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  1. Who's better right now

    Engram's on our WW, and it's really thin, but he's still there due to injury. I personally picked up Hakim off of Waivers for the chance that J. Horn sits. If Horn sits, Hakim's should have a large day, but I grabbed him for a spot start, for the year, I think Engram will be the better pick, of corse this also depends on his return. As far as Gabriel, I think he will have a big day as welll if Moss sits. Both are good options for this weekend only, not likely the whole year.
  2. Brandon Lloyd

    I traded Lloyd for Pittman as soon as I knew Rattay was out. Glad I did, see last two weeks. Lloyd will have a good game here or there, but with Smith chucking the ball, Lloyd's value took a huge plummit.
  3. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 7

    Hey Hugh! WR question CJ is obvious, but I have to start 4WR's leaning towards Ferguson, Burleson (if playing), and Hakim (if J. Horn is out), but I also have Randle El on the bench and Gaffney is on WW and so is L. Evans. Thoughts? Or I could start both Wiggins and Cooley and only start 3 WR's Thoughts? B. Engram is also now on the WW. Worth picking up?
  4. Antowain Smith....

    I think Smith should be solid. He had a long run brought back b/c of a penalty, a couple of plays just before he broke that run for his 1st TD. I believe to only reason Stecker got more carries, although I do know he technically started, was b/c of that fumble, but other than that Smith looked good. The only thing to keep in mind is that most times the Saints will be coming from behind and passing the ball. HEre Stecker is the man of the two. I get ppr and I still choose Smith. Steckers still on the WW. Honestly i think it's a toss up, but I'm going with SMith.
  5. Where's Horn?

    Joe Horn left today's game with a hamstring injury. per Rotoworld
  6. WDIS start at 3rd WR

    Thanks guys. Who would you start? Micheal Clayton- Iwant him to have a great game but that has all but happened this this the week? Randle El- Is Ward out making him #1 on the depths, but Maddox is throwing? Please advise?
  7. wdis at # 3 wr Branch or Bryant

    Branch will get yrds, but I think Bryant may get a td before Branch. If it's TD's your looking for I guess I would go bryant, but I would hate to sit Branch
  8. wdis

  9. Two Qb league, Farve is on a bye so I am forced to start one of those three. Who would you start for today only? THanks.
  10. Maddox, Vinny T, Orton

    I got one vote per guy. Any tie breakers. Right now I have Vinny in but if Ward is going to sit that will illiminate Maddox imo.
  11. Bob Sanders

    Thanks Capt.
  12. RB situation

    Had Duece but dropped him due to injury and picked up Benson from WW (Already had A. Smith). Correct call? or would you have gone after Patrick Pass or Tyson Thompson. Any and all opions appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Bettis or Pittman?

    If I had the chance to drop Pittman for the Bus I would.
  14. RB situation

    Thanks guys. Hope so too. Benson has a chance to shine. I'm leaning towards starting A. Smith (just lost Duece) at flex RB over Benson, but I hope for some glimmer of hope this weekend.
  15. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 6

    Thanks for always giving us the advise Hugh! 1. Micheal Clayton or Randle El at flex WR (leaning toward Clayton) 2. Benson or A. Smith at flex RB (leaning toward A. Smith) 2a. If Caddy is sitting,...I could put in Pittman and one of the above (along with DD) or sit both TB backs (assuming Caddy is a no go) and start A. Smith/C. Benson over Pittman? Thoughts?? 3. Wiggins or Cooley at TE (leaning toward Cooley) Thanks in advance!
  16. Which WR

    Glenn as well, but if Engram is out JJ will have another big day.
  17. Hine Ward

    According to Fanball via the San Diego Union-Tribune he is expected to start. THE NEWS Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward is expected to play in tonight's game against the Chargers despite being limited in practice this week with a hamstring injury, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.
  18. Bob Sanders

    Thanks for the update Capt'n! Please keep us informed.
  19. Florida Gators

    How 'bout them Gators! 49-7 at the half. (Iknow it's Kentuc key and they are without some starters, but still) Do I smell SEC Title? National Title? I think so!
  20. League rules in sig. Points per reception. I have Duce Staley on my bench, would you drop him for any of the players listed below who are on WW. T. Brown A. Randle El Braylon Edwards Eric Moulds C. Perry A. Toomer P. Pass C. Benson (just got dropped today) Re. Williams Thansk guys!!!!
  21. Florida Gators

    I was waiting for it. I have never seen a team play so out of sync and just plain bad in my life. Alabama deserves all the credit here. There Defense (2nd in the country last year...all the starters the math) dominated. Their running game with Darby and their passing game with Croyle shreded our Def. (I think our only bright spot was Siler) The Gators looked like a a divsion 2A team at best, certainly not the #5 ranked team in the nation (thought that might have been overrated in the first place) All this being said, the Gators had a bad day. I still think they will contend for the SEC champion and most likely face Bama/LSU in the Championship game. They need to improve on thie "option" offense. The problem is your taking a talented team and telling them to change the way they play. Chris Leak IS NOT an option QB plain and simple...we'll see how it goes. Go Gators!
  22. DB help

    Well w/ Harrison out for the season, and Poly on a bye who would you p/u for this week as a starting DB. Below are a list of the top 10 DBs that don't have byes (points only) in my league. Which of these do you like, if any? Are there any sleeper DBs out there that you think will light it up this Sunday? Thanks. A. Plummer (just read he's out for a while with ankle surgery, so scrap him) R. Mathis G. Wesley D. Barrett C. Woodson A. Winfield K. Ratliff S. Knight N. Ferguson
  23. Who's worth a roster spot?

    I think with the way the situation is in Min. I would go with Pittman. Someone just dropped him in my league and I once he clears waivers I hope to snatch him up.
  24. DB help

    Sanders or Winfield for tomorrow's game? Who do you take.
  25. DB help

    Thanks. Darin. I posted it in your IDP Advice thread, but glad you saw it here. I was leaning towards Winfield as well. Are there any potential big games from any sleepers that you like over Winfield? Robert Griffith??? Bob Sanders???Anyone? THanks.