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  1. WDIS start at 3rd WR

    Bryant, Eric Parker, R. Ferguson, M. Jenkins Please pick one thanks guys.
  2. WDIS start at 3rd WR

    This is great. I was leaning toward Bryant, but the MVP's give me 2 for Parker and 1 for Fergie. Anyone else. (* Hugh One also said Parker)
  3. Gators / Vols

    Go Gators! Yeah I saw that piece on the youngest Clausen and that guy looks amazing. Hoping he won't go to Tenn. I hate to agree with a Nole, but I do agree with you that the game was not the most exciting in the world. Gone were the big passes and left was the same TE in motion run play about 20 times. It got so bad that I could call the play from my recliner. My ulcer is finely calming down. That being said we owe everything to our Special Teams and Def!!! It sucks we lost our 3WR, "Bubba", and McDonald. Hopefully their injuries are not as bad as I think they are. But all was worth it to bring back some respect to thte SWAMP! Under Urban 3-0, beating Tenn in the Swamp...this is shaping up to be a great colege season. Go Gators!
  4. Fair Trade or not?

    how's it not a good trade for him?
  5. a deuce mccalister trade

    There is no way I would do that trade.
  6. Fair Trade or not?

    I totally agree that you got the better end of that trade, and I understand that the commish probably realizes that it's a bit uneven, but if the other guy is happy and I know you are and the league voted on the trade as "cool" then that's what matters.
  7. Gators / Vols

    Nice. I like your score although you will need to reverse the teams to read UF 24, Vols 17, although I think it will be more like UF 27, Vols 17. I just bought a house recently and the previous owners were truely my "mortal enimies". The husband was a Vols fan and his wife was a FSU fan. Needless to say I didn't inform them of my loyalties until after the closing, in which they were actually kind of pissed. I smiiled and said "See you in September". The Gator flag is waiving proudly outside today.
  8. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2 - TAKE 2

    When you have time Hugh. I'm more concerned about the WR portion of this question. Thanks again.
  9. WDIS

    I actually agree. I think RJ and Parker are the better starts here, but I know that feeling of stitting a stud, it sucks.
  10. Need to sit 1

    I'd bench Jordan
  11. Leave him in...

    Pittsburgh Tribune Review According to article Staley says "If he's out there running and he's doing what he's doing, and putting up great numbers and we're winning, without a doubt - leave him in there," Staley said of Parker. "I told (Parker), 'You got something that Bus and I don't have - that's a couple gears,'" Staley said. "Bussie has one gear and I have two-and-a-half. ... But Willie definitely has five or six gears."
  12. Should I add Gore or Duckett?

    I'd add Duckett before Gorebut I think I might stand pat
  13. #1 Michael Jenkins or #3 Kevin Curtis

    I'd start Jenkins. He showed big play ability (for a second) and I think he is the bigger risk/reward over Curtis, especially if you play ppr. But I like Jenkins to score a td this week. All that being said...Neither is a #2 WR. They both will have their ups and downs and will be a gamble each week, but if they were for a Flex position I would go Jenkins this week, and both would be solid at that flex position any week, but let's hope you would have better options.
  14. Free IDP Fantasy Advice - Week 2

    Exactly..Thanks again. See you next week.
  15. Add/Drop help...........QUICK

    Out of those backs you could go with Gore, but it might take half the season for him to provide you with much value. Depends on who you are dropping, but I would rank those WR's as Booker, Ferguson, Engram, Battle, Crayton. Hope that helps. Your WW is like mine...picked over.
  16. Trade offer for D. Davis.

    No way. The Texans' first two games are tough but their schedule should lighten up and he should become the man you drafted him to be (I hope)
  17. Free IDP Fantasy Advice - Week 2

    Sorry it took this long to get back. First off I normally check with you and I like the IDP sleeper report. Ever since last year you gave some quality educated advice and it helped a bunch. So I'm glad you are doing this again this year. I go searching around just for other opinions to educate myself and help me make an informed decission. I had to go back out and search em down but I was looking at these as well link link those two have Barber ranked higher, although like you said, I think Poly is the better start this week. I also check out here just for more thoughts on IDP. Thanks again Darin. Keep it up!
  18. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2 - TAKE 2

    Glad your back! Two questions. WR (pick 4) CJ Burleson Lelie Bryant Lloyd Jenkins (Or would you drop Jenkins and p/u G. Lewis, Ferguson, E. Parker, Re. Williams) RB (pick 3) Duece DD Willie P. Caddy Thanks again for coming back to us. The week wouldn't be the same with out the Hugh FFA...
  19. Yeah Bruiser. I started Willie at a flex and got 28.9 points. Even if I only get half of that it's still more than DD gave me last week.
  20. WR flex options

    A. Bryant (leaning towards him) B. Lloyd E. Parker (I know Gates is back. He'll be covered more and now McCardell will attrached more coverage..leaving a field day for Parker???)(Field day may be to strong of a thought) M. Jenkins
  21. I'm right there with you Roo. Ridin' Fast Willie Style. I posted earlier about how, if Willie P. keeps up this amazing race, duce and co. basically concede to Parker being the starter. I also read that Cower mentioned the possibility of even when Duce comes back that Duce may be the 3rd down back, not Willie. Considering how much he "cost" for you and I and others, even 2 weeks is amazing.
  22. WDIS at WR

    TJ but I hate having 2 wr from the same team.