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  1. Henry to Barcelona!

    Hopefully I am not the only soccer nerd here?? This is equal to Tim Duncan being traded to the Mavs for cash. Great news for Liverpool.
  2. RIP Yankees

    Gaudin one hits them and they have not scored more than 2 runs in the last 5 completed games. 2007 New York Yankees Born-April 2, 2007--Found Dead-June 30, 2007 The 07 season can now rest in peace. Go Sox!
  3. RIP Yankees

    For once I am going to agree with you. Daniels should send Teixera to the Dodgers and make them give up Clayton Kershaw. That kid could be huge. He is a Dallas kid too.
  4. RIP Yankees

    That is why it says could be. There are several very good pitching prospects. Buchholz and Hughes are two of the highest regarded. But Hughes, Bailey and Gallardo are all in the Majors now. As far as pitchers in the minors I think you are going to be hard pressed to find anyone better then Buchholz.
  5. Henry to Barcelona!

    Fernando Torres might have something to say about that. He just signed for 6 years. Liverpool just filled the only glaring weakness they have. Since Owen left they have not had a dominant striker.
  6. Future Hall Of Famers

    Seymour will be a lock by the time his career is over. Bruschi will have a pretty good chance. He will get some extra votes for coming back from the stroke.
  7. RIP Yankees

    Hey I am all for them destroying the farm, but most Yankee fans I know are sick of it. They will be pissed if Hughes or any other top flight prospect leaves.
  8. RIP Hargrove

    There has to be more to the story...right?
  9. RIP Yankees

    If they trade any of their top level prospects for help this year they are insane. Texas reportedly is asking for Phil Hughes + another top level prospect for Texeria. If anything like this happens Cashman should be fired that day. They have to stay the course for once. I think the Pavano deal has left a very bad taste in George's mouth on overpaying for players.
  10. RIP Yankees

    Honestly for the first time in a while I do not think it will be the wallet that helps them out. The Yankees finally have a good farm system. You already saw a little of Phil Hughes and they have several more prospects that will likely be ready mid season next year. Yankees biggest problem is that Boston has a load of pitching coming up. Lester, Gabbard and what could be the best pitching prospect in the minors Clay Buchholz. But yeah I do agree they will be right back in it next season.
  11. RIP Yankees

    Lil Napolean? Sweet now I am French. I like French fries....and toast. Maybe I will come up with a cute nickname for you. Fat Albert it is. Hey Hey Hey!!
  12. Team of the "Noughties"

    Upon further review this is a great post. Towards the end I feel like I am watching Batman kick some ass. BUZZ BUZZ SMACK KAPOW!!!
  13. Team of the "Noughties"

    Shhh..he is a cowboys fan. It is difficult to subtract complex numbers like 3 and 1.
  14. NBA Draft!

    If Ainge trades the #5 for Allen I will be beyond pissed. I am not against trading for a vet but it better be a guy that plays in the front court (Marion, Gasol, Oneal). I have said since the lottery debacle that I wanted the Celtics to get Brandon Wright. His workouts have been less than stellar but I really think this kid is going to be awesome. Corey Brewer would be great too. Just do not draft Yi. I am sure he has a lot of potential but he has all sorts of questions. No one even knows how old he is and he refused to workout against anyone but the air.
  15. NBA Draft!

    Not up for my bet? Come on the Cowboys are going to the promised land wooohoo!!! I'll even give you three to choose from. A. Patriots beat the Cowboys in Dallas B. If the Red Sox play the Mets in the Series they will win C. The Celtics will make the playoffs Hopefully none of these are too racist for ya.
  16. Here we go again

    That really is a shame for Penguin fans. Mario tries to save the day, Sid tries to save the day, not sure what else can be done. I guess this proves that a superstar does not always save a franchise. People assume Durant can save Seattle but I would not be shocked if he and Crosby were playing in Vegas fairly soon.
  17. RIP Yankees

    Granted my glasses are a bit Red but I just do not see any reason to think they can make the wild card. Right now the wild card belongs to Detroit who is much much better than New York. Down the stretch the Yankees bullpen is going to have nothing with the amount of work they have had this half season. The offense is extremely inconsistent and the starting pitching is below average. They are just a very average team. Let us be optomistic and say that 92 wins might get you the wild card. New York would have to play 55-30 (25 games over .500) to get there. It is ohhhhhvaaaaa!!! Ding dong the witch is dead, the witch is dead. Ding dong, the witch is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. NBA Draft!

    You are a die hard Texan that happens to root for Texas' arch enemy Oklahoma for the past 25 years. I'm so confused. Now I understand why you are so contrarian your head must be in a constant struggle not to explode.
  19. NBA Draft!

    Where do you get your trade information? PTI? Goodness gracious. Marion did not come to Boston because Phoenix required them to take Marcus Banks and his insane contract in the trade. Oneal has never said he would not restructure. Indiana was/is in love with Bynum and wanted that trade. It was Boston that nixed the 4 way deal that would have sent Oneal to Boston. Remember that? Have you ever been to Boston or do you just make blanket statements based on what other people tell you? But back to the topic at hand. Acie Law looks like a great pick at 11 and Brandon Wright in the run n gun Nellie offense will be really fun to watch.
  20. NBA Draft!

    Since the Cowboys are the "end all be all of all professional sports" maybe Sarge would like to make this bet. 10/14/07 New England @ Dallas If New England wins you pay me back my ticket price. If Dallas wins I'll pay yours.
  21. NBA Draft!

    Just because Garnett stated he would rather try to get a deal done with Pheonix means no one wants to play for Boston? Ray Allen sure doesn't seem to mind. Marion and Oneal did not say anything about not wanting to come. Boston is the greatest NBA franchise ever to grace this planet. Would you like to debate that clown? I do see why you are a Mavs fan, hell you may be Mark Cuban for all I know since you are a whiny little bitch. Did you sue Nelson for using "confidential" information to beat your precious Mavs? And I love how you bring "racist" into your argument for why Boston sucks. Thumbs up buddy you are full of...class.
  22. NBA Draft!

    I love how you tell me how long you have been a Sooner fan yet say nothing of the Mavs. Probably because you took the bag off your head 3 or 4 years ago right? And how the hell does a Cowboy, Mavs, Sooner fan bring up anything to do with New York. You use another city to make a point. Congrats you are even more stupid than I thought. You sure it is not time for you to jump on board the Boise State express? You are by far the smartest retard I have ever met.
  23. NBA Draft!

    Yeah I felt it was a tad ironic myself.
  24. NBA Draft!

    You give a rats ass about basketball in the past because you probably never watched while "your" Mavs were quite possibly the worst franchise in all of pro sports. Kinda ironic that you give a rats ass now though..right? Maybe that is why you are a sooner riding around in that wagon eh?
  25. Verlander

    Is insane. 102 mph in the 9th!!