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  1. Bryant or Llyod

    Who would you start at flex? Thanks.
  2. WDIS

  3. LJ Smith or C Cooley?

    I'm starting Cooley b/c he is a red zone threat and who else is Ramsey really going to throw to and he can't go deep, so Cooley is there for the shot pass.
  4. Big Ten is Toughest Conference?!?

    All I know is that there has been alot of overrating done this off season no matter what conference you are in. All that being said the SEC is by far the best conference in college football. Go Gators!!!
  5. Caddy news from Gruden

    Rotoworld Coach Jon Gruden said yesterday that the Bucs plan to play both Carnell Williams and Michael Pittman at the same time against the Vikings Sunday. ''When there's two backs in the backfield, you're thinking one of them is going to be a fullback and if that fullback motions out, heck, a linebacker should be able to cover a fullback,'' linebackers coach Joe Barry said. ''But when that fullback is a Michael Pittman or a Cadillac Williams, when you do that, it forces you as a defensive coach to be smart what you call because you don't want someone who can't cover that guy on him in space.'' Thought I'd post this. I think I'm starting Parker over Williams as my 3rd back (flex) although I still think Caddy will have a great day.
  6. Draft over - Weak at WR and need help

    The only ones I would consider are K. Curtis, J. Galloway, or B. Lloyd, but I don't think at this stage there is any difference between the 2 you got and the others available., al;though until Calico proves himself I would rather have Lloyd. After the 1st week, go with your gut and pick who you'd think will have a better game.
  7. WDIS

    tough call. I would say Lelie though, but TJ will have a good game
  8. Cadillac or Jamal?

    Even though he is "splitting" carries, I still would go J. Lewis.
  9. caddy splitting time?

    Cowboy Killa basically said it. There was a post about this earlier with a link. Check it out if you want, but Caddy is the "starter" and will do well this week and this season.
  10. Dallas Clark

    babjeck there is an on going thread here
  11. Deuce McCallaster or Cadillac?

    Don't bench Deuce all season long.
  12. Dallas Clark info....

    Thanks Captain! Please update if you hear anything
  13. willie parker

    We've been talkin' about this guy for weeks. We know the potential. Either he was picked up on ww (which I did) or drafted late in drafts. and what is ...probably more competitive than yours. What kind of comment is that?
  14. A. Greene or Westbrook

    b/c you get ppr, I would go Westbrook this week
  15. Caddy news from Gruden

    Didn't say it was. Just that Pittman will be used in the same back field in some formations. Just passing on interesting information that effects my team and others. I agree SB, it seems, and rightfully so, that every rook is going to have their RB counter part play a role this week. The separation will occur, in my opion in weeks 2 and 3. With all this said, I still think Caddy is a good play this week and was starting for my team until I grabbed Willie P off of WW.
  16. Pittman and Caddy to share touches?

    I'd still start Caddy I think. Who are your other WR's that A. Johnson is on your bench.
  17. Pittman and Caddy to share touches?

    Thanks for reposting the article here. Andre Johnson should have a good game, and I don't know your rules to your league, but I still think Caddy will get the job done.
  18. With Dallas Clark hurt, WDIS at Tight End?

    I think I'm playing TD Cooley. But of those 2 you have listed I would go with Stevens. Hasselback liked him a lot this preseason.
  19. Dallas Clark info....

    From Rotoworld TE Dallas Clark (concussion) is questionable for Sunday's game. Clark practiced yesterday but wore a black, no-contact jersey. It's a bad sign for Clark owners that he's starting another season on the injury report. Make sure you have a solid backup. Rotoworld
  20. Is MNF sponosred by GMC?

    (Shaking my head in disbelief)
  21. Givens?

    He is active for tonights game
  22. WR To start

    I would start the other three before BRanch. He might have a good game, but the othe r 3 will have better games. Burleson is the best WR followed by Driver, then TJ
  23. Who to start?

    I don't think you can bench DD for Caddy. As mentioned in the other post on the Football Forum, I can only find ESPN saying that DD is listed as questionable with the ankle. Eveywhere else I see him starting and in most predictions, doing welll. He's not listed on the Texans injury report at all. I say DD over Caddy.,
  24. Dominick Davis's status

    It's kind of a mystery. I have seen him ranked in the top 10 this week on numerous sites and then only breaking into the top 25 barely, on others, but all have him starting, although I have heard everything from Dom Davis being injured to his ankle is back to "normal". I think he will be fine and I will start him over Caddy in my league. He is not on the Texans injury repot so at leat that is good news.I don't have Morecy and the more and more I look at this situation the more and more I think I need to get him. edit: On ESPN he is listed as questionable with (ankle), but I can' t find him on any injury report.
  25. Chris Cooley

    I am thinking of starting Cooley at TE, b/c of the unknown situation and "injury" od Da. Clark. I expect Cooley to only get 2/3 rec and 10/20 yds, but I also am expecting a TD. In my opinion Cooley is the main red zone threat in Wash and Gibbs likes that H-Back/TE position alot.