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  1. Curtis/Bruce/Engram and Fergy

    I'd go Bruce
  2. Leave him in...

    Pittsburgh Tribune Review According to article Staley says "If he's out there running and he's doing what he's doing, and putting up great numbers and we're winning, without a doubt - leave him in there," Staley said of Parker. "I told (Parker), 'You got something that Bus and I don't have - that's a couple gears,'" Staley said. "Bussie has one gear and I have two-and-a-half. ... But Willie definitely has five or six gears."
  3. Rank them for me I can start 3

    1. Parker 2. Caddy 2.1 DD 3. Bell 4. Moore PArker, Caddy, and DD I would start. I think DD (stud???) will have a slow start, but ppr gives him the bump into the 3rd spot for you. Caddy will face a tough D, but should get a lot of c arries...just hope he starts to get involved with the passing game. And enjoy Willie's Wild Ride for as long as it lasts.
  4. Waiver Wire Warriors

    Always solid! Something I look forward to each week. Keep it up!
  5. Free IDP Fantasy Advice - Week 2

    Same question as last week. Which DB to start? R. Harrison T. Polamau R. Barber I've seen a few places around the web have Barber rated higher than Poly this week. Your thoughts?
  6. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2

    Thanks for the advice last week...and now the new dilema. RB's (start 3-which ones?) Deuce DD Caddy Willie P. Leaning towards Deuce, Willie P. and Caddy, but who would you choose? WR's (start 4- which ones?) CJ Burleson Lelie Bryant Jenkins Lloyd Leaning towards CJ, Burleson, Lelie, and Bryant, but who would you choose? (Re. Williams, Ferguson, G. Lewis, P. Crayton, S. McDonald, E. Parker are all on WW. Should any of these be picked up? or keep who I have)
  7. Pick up Galloway over Battle and out of those two start Curtis if you get ppr
  8. I don't know if Da. Clark will play and if he is even worth starting this week. Two options that I like on the WW are Troupe and Baker. Downside to each are-Troupe has Kinney that makes it a TEBC and Baker could have been a fluke, but maybe not. So who would you take at TE. Thanks guys!
  9. TE filler if Da. Clark is out

    Also just saw someone dropped Cooley and Alex Smith is avaiable. Either one of these guys over Baker? Thanks
  10. Been offered Stephen Davis

    I wouldn't do that trade.
  11. TE filler if Da. Clark is out

    Thanks guys, that's who I was leaning towards and totally agree with you tonorator, if it was for the season I think I would lean toward Troupe. Da. Clark is starting to worry me a bit with the constant injuries. If he could just stay healthy I think he could be super productive in the Indy offense. I'm hoping he will play though. Thanks again and any more responses would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Which WR

    Re. Williams R. Ferguson P. Crayton Who would you choose for a bench WR/flex WR? Thanks.
  13. Which WR

    any other thoughts guys?
  14. Week 1 how'd you do?

    3 Leagues Won 2 (the one listed in sig. and another one) and tied 1 (a tie, can you believe that-a td heavy league)
  15. Should i drop Bettis pick up Jacobs?

    I would hold on to Bettis
  16. Couple of Questions

    Same as above. Exactly who I would choose this week. Although I do agree that Farve will bounce back. It looks grim in GB, but I think Farve will work out the kinks
  17. WW Decisions

    I would not drop Coles, but feel free to get ride of K-Rob for Booker
  18. Which WR

    Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. Crayton I know is decent but with Glenn, Price, Keyshawn, and Witten, I don't know if there will be enough balls. Re. Williams-does Leftwich look for anyone besides his new relationship with Jimmy and the Matt Jones factor. I know it's the first week, but I appreciate any of your comments.
  19. Would you drop Vilma or R. Barber for Strahan or J. Peterson or stay pat. Both put up so so numbers, while Strahan and Peterson put up mad #'s. Thanks
  20. Strahan or J. Peterson

    thanks...I guess. I know my D is stacked and I'm not getting jumpy, just asking a question. This guy appreciates the time you spent to answer the post.
  21. Is Hasselbeck a bad start?

    No go with Hasselback
  22. Need some quick advice

    I'd take Roy Williams over Lloyd, but not Reggie WIlliams
  23. Last Bite at the Apple...1pm coming fast...

    No to Bennett not getting many carries, go Plax
  24. Willie Parker

    ProFantasySports Pittsburgh Steelers 09/10/05 9:18am CST - It’s official. PFSi Pittsburgh reports that RB Willie Parker will start for the Steelers today against the Titans. But, he will be replaced in short-yardage and down and distance packages by RB Verron Haynes. This limits Parker's fantasy value. Expect limited numbers from Parker and a hard fought defensive game today in Pittsburgh. I guess we all know V. HAynes would have some touches, but I thought I would throw it up here. Caddy vs. Parker in a FLEX spot. Still deciding. anyone else having to make this decision?