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  1. HELP - WDIS at WR

  2. RB#2 WDIS and WR#2 WR#3

    Caddy, Glenn, and Berrian. No gauruntees.
  3. QB Help needed...

    I lean toward McNair.
  4. who wins?

    Either. We just won't know until they play.
  5. WDIS: Chad Johnson or the Others

    Aye yi yi... I think you have to stick with Chad. And after the games, you could forgive yourself for going with Chad if he did poorly, but if Chad really outperforms the others, and you had started one of them, wouldn't you really have to kick yourself? Stick with Ocho Chad.

    It would be pretty tempting. I might do it, but we all know that in the NFL things can shift in a hurry. One bad Romo game and we'd all be scrambling to downgrade him. But, THIS week, it looks like a good deal to make.
  7. I'd go with Roy Williams and Berrian. I would be afraid to start Cutler in his first game.
  8. WDIS @ WR, RB, and DEF

    I think you've got it right.
  9. Have last minute questions?

    1)Bulger vs. Carolina or Grossman vs. Jets? 2) 3 WR? Andre Johnson, Javon Walker, Roy Wms., Anquan Boldin 3) TE- Winslow or Shockey? 4) RB- Chester Taylor or Ladell Betts Standard scoring. Thanks for your opinions.
  10. I always start Bulger, but Grossman always has that potential. Does anyone feel strongly one way or the other? Thank YOU.
  11. WDIS @ RB

    You know Ronnie is healthy. That is the safe pick.
  12. Carr or Campbell

    David Carr
  13. Bulger or Favre?

    It's a hard call. Everything I read projects another off week for Bulger likely based on 1)last week and 2) playing Carolina. I am trying to decide between Bulger and Grossman myself. I think that until convinced otherwise, you and I go with Bulger.
  14. Trade Junkie needs your help!

    You have a million quarterbacks, but I like the idea of getting Rivers or Carson Palmer for Addai. The Alex Smith trade would be awful.
  15. Which QB?

    I love my Bears, but we will be playing it close to the vest tonight. Start Rivers.
  16. Bench Andre?

    No sure answer. I have to decide between Andre and Anquan Boldin today. The Huddle projections give Driver and Boldin a TD today, but not Andre. Yet, I have Andre penciled in. I just hate to bench him, because he has been CONSISTENT.
  17. WDIS

    Your other two WR are not shabby. It's a tossup for #3. Fitzgerald.
  18. Need a little help at 3 positions

    A TRAIN. You don't want Wali vs. the Jax D. For defense, for sure I'd take Denver. You DON'T want to go against the ST. Louis offense. At WR it is less obvious, but I'd probably lean to Evans.
  19. Who scores the most you think?

    It's REALLY a toss up here. Stover just HAS to score vs. Tennessee, doesn't he. I love Robbie, but I'll pick Stover today.
  20. Portis or C. Taylor?

    I have this same decision today, and it's a tough one. Everything I've read up on says Chester will have a big day. Portis has been up and down, so there is always the fear that he will be UP this week, but I'm going with Chet.
  21. Eagles or Steelers D.

    The Redskin O has struggled. I'd play the Eagles D.
  22. Another big trade

    I think it depends on if you think Colston will continue to have the same kind of numbers he had in the first half of the season. Your wide receiving corps would be pretty thin, but I personally don't think I could pass up LT. It's a gamble, but I believe I'd jump off that ledge and do it.
  23. I agree. Kitna ought to tear up the 49ers.
  24. Last minute advice please

    Morris has better matchup. I concur with your WR's. Good choices.
  25. It might be easier said than done...Lundy and Edge won't get you much, so Jones-Drew plus a WR and one of one quarterbacks would be worth offering, but I don't think you'd get a great qb for that threesome either. But, YES, I'd give it a try if I were you.