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  1. Too Early For RB Betts

    I noticed on the league free agents that Brandon Jackson is also available. Any thought on him?
  2. Too Early For RB Betts

    You make very good valid points there Big Country. You've brought things up I hadn't even considered. I was blinded by the fact that if I didn't take Betts with one of my next two picks he'd be gone for me come the following picks. I failed to realize one of the basic rules of FF. Get your starters before taking a backup. Now that that's out of the way where do I look for my next two picks. WR, WR,as there's still a few good ones out there and we do get .5 ppr. WR, QB, the top QB's are gone so is grabbing someone like Vince Young worth the pick. Or wait until later to grab someone like Leinart, Cutler or Roethlisberger. Maybe WR, TE. Someone like Gonzo , Shockey or Heap. Seems there's a lot I can do with these back to back picks.I just want to make the most of them. I really appreciate any and all suggestions you guys have.Thanks.
  3. Too Early For RB Betts

    QB's taken- P.Manning,Palmer, Brees, Brady, Bulger, McNabb and Hasselbeck TE's taken- Gates 7 QB's gone so they won't take a backup for a while. There's still V. Young, Kitna,Romo,Cutler,Leinart,Roethslisberger,Rivers who are pretty much next in line in terms of rankings. Lot of the good wr's are gone as well. Some of the better ones left are Berrian, Mark Clayton, Glenn, Hackett, V Jackson, Greg Jennings, Kennison, Matt Jones, Stallworth. Other than a few of these guys a lot of the receivers left will probably have similar numbers. If I take Betts probably getting a QB next would be the best for my team. That's why I'm asking you guys what you would do. I value the opinions of the huddle members. Valid points and excellant opinions have been made in the few responses so far. I'd just like to see what course of action you think I should take. Starting Line-up: 1 QB 2 RB's 3 WR's 1 Flex (rb,wr,te) 1 TE 1 PK 1 Team Defense
  4. Too Early For RB Betts

    It's a 3 keeper league. Standard scoring, 6 pts. all td's, .5 ppr for all postions. My 3 keepers are Frank Gore, Edgerrin James and Clinton Portis. I won the league last year. My first two picks were 1.12(actually 4.12) WR Donald Driver and 2.01(5.01 actual) WR Javon Walker. Portis is coming off an injury season and I want to be sure and handcuff RB Ladell Betts with him since Betts filled in pretty damn good for Portis. I was wondering if you guys think taking Betts at 3.12 (5.12) or 4.01(6.01) is too early. It's a 12 team league and 6 teams still only have 2 rb's. We start 2 rb's and 3 wr's. We added a flex position this year so you can start an additional rb,wr or te. I have the gut feeling if I don't take him with one of my next two picks he won't be around when my next picks roll around. Betts would surely be the starter should anything happen to Portis. I just don't think Betts is gonna get the carries that some are thinking he'll get with Portis healthy. While Betts seems to be a decent back in his own right I just don't see Gibbs having a true rbbc with the Redskins. Yes I do believe Portis will lose some carries to Betts but not to the extent that some project.Here's a list of some of the rb's left for guys to choose from. Tatum Bell Reuben Droughns Warrick Dunn Deshaun Foster Lamont Jordan Vernand Morency Chester Taylor Fred Taylor Michael Turner Dominic Rhodes Lendale White Chris Brown Not a real impressive list which makes me think someone would take a chance with Betts and hope Portis gets hurt or they split carries 50/50. There's 3 guys at this point who have to pick before me. Two of them only have 2 rb's which scares me. Hopefully they'll go after Chester Taylor and FredTaylor. Maybe even Warrick Dunn. So,with just that miniscule list of half decent rb's left do you guys think I should go ahead and pull the trigger,if he's still there, on Ladell Betts with one of my next two picks. I think taking him at 3.12(6.12 actual) is way to early but I may not have a choice if I want to make sure I have Portis' handcuff. WHAT SAY YE ALL MIGHTY HUDDLERS
  5. Avatar Websites

    Anyone know of any sites with free uploadable football avatars. Thanks.
  6. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    Someone will probably have Vick's picture inserted on the poster of the group of dogs sitting at a table playing poker.
  7. Rate my fantasy football team

    Overall, pretty good team. I'd look to FA's to strengthen your wr's. I don't think you'll be able to really count on Bruce and Smith should you have too. I'd also look for some help at TE as well. KWII is still rehabbing from surgery and you may need a fill-in 'til he gets going. I'm not going to nit-pick any of your picks or when you drafted them. The core of your team is pretty decent. If you can find some help for your WR's and a backup at TE I think you'll do alright.
  8. Pick 8

    It's quite possible one or both of these guys could be there at 8. I'd give the slight edge to Addai since he'll be the primary ball carrier and his receptions should go up from last year with Rhodes gone. Bush will still be gold in a PPR league even with Deuce around.
  9. Reggie Bush or Rudi Johnson.

    I think T.O. may only be around a couple of more years and Romo is still developing. On the other hand, Roy and Calvin have a QB,Kitna, who's 34. HE may only be around a couple more as well. What's that gonna mean for Detroit's Dynamic Duo(ooh, new phrase) then? Don't know anything about Drew Stanton, who they drafted in the 2nd round this year. Is he the heir apparent? Still, I've like Roy since he came in the league and felt he was gonna be a good one. Just have to hope Stanton develops into a good QB. Certainly having Roy and Calvin is gonna put a smile on his face.
  10. Anyone got 2 cents to spare?

    Excellant advice from tbimm and Big Country. I can only reiterate their opinions on keeping Williams and Norwood. I think come season's end you'll be glad about those choices.
  11. Which WR's would you cut?

    I suggested keeping Hackett and Bradley which I still think are the 2 to keep. I do however like the prospect of keeping Nate Washington. He's a year younger than Bradley. 2006 was his 2nd year in the nfl and he had 35 recpt.,624 yds., 4 td's. Not too bad considering the Steelers offense last year. He should get more playing time than Cedric Wilson and if they run a lot of 3 receiver sets he could benefit from defenders mainly covering Ward and Holmes. It may be tougher for Nate to crack the starting lineup than the situation Bradley's in. I still think Bradley's the better receiver but in a dynasty league I think Nate Washington is worth a roster spot.
  12. Which WR's would you cut?

    Hackett for sure. Then the guy I see there with the most upside and least risk is Mark Bradley. Yes, he's had a little problem staying healthy but he's young and has the ability to be a decent receiver. Muhammed is getting long in the tooth so Bradley could be a starter by next year.
  13. Reggie Bush or Rudi Johnson.

    I appreciate everyone's response to my query. You all make vailid replies. Since this is a non-ppr league I think Rudi will have more value to me. Especially since this is a money league I just joined and inherited this team. If it were a PPR league Bush would be my choice hands down. So Rudi Johnson will be my choice at rb. It's only an 8 team league and I have the 1.04 pick so there should be some pretty good backs to pick from to pair with Rudi. As to the WR's, I'm a 49ers fan and was certainly glad when we got rid of the cancer we had at the time, Terrell Owens. I really soured on him just before he left the Niners. While he may put up good numbers this year I don't care to have him on my team. I still wanted to be subjective when looking at my choice of keepers at WR. I believe I'd settle for a little less production from my #1 WR than have to worry that T.O. may do something to during the course of the season that'll end up hurting my chances of finishing in the money. So, I think my choice of a keeper at WR is gonna be Roy Williams. Even with the addition of Calvin Johnson and Mike Furrey still around I think Roy's only going to get better and he should still produce #1 WR numbers in a Martz offense. Thanks again guys for all your valuable insight. I go to many football sites on the net but the best advice I get is from the fellow members here at the Huddle.
  14. Rookie wideouts

    I like this list and think you could be right on with those 5. I'd LOVE to see Jason Hill finish in that group. I think he's in the type of situation with the Niners he could finish top 5 for rokkies. DJax is still mending but I expect him to play significant time and end up being the 49ers top guy in terms of production. Then there's Arnaz Battle, Ashley Lelie ,Bryan Gilmore and Brandon Williams for Jason to battle for catches. Hill has been getting signifcant PT with DJax and Lelie nursing injuries.That can only benefit him. I think Hill could battle his way into a starting role. Arnaz Battle doesn't impress me and Lelie really has only had one good year. In Denver in 2004 he had 54 rec.,1.084yds. 7 tds. Then he'll have to contend with a lot of balls going to Gore and Vernon Davis. If Hill could win a starting job in camp I think he could get 500-700 yds with 4-6 tds. Would that get him in top 5 for rookies?
  15. It's a two keeper league and you can keep no more than 1 player from any position. At receiver I have Burress,Coles, Roy Williams and Terrell Owens. I'll probably keep Owens over Roy Williams unless convinced otherwise. I'm leaning toawrds keeping Bush. There are no points for receptions and that really hurts Reggie in that department. So,is Reggie still the choice of keepers over Rudi Johnson even if there are no points for receptions? Also, would TO still be your choice at keeper over Roy Williams now that they drafted Calvin Johnson? Thanks for any advice given.