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  1. Which Trade Should I do?

    Agreed, Delhomme and Alexander for Bulger/Brown
  2. WDIS Favre, Hasselback or E. Manning

    I would go with Farve on MNF
  3. wr help

    I'd go Branch, but if Bruce is out for sure then I think you have to play that and go Curtis
  4. Trade: T. Green for E. Manning

  5. Trade: T. Green for E. Manning

    I would not do that trade. I know Trent Green has kinda, well, sucked so far, but I think he will step up. Manning had a good game last week, but as a starting, or even as a back up QB, I would never bank my season on having to rely on Eli.
  6. trade offer!

    I'd do it now.
  7. 2 Quick WDIS questions

    Jordan alongside JJ and DD should be a solid back field & I like Jimmy Smith at WR with Holt (Horn is a little banged up at the moment, although I still think he will have a decent game, but I would start Smith + I heard Bailey won't be in the lineup and that should be huge for Smith)
  8. Free IDP Fantasy Advice

    Hey Darin, well w/ Harrison out for the season, and Poly on a bye who would you p/u for this week as a starting DB. Below are a list of the top 10 DBs that don't have byes (points only) in my league. Which of these do you like, if any? Are there any sleeper DBs out there that you think will light it up this Sunday? Thanks. A. Plummer R. Mathis G. Wesley D. Barrett C. Woodson A. Winfield K. Ratliff S. Knight N. Ferguson
  9. Looking for WR#3 this week

    gotta agree here. Engram.
  10. wdis

    I like McCardell
  11. Horn for Wayne?

    I would trade Horn for Wayne
  12. Need help at WR

    I'd go with Smith if you can only choose 1, but my order of your WR's as: Holt Smith B. Lloyd TT Rogers Parker
  13. Trade TO?

    I'd rather have Caddy and Shockey, but out of the two provided I like the JJ/Gonzo. You're stacked at WR and you need another RB imo, so, I know TO is a stud and all, but with McNabb's hernia and the fact you have a great WR corp, I think your right in trying to move one of your WR's.
  14. WDIS - RB decisions

    I like Caddy and DD
  15. Davis or Dillion

  16. Trade offer...please advice

    I would'nt do the trade. It would leave you too thin at RB, but I understand your WR issues. Who's on the WW for WR?
  17. WDIS? Steven Jackson or Travis Taylor?

    Would like a little more info on your team, but I am assuming you're talking about a flex spot. I say TT with the info provided.
  18. IR Replacement

  19. Which WR?

  20. Willie Parker

    Weak at TE and we start 2 QB's and I have no back up for the upcoming byes. (only starting qb on ww is Orton)I posted this here earlier and then the guy threw on Wiggins. What do you guys think? All advice appreciated. Thanks guys.
  21. Willie Parker

    Now offered D. Branch and Wiggins for Willie P. thoughts?
  22. IDP players

    Most likely lost R. Harrison last night. I need another IDP, but it doesn't have to be a DB. The top 4 IDP players (pts only) in my league are G. Brackett I. Taylor T. Keil C. Haggans Any thoughts on these guys? Anyone else you would recommend? Thanks
  23. Weak on receivers, and no back up qb in my 2 qb starting league. Offer on table: Willie P for Mush and Gus Freotte My RB's are DD, Duece, and Caddy (suggs) can start 2 + a flex The only qbs on the WW are Orton and now McCown (possibly Testaverde-currently unavailable in my Yahoo league and I may not be able to grab him) Like I said we start 2 QBs and byes are coming up + Mush has been putting up WR3 caliber #'s. Thoughts???
  24. Trade involving Willie P.

    Yeah, I was thinking Branch also coupled with Freotte might be enough for Willie P, or not he may blow up, but I just need a 3rd qb and a good WR. Yeah, we talked about the 2qb last time. Hope you did well, can't see the sig when I'm replying. Our WW is Orton, and now J. McCown and I guess Vinny whenever they update, bnut that is it. That's why I don't mind Frerotte that much being the 3rd qb. Thanks as always for the replys
  25. Trade involving Willie P.

    I know that. I wouldn't just give him away. I'd rather him ride my bench all year than give him away for nothing, just posting the trade here to see the response and it is overwellingly clear this is a poor trade. What about the other WR's on the list? One of them + Freotte for Parker??? I really appreciate everyones response. Thanks guys.