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  1. Culpepper released The Miami Dolphins terminated the contract of quarterback Daunte Culpepper, the team announced today. His cap hit is 5.5 million this year. If the Dolphins would have kept him it would have been 6.9 million so It saves them 1.4 million against the cap for this year.
  2. NFL DIRECT TICKET gone up again

    I'm going to try to work out a deal with them as well. Bad reception Cost going up Blah blah blah As a Dolphin fan in NY it still beats going to a bar on Sunday afternoon and spending anywhere from $50-$100 a day. And yes I have a drinking problem.
  3. Lavaar Arrington seriously hurt

    Being reported here on WFAN in NY and here is a link . . .
  4. Culpepper 2006

  5. Culpepper all but gone

    CPepp was just escorted off the field by security. This is getting ugly . . .
  6. Trent Green

    John Beck will be the QB for this team sooner rather than later. Trent Green is a stop gap that knows Cameron's offense and will mentor Beck. At most Green plays all of 2007 for the Dolphins.
  7. Trent Green

    CPepp is his own agent. The cap hit would be 625K which the Dolphins can spread out over 2 seasons. NO WAY he's on the Dolphins this year.
  8. Trent Green

    Dolphins to part ways with Culpepper Wednesday | June 06, 2007 One day after acquiring Chiefs quarterback Trent Green via trade, the Dolphins informed incumbant Daunte Culpepper that they intend part with him in a similar fashion. On Wednesday, head coach Cam Cameron and general manager Randy Mueller met with Culpepper and stated their intention to trade him. However, the the 8-year veteran was also told that he would not be released. According to Culpepper, the Dolphins said they intend to keep him on the roster throughout the offseason despite his inevitable departure. Culpepper, who serves as his own agent, wants no part of a prolonged farewell. "They would like to trade me in order to `get something for me,' '' Culpepper told the Miami Herald. "However, it is my position that I have already been down that road and I am not interested in being traded. "They have told me throughout the off-season that I am under contract to the Dolphins. Therefore, it will be up to them to either keep me under contract or release me. In the meantime, I will continue to work out at the facility with the team and prepare myself for training camp, wherever it may be.' Now that Culpepper, 30, has been medically cleared to practice, the Dolphins could in fact part ways with the quarterback seemingly without the threat of a grievance. The NFL's collective bargaining agreement forbids teams from releasing a player while injured. The 11th overall pick in the 1999 draft, Culpepper restructured his contract shortly after being traded to Miami in 2006. He is set to count $6.375 million against the 2007 salary cap. A trade or release would result in a meager $625K cap hit. If released, the Dolphins could be spread that hit out over two seasons if the Dolphins if they wish. CYA Daunte !!!
  9. Trent Green

    About a year ago I was on this board excited about the CPepp trade to the Dolphins. Part of that was due to the all the craptastic Dolphin QB's since Marino left. Others (Savage Beatings included) warned me that CPepp didn't make smart decisions and realy wasn't that good. It's a bit sad he never got healthy to see what he really had left. I was wrong about CPepp and now I just want him off the team ASAP. The Dolphins think John Beck is the future. God I hope they're right.
  10. Trent Green

    After a meeting with Dolphins GM Randy Mueller and coach Cam Cameron, Daunte Culpepper sent out an e-mail saying he's not interested in being traded. The e-mail was sent to various media outlets after Culpepper was told Trent Green would be the Dolphins' new QB. "They would like to trade me in order to ‘get something for me,'" he wrote. "However, it is my position that I have already been down that road and I am not interested in being traded." Culpepper says he'll continue to work out while under contract with Miami. Jun. 6 - 9:53 am et Source: Palm Beach Post Just cut him and take the cap hit. Good riddance. NO team will give up a draft pick AND take on his contract.
  11. Trent Green

    DAVIE, Fla. - Daunte Culpepper apparently won't be getting a chance to compete with Trent Green for the starting quarterback job in Miami. One day after agreeing to send a fifth-round draft pick to the Kansas City Chiefs for Green, the Dolphins told Culpepper on Wednesday they want to trade him , a move he is resisting. CYA
  12. Trent Green

    Bye Daunte. No way he'll be on the Dolphins this year. Trent Green has worked with both Cameron & QB coach Terry Shea in the past. Cameron's offensive system is nearly identical to the one Green has run for the past six years in Kansas City. Green will also serve as a nice mentor to John Beck who the Dolphins have high hopes for.
  13. Ricky Williams Tests Positive For Mary Jane

    Always cracks me up when people say Josh Gordon is addictive.
  14. Williams says he's 'clean', ready to come back

    Something just doesn't seem right about this whole situation. If he tested positive in April, which would be his 4th and final strike, he'd get a lifetime suspension. Why hasn't he been banned yet? Why are they saying he can apply for reinstatement in September?
  15. Ricky Williams Tests Positive For Mary Jane

    The NBA would cease to exist if they tested for Josh Gordon.