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  1. Lineup help please!

    Clayton, Burleson, Moulds Edge and Droughns
  2. CJ or D-JAX

    Which one to include in the line up. Thanks
  3. Quick Trade Advice needed

    I would make the trade/
  4. CJ or D-JAX

    You just have to pick one. Not hard.
  5. WDIS @RB - DD, Pittman or Blaylock

    Blaylock and DD, although DD has not been up to expectations.
  6. WDIS:

    Droughns and McGahee
  7. Need help at FLEX

    Bettis and Stokley. Rodney Peete may get the start (although I doubt it), but its freakin' Rodney Peete.
  8. QB advice appreciated

    In my league we start 2 QB's. Culpepper is a given, but who should I start as my 2nd QB: Roeth or Rattay Some sites say Roeth is in the top 12 qb's this week against Cincy and some say he won't get more than 150yd and maybe a td. I know Rattay normally plays from behind (good for fantasy and I realize he had 4 int last week, but thats not normal for him) and the starting safeties for the Bucs are injured. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
  9. QB advice appreciated

    That was my first thought. I just need a qb that can pull 200yds 2td's and I would be set. Thanks for your comments. Anyone else?
  10. WDIS

    Tough call. I would hope Ward b/c I have him, but I think I would go with Smith.
  11. I like Lewis and Blaylock.
  12. wdis at Wr

    Keep the 3 you have.
  13. How do I look this week at RB and Team?

    Your WR's look good, but I might put in Blaylock over Macgahee.
  14. IDP Advice - Post your Queries Here!

    I agree. A whole new outlook. This is the first year I have played in an IDP league. The IDP has given me over 50pts sometimes, which is the difference between winning and losing. Thanks again for your advice and good luck this weekend.
  15. IDP Advice - Post your Queries Here!

    Thanks alot for the break down. Yeah I start all those guys. We have 2 overall Def spots, 2 DL spots, and 2 DB spots. DL consists of DL and LB in our league. Thanks again.
  16. IDP Advice - Post your Queries Here!

    I have : K. Bulluck (Ten - DL) P. Kerney (Atl - DL) A. Winfield (Min - DB) R. Barber (TB - DB) J. Farrior (Pit - DL) Do. Edwards (SD-DL) How do you like these guys? It is nice that you are offering your advice. I had alot of questions a couple of weeks ago, but I think my D looks pretty solid now.
  17. Ward/Moulds for McGahee

    I would stay put. O. Smith looked great last night and Wheatley looked great on Sunday. They will do just fine in that flex spot and the WR's you have no give you insurance if one goes down. Like I said, I would stay put, but if you trade, which is not a bad trade, and it may have a lot of positive upswing for you, I would trade Moulds.