this is going to run....It's about 40 feet from my meter to my main shut off valve under the house. Also, the pipe that runs into the house is a flexible plastic( that's the best I can describe) The guy that came today thought it wouldn't be a big job. But if they had to "Jack up" the driveway it would expensive
  8. So, did anyone else have a water main break today?

    Well, I now have water, thanks to my neighbors, but I will have to wait until tomorrow to see where the problem is. The break is between the meter and driveway. The plumber who came said that if the problem is next to the meter( which he thinks it is) it would be an easy fix, probably around $750 to $1000. But if the problem is under the driveway, it's going to get rather expensive, something in the $4000 to $5000 range. That would also include the cost of the new driveway.... It's nice to be able to use the toilets again. I got busted taking a leak off the deck this morning, my wife has no sence of humor today... Carry on...
  9. I just finished my golf club's member guest tournament tonight and we had a very nice diner to end the event. After a few gin and tonics my wife tells me she is in THE MOOD and we should probably go home. Well we pull up and there is a geyser of water coming out from under my driveway . I turned off the water from our meter and called our local water company...Well it looks like I am SOL...The guy that came out said that 1. Our insurance will probably not cover the break, and 2. It's going to run us $5,000 to $6,000 to get this thing fixed..... Now not only did I NOT get laid tonight, I will not have any water for up to four days, and my trip to Seattle and Hawaii for two Boise State football games have now been nixed.... F**K!!!! Carry on...
  10. HEAT

    It was 104° today and I played in a ten hour golf touny...I didn't puke, but I kept thinking what the hell am I doing out here...
  11. It's hot

    It was an even 100° today with the humidity at a dry 16%. It's going to be 102° tomorrow, 105° Friday, 103° on Saturday....Just in time for a little three day golf tournament I am playing in this weekend... But it is a dry heat....
  12. Golf

    First thing to do is to take some lessons. Group lessons are a good way to start and will be cheaper than if you took lessons individually from a pro. As for finding someone to give you lessons, ask around. If you have friends who golf alot they will probably know someone who that is good with older beginner players. As for clubs, you will need to be fitted, which was already mentioned. But you don't need a new set when you are just starting out. After you have been fit for clubs, you can look around the Internet or local golf shops for clubs that fit your swing profile. If you are having a hard time finding what you need, a good club builder could build you a set of component clubs that could run you anywhere from $200-$300. Don't buy a driver... The most important thing to remember is to have fun. Best of luck...
  13. This Dude is Crazy

    Balloons and a Lawnchair I guess some people will do anything to come to Idaho...
  14. What are YOU doing for the 4th?

    1. Playing Golf 2. Cleaning the house 3. Buying mass quantities of beer and gin 4. Drinking around 3 5. Barbequing around 5 6. Peeing off the deck around 7 7. Get sent to bed by wife for peeing off deck around 8 8. Try to get some by 9 Sounds like a plan....
  15. Has anyone had...

    Definition: The Hanger Steak is a thick strip of meat from the underside of the beef cow. It hangs (hence the name) between the rib and the loin. It is part of the diaphragm and, like a skirt steak is full of flavor but can be tough if not prepared correctly. The hanger steak has a grainy texture which is great for many dishes like fajitas or bulgogi. While you can use most any method to prepare the hanger steak it does have a tendency to dry out and get tough when exposed to dry heat. When grilling or broiling you need to use a marinade first to keep it moist. This is a very tasty steak and you will really enjoy it as long as you prepare it correctly. I had this once and didn't really didn't care for this cut of meat...But that's me...