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  1. Trade: Dunn for Horn

    Thanks Grits. My team: PPR League Starting Requirements: 2QB,2RB,3WR,TE,Flex,K,4D E. Manning, McNair, Simms Portis, K. Jones, C. Taylor, T. Jones, Gore CJ, Holt, Driver, J. Horn, R. Smith, Mi. Clayton Gates Feeley Bulluck, D. Edwards, M. Peterson, A. Pierce
  2. Message to Art Shell

    Laugh out loud funny...
  3. Chester Taylor outlook?

    I could not say it better myself. solid pick at 5
  4. Burelseon or Mark Clayton(TB)?

    I'd go Clayton. Everything is set for a big year imo. A more vertical game and a healthy Clayton. Burleson is a fine p/u as well though, from what I've read and seeen, he seems to be developing a rapport with Hass, but when DJAX comes back and Engram, Hass loves some Engram, there are only so many balls to be thrown..
  5. trade advice

    I would do it. Having CJ and Fitz would be a sweet WR combo. Gore's the man in SF for what it's worth and I think would make a fine RB3. I would however search that WW for possible pick ups, but as far as the trade, and with what info we know about your team I'd do it. Now if this is a PPR league, Mason has been lighting it up with McNair this preeason and I think he'll have a strong year, but imo I still think I would pull the trigger on the deal.
  6. Would you do this trade?

    I'd keep Heap. I think he and McNair will actually have a decent season and I agree with soco, personally I hate having a WR from the same team as my QB (unless it's a Peyton or Carson)
  7. Carson Palmer

    I start 2 qbs, been in this league for three years now, and there is no way Palmer is sitting in my league by 4. If you can get him there, it's a steal. Hope you can grab him, he looked pretty good last night.
  8. Kennison or Burleson

    I'd go Kennison.
  9. Trade Advice

    PPR League and my team is: E. Manning, S. McNair, C. Simms Portis, C. Taylor, K. Jones, T. Jones, F. Gore Holt, CJ, Driver, R. Smith, J. Horn, Mi. Clayton I just got offered a trade: M. Mohammed and Steven Jackson for Holt and Gore At first glance I was like, Holt one of the best, and Gore has the potential, but a Teir One Back would be nice now that this Portis injury has come about. Thoughts? Advice? Thanks.
  10. Who would you lean to, Andra Davis or Antonio Pierce. Our points for D are: Tackle Solo (1) Tackle Assist (.5) Sack (2) Interception (2.5) Fumble Force (2) Fumble Recovery (2) Touchdown (7) Safety (5) Pass Defended (.5) Block Kick (2) Below are last years stats with this point system: Pierce 80 Tackles, 20 ass., 2.5 sacks, 2 int, 1forced fumble, 11 passes defended, and 1 td = 114.5pts Davis 89 tackles, 60 ass., 2 sacks, 1int, 1 pass defended = 126pts Looking at the above stats Davis is the choice, but on every idp board I see Pierce ahead of Davis. Now I know either would be great to have and I really don't plan on being to picky, but who would you rather have on your team? Thanks.
  11. The Huddle MASTER LIST of your favorite NFL team.

    AFC: Bills - peepinmofo, Hause62, Pirahna, sattleliteoflovegm, Dingleberry Dolphins - Duchess Jack, The Wench, blaw23, Fantasy Jesus, 'canes2004, junebugz Patriots - forverindebttomolewis, PatsFanCT, Bring Back Pat!!!. Cx3, Finger Jets - Rovers, The Wolf Ravens - justin, Bengals - TBone, tonorator, BYoder, 10g_DBA, rcswildcat, Irish Doggy Browns - loaf, KevinL Steelers - Skippy, jakethebuilder, sunysteelfly76, Pigskin Junkie, Menudo, jzicc, KordellStewartSucks4Life, Jaxfactor, Squeegiebo, Jackshi17, Pitbull739, Capt Skinman, Sam, hazen, pistolpete2432, dogfoodforthought, Max Texans - ziachild007, rhino, rbmcdonald, ABWF(1/2) Colts - Roller Coasters, CaptainHook, Tonyr0802, heydave76, Bill Swerski Jags - h8tank Titans - Spain, TitansFan Broncos - SundayNFL, Bronco Billy, NAUgrad, Azazello1313, seabronc, jimmy neutron, Jo, Blue Cross Chiefs - Beaumont, Hat Trick, Chief Dick, Spartans91, muck Chargers - Chargerz, Danskman, Sewer-Ratt Raiders - Raider.Nation, The Vatican Hitsquad, kpholmes, Return Of S&B, Hugh B Tool, RaiderSteve, Tally NFC: Cowboys - DMD, Sgt. Ryan, Codwagon, Irish, bustedflush16, KS2000, montster, JoJoTheWebToedBoy, Droobie42, Whomper, Cowboyz1, hotrod, BiggieFries, T_bone65, TripleW64, TimC, Clubfoothead, retro, Howboutthemcowboys, Perchoutofwater, Wolv, ABWF(1/2), joethin Giants - Dirty Sanchez, Robash, Matt770, Timmypg, BigMikeinNY, JGcoach, smithkt, FrontRow, juanruiz13, timberho27, FWmaker, soulrebel, soopanuts Eagles - Keggerz, TDFFFreak, Zooty, Phootballphreak, i_am_the_swammi, fitzkek,Eagles Fan, Ebartender, Philly_Fanatic, EAGLE2003, Scourge, Venus, Marauders11, NSab, Strombn, pruss25 Redskins - skylive5, Footballjoe, skins, ROYALWITCHEESE, Demon Knight, NavinRJohnson, johnsonk2, TRU SOLDJA 22, oraphus, Selly Bears - URLACHERisGOD, Whitem0nkey, Goopster24, Ralph Furley, rhippens, rocknrobn26, blips, darin3, YoungBob, Meat Face(1/2), Pope Flick, crispirons, Goldengrhm1, Ghengis_chan Lions - Doc Holliday, CHIEFJAY, Puddy, CHUCKB, Egret, PolicyVote, Russman, Furd, alchico, RoadieDave, sarge5121976 Packers - Big John, SwissCheezhead, Super Twinky, Chavez, Fatman, Piratesownninjas, Driveby, Randall, PackerFanX, Wizards, Men in Tights, cheezhed, GhostFace, kcmast, budlitebrad Vikings - Kryptonite, cap'n grunge, Gopher, BillyBalata, Savage Beatings, Frazia, Rebellab, alexgaddis, Crispy, Lucky Jack, Chadman, wcd480, Yukon Cornelius, MikesVikes, T-scorp, TecmoBeast, moneyshot, Delicious_bass, wirehairman, Moss6, THE SIX KINGS Falcons - Apathy, Big Score 1, Atlanta Cracker, kerwin8 Panthers -PantherDave, rdaled, trrhyne, whoopazz, Jumpin Johnies, PSULions, The Chancellor Saints - Slayer, rajncajn, cordo, tbimm, Naked Bootleggers, myhousekey Bucs - Jolly Rodgers, mhayhurst Cards - Youre Going Down, BeachBum Rams - carrb69, cre8tiff, wiegie, thecerwin, twiley Niners - bier, 9ersdude, REZ, Doc Niner52, Meat Face(1/2), knoway2xcape Seahawks -Bonehand, Seahawk37, godtomsatan, NoSupe4You, VoteQuimby2, Thunder Chicken, Wildcat2334, MrFancyPants, devilwoman, BRUISER Added to the Bucs
  12. Farve or Collins

    Well, I am starting Hasselbeck for sure, but who would you start: Farve at Bal. or Collins at Cle. Any and all opinions on this topic are greatly appreciated.
  13. Advice for a very good price...

    Bollinger or Farve at qb (seriously, I;m in this situation) RB's - DD and Caddy for sure but as a flex, GJones (for sure if he starts), JJ Arrington, C. Perry, or C. Taylor Wr's Engram or McCareins at WR Flex. Thanks Balla!
  14. WDIS: Favre v. Frerotte

    I'm in the same boat as ts here. I have Farve (we start 2QB's) and I am thinking of picking up Bollinger off the WW and starting him. I don't think your crazy to sit him. It's just not his year and with the Bears this week, it doesn't look good.
  15. FSU/UF

    Plain and simple FSU is not what it was in years past. As a graduate of UF I thought the game was awesome and our D and special teams came through. If we played like that two weeks ago, I am positive the outcome at South Carolina would have been much different (penalties killed us in that game) and we would be enjoying our first trip in a long time to ATL. But, Pillow fight? Maybe on FSU's side with their lack of offense, but UF put a beating on them and that's two years in a row. We'll take the victory and ride high until next year. It is actually sad that FSU is going to the ACC tourny, b/c IMO they are not deserving, but hey that is the way the divisions are and they won theirs so congrats to them for that. I am thrilled the ACC now has a championship game so FSU will no longer cake walk the ACC into a BCS game every year. Overall the Gator nation is proud right now, but FSU will be back again next year and I'm sure it won't be the stomping that it was this year, but I hope so.
  16. Polley or Crowder

    I think I would go Cowder as well, but check to see if Tatupu is on the WW. He was on mine 3 weeks ago when I got him and he has been solid with 19 solo tackles, 5 assist, and 1.5 sacks over those 3 weeks.
  17. Fantasy Advice Week 11

    Which RB's DD, Caddy, G. Jones, C. Perry, C. Taylor or possibly pick up Maurice Hicks I can start 3 of the above. Thoughts??? I'm leaning toward DD, Caddy (although a tough Chi D), and C. Taylor as of today, but if Freddy doesn't play maybe Jones. Thoughts? Thanks.
  18. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 12

    Which RB's DD, Caddy, G. Jones, C. Perry, C. Taylor or possibly pick up Maurice Hicks I can start 3 of the above. Thoughts??? I'm leaning toward DD, Caddy (although a tough Chi D), and C. Taylor as of today, but if Freddy doesn't play maybe Jones. Thoughts? Thanks.
  19. Burelson

    Same boat, I've had him on the pine since week 3, hoping something would happen and he would produce as expected. I'm thinking of dropping him. The Vikes seem to be WRBC and Wiggins is a large part of that. Almost any bench WR gets more stats week in and week out than Burleson and I might drop him for R. Brown or M. Jones, or maybe a sleeper back.
  20. Can Caddy get out of this slump, everyone runs on ATL, but Jones has scored in 3 of his last 4 and I get ppr and 1 pt every 10yds. Who would you start at Flex. Thanks.
  21. Caddy or Matt Jones at

    Thanks, I'm leaning toward that way as well

    RB situation...wdis (NEED TO START 3) DD (Wells) Caddy A. SMith G. Jones Heath Evans and P. Pass are both on the ww, so I guess I could also grab one of them. Injuries have truely plagued my team. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.
  23. Hey you IDP gurus, who would you choose between the two. I'm having a tough time. Thanks.