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  1. My Starting Lineup.......

    agreed...this week S. Smith over Wayne, btu the rest looks o.k., unless you wanted to start more than 1 WR.
  2. Which WR in Deep League

    Lloyd , Bryant, Calico I wouldn't go Williamson b/c of the K-Rob signing (at least not yet)
  3. Evans or Boldin?

    Boldin this week
  4. P. Manning for E. James

    Do it without a doubt. Hope you can make the trade.
  5. Brees or Leftwich

    I would go Leftwich
  6. M. Moore

    M. Moore just cleared waivers in my league (someone droped him due to him not starting) Should I drop G. Lewis or T. Calico for him? I'm sure he won't last long so any replys are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. M. Moore

    Yeah, thanks guys. I picked him up today. I really appreciate the info and advice.
  8. who to start at 3rd receiver this week

    lloyd is the best option, but I think we might be surprised at Re. Williams this week.

  10. Breeeees.....or Scarrington?

    Another 2 qb starting league. nice. I would start Harrington. With Gates out Harrington has the better options, now let's just hope he knows how to utilize them.
  11. Need help fourth starter

    It's between Boldin and Stallworht and I would go Boldin
  12. The Doctor's Office is Open...

    Thanks for the input. I guess I didn't make my self clear. My flex spots are 1 Wr/RB and the other is the dreaded 1 WR/TE. So normally I would start my backs, but since I have to start a fourth WR, that is where my question lies. Please give me your thoughts know that I have explained it better. Sorry about that. Thansk again.
  13. 4th rb

    Thomas Jones is the "starter" now, but won't be for long, but I still might pick him up instead of L. Suggs. What a 3 headed monster to get yourself into. I had Suggs, but dropped him for W. Parker and no one has picked him up yet and that was over 2wks ago, but people have picked up W. Green and Droughns.
  14. 5th wr

    I agree with the above statement, but I am assuming that you mean Reggie Williams (WR JAX). The only guy that I would possibly drop from your WR's is for whom is a crap shoot. Everyone you have listed is a hit or miss, bust or brillant with every game they play. They all except Galloway, have so much untapped potential, but who will be the one. Everyone in my league is talking about Curtis, but I think Re. Williams could have a great year, so I guess Re. Williams or Curtis, but it really is a crap shoot, but yeas I would get rid of Toomer for one of these risk but high reward players.
  15. Rate this trade

    I'd rather have Brady, but I think the trade is fair. In a ppr league I would rather have Westbrook...but to answer your question I think the trade looks pretty even.
  16. Verbal Trades?

    I agree with Shins & Canman. In our league you must use the website as well. Don't get in the midddle of this since it was done outside the league forum
  17. branch or lelie


    Dunn The qb's are about even. I think they both will do really well. My brain tells me Plummer but my gut tells me Palmer. I really don't think one will greatly out shine the other, so I think they are both solid starts, and will rack up 200+ yds and at least 2tds but I will say Palmer.
  19. I need your opinion quick

    Very close and just about an even trade, but personally I would rather have T. Brady than M. Vick, so I would go with Team B
  20. The Doctor's Office is Open...

    (My team is listed in the sig along with league info.) Doc, 2 Questions Would you start Lloyd or Braynt at a flex WR position? \ I'm thinking Lloyd will get most of the looks from Rattay as he is the #1 reciever, but that also means #1 covered reciever. I think he will get about 50yds and maybe a td. Bryant on the other hand is a ? to me. He was a steal for the Browns and has stepped up to be the #1 WR (Edwards may challenge) and has potential for a big game, but with that upside comes a risk. Who would you start? Second question is, M. Moore is on our WW, should I drop G. Lewis or Calico for him. Both of those recievers are going to get a lot of single coverage and Lewis has stepped up recently and Calico has potential. So would you stand pat with the 2 WR's or drop one (which one?) to pick up M. Moore? Thanks!!!
  21. Stokley for Staley plus FILLERS

    If he's willing to bite that is a great move on your part.
  22. Need starting help

    Steve Smith

    Wayne Boldin Driver
  24. Help With A Week 1 Starter

    My first reaction is C. Brown, but after noticing the Pitt D, maybe Dunn...yeah I'd go Dunn
  25. Not a rate my team.....

    It would be nice to have a few more choices at RB. I hope Williams turns out to be great, but he is still a rookie and unproven in the NFL and no, I don't think Bennett will remain the starter for the season.