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  1. COMMISH Releases L. Johnson & M. Barber

    Larry Johnson for sure
  2. Wells, Foster or Perry?

    I'd go Perry I think, especially if you get ppr. Don't know much about Wells and how many carries will he give way to Morecy
  3. Hasselbeck or Leftwich?

  4. need a #3..........

    Burleson has done nothing for me to warrrent a start. But he is a number a number 1 WR. I like B. Edwards and I think he won't be splitting that #2 spot for that long. Just heard the winds are strong for the Browns-Titans game (here) so I would drop Edwards stats a bit. B. Johnson has sleeper written all over it. I want to say go with Burleson and hope for the best, but my gut tells me B. Johnson.
  5. McNabb at QB, M. Robinson is a little banged up, but if he starts, I'd go Robinson.
  6. I think M. Clayton might have a big day and Burleson is in that same boat, but both continue to screw me. I picked up R. Brown (the new starting WR for Philly) off of WW and I think he may have a big day. I leaning toward starting him. Out of the three who would you start. Thanks guys. (* my other starting WRs are CJ, Branch, Engram - We can start 4)
  7. Which WR

  8. WR help neded

    M. Robinson is a little banged up and B. Johnson has plenty of WR to throw to, I would go with B. Edwards, since he is now splitting #2 WR duties.
  9. K. Colbert of G. Lewis

    Lewis for sure
  10. FREE fantasy advice week 9

    RB wdis (can start 3) DD Caddy Fisher A. SMith C. Perry WR wdis (can start 4) CJ (no brainer) Branch M. Clayton (TB) N. Burleson B. Engram Gaffney and B. Johnson are on the WW. Thanks.
  11. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 9

    RB wdis (can start 3) DD Caddy Fisher A. SMith C. Perry WR wdis (can start 4) CJ (no brainer) Branch M. Clayton (TB) N. Burleson B. Engram Gaffney and B. Johnson are on the WW. Thanks.
  12. marcus robinson or Bryant JOhnson?

    I'm thinking Robinson. B. Johnson looked his way alot when he was in there and is stepping into the #1 reciever position imo. Just read that Boldin's MRI came back negative and the Arizona Republic said Boldin could play this week. I think that's a bit much, but it isn't season ending as some have suspected. He'll be back. For one week I guess you could flip a coin, but for the rest of the season, I think I would go Robinson.
  13. Tampa bay backfield

    I am starting Caddy at RB and thinking about starting Pittman as a flex position over Fisher and A. Smith. Thoughts? I think Caddy will play for the first Q and maybe the 2nd, put up solid stats and rest the 2nd half...enteres Pittman to work the 49errs silly. I read Sherman is only giving the rock to Fisher 12/15 times and A. Smith has been solid the last 2 weeks at my flex, but the Pittman matchup is almost to good. See Portis/Betts.
  14. Desperately need a QB

    honestly I have a gut feeling on Carr. I think he will at least put up his "standard" 150yds 1td, but I think he will have a goood day. If you are willing to take a risk start Carr. Out ofthe other I would go Dilfer or Gus, and I'm leaning toward Gus.
  15. Burleson or Wiggins

    From all I am reading, Wiggins is an exccellent play this week vs. the Panthers. I just read that Tice wants to involve all recievers and rotate them in and out this weeekend. I have to start one of these guys and we do get ppr (check points in sig.) Who would you start in my WR/TE position? Thanks.
  16. Burleson or Wiggins

  17. FREE Fantasy Advice for week 8

    Thanks! Leaning toward the same on RB and WR.
  18. FREE Fantasy Advice..

    We start 3 RB's. Which 3? Caddy @ SF (Also have Pittman, so I guess starting TB RB @SF) DD @ Cle A. Smith @ Mia T. Fisher @ Cin Wr's now. Can start 4. CJ @ GB Burleson @ Car M. Clayton @ SF Branch @ Buf Hakim @ Mia Calico @ Oak Thanks!!!
  19. FREE Fantasy Advice for week 8

    RB's: Can start 3. Please pick which 3 you would start. Caddy (I do own Pittman as well) So I guessI should say TB RB DD A. Smith Fisher WR's: Can start 4. CJ Branch M. Clayton (TB) Burleson Hakim Calico Thanks.
  20. Which QB? Is this the beginning of the Billy Volek era we're witnessing in Tenn? Thanks edit: I know McCown may not be starting, but if he is.
  21. Volek, McCown, or Hasselbeck

    Same thought. My gut has me leaning toward Volek for some reason. Do you think he could start next week as well? THgouhts? Thanks guys
  22. FREE fantasy advice..

    WR question CJ is obvious, but I have to start 4WR's leaning towards Ferguson, Burleson (if playing), and Hakim (if J. Horn is out), but I also have Randle El on the bench and Gaffney is on WW and so is L. Evans. Thoughts? Or I could start both Wiggins and Cooley and only start 3 WR's Thoughts? B. Engram is also now on the WW. Worth picking up?
  23. What's your favorite beer

    You're talking six packs...I'm talkin' 12 - 24 packs. 12 pack Pabst is $6.50, 24 pack Miller Lite is $12. Nothing t filling. I'm going from noon to midnight. (I know what your saying though)
  24. TB & SF fans

    Huge Bucs fan (don't live in Tampa anymore, so not a homer), but I like Simms alot and I think he will finish the season as the starter and will jump start the fantasy value of Clayton for one. I personally like the acquisition of Rattay. Under rated in San Fran b/c they surrounded him with crap, but in Tampa a solid back up and possibly a starter for next year.
  25. What's your favorite beer

    My personal favorites are Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Bass Ale, and Guiness, but on game day, it's Pabst Blue Ribbon in a bottle or Miller Lite in a can. With the amount that I drink on Sunday, I can't afford those delicious expensive beers.