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  1. The Randy Moss roller coaster is KILLING me!

    Yeah, i had Randy and Santana Moss at WR today. combined 1 points. I had Kevin Curtis and Galloway on my bench. combined 28 points. (not to mention Mike Anderson's 15 points) lost by 6. there are times I hate WRs.
  2. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 7

    Hey Hugh, thanks in advance. I was thinking about starting A.Green instead of D.Davis this week at RB, how crazy am I? Is the matchup good enough to even consider starting Green? Or do you think he's a better start than Rudi Johnson? also, which (if any) of these would you drop for C.Perry: K.Curtis, M.Moore, M.Anderson, LJ Smith ? I'd like to have Perry to back up Rudi, and potentially to play anyway.
  3. S.Moss owners

    Hey other Santana Moss owners, two out of the three weeks I haven't started him, he's gone for two touchdowns. who out there wants me to keep him on the bench? p.s. down 11 points tonight with Bulger and S.Jax against Harrison and D.Clark.
  4. Chester Taylor?

    Anyone know what happened to J.Lew? Is he out? should I pick up Taylor?
  5. This trade got shot down in my league...

    right on tony. I've never had it happen in Football, but in a baseball league this summer I got a lot of crap from other owners when I essentially traded Andy pettite and barry Zito for Bobby Abreu and Bret Boone. End result, I apparently screwed the other owner by giving her two of the best pitchers in the league for a second baseman I ended up dropping(too late) and a great Outfielder who had a mediocre second half (sorry to bring baseball into it) the point is, you never know how things are going to turn out, so fairness is in the eyes of the traders. Now, if they happen to be best friends and one happens to be buying the other a new TV, that could be another story.
  6. RB Advice

  7. Everyone is Trade Happy

    Trading is just interesting to begin with. I dunno, I kinda like trading because, well, it's a game. Ultimately, trading is one of the fun parts of the game. Sadly, it doesn't work out much, which is why my leagues tend not to see many trades. last year before the season started I traded Stephen Davis plus someone for marvin harrison + Micheal Bennett, rode Marvin into the playoffs. then again, I also traded for jake Plummer late because I thought I needed a QB and couldn't get Favre from the owner who had him and Plummer, and rode the snake right out of the playoffs. but I just find interacting with the other owners fun. sometimes.
  8. WDIS DEF?

    I'd say Seattle. That's who I'mm going with this week. KC's coming off a bye, will be a home, and will be looking to rip someone a .... well, they'll wanna score. Wash is a great D, so we'll see how it goes, but I've seen KC DOMINATE some pretty good Ds when they want to (especially at home) (something about 8 rushing TDs against at the time the best rush D in the league) Miami's solid, but so is Tampa. And Tampa bay seems to often have a pretty good O (and sometimes have a pretty poor O, kinda based on the caddy if nothing else. he could be back this week) Giants Vs. Dallas. Raise your hand if you think The Giants have a much better D than the Iggles? See what Dallas did to the Iggles last week. Seattle is a home against a struggling Houston Offense. can Houston turn it around? could happen. is it likely? will the reshuffled O line suddenly quit allowing sacks? I like seattle.
  9. Who is the starter?

    I think Anderson's more reliable to get you something, Bell is a bigger payout with a larger risk. I just still get the impression that they don't completely trust tatum, but given that I think they gave him the ball on 4th and 1, I can't say that makes much sense. But unless he's busting big runs, I don't think he'll do much.
  10. If you could only own one NFL jersey...

    I've got a Moe Williams White Vikings jersey that I love. I remember watching him play at Kentucky when I was a kid. Not a guy who'll be remembered as the best of anything, but of the Vikes RBs last year (M.Moore, O.Smith, M.Bennett) he was the most reliable (and oldest I believe) I'd also go for Wayne Chrebet, cause in 9-10s of my memories number 80 in Green is horizontal about 5 feet off the ground.
  11. Could you drop Bulger now then please? I kinda need him. thanks
  12. WDIS?

    I would stick with Rudi. If Housh is out, they may try to run it agains Jac, which has worked for other teams, and that means good things for RUDi. as for WRs, make sure Horn is starting before you go with him. I don't know about Chris henry, but he could be worth a shot if Housh is out. I'm just not sure I'd start him before Clayton. If Galloway starts drawing the Ds, things could roll back Clayton's way. Moulds is a good risk/reward pickup depending on who you drop for him, if Holcomb plays well at QB, he should be good again. But I don't know that it's worth the risk starting him this week. I would put Clayton in for Horn if he doesn't start and in for Henry if Horn goes.
  13. Select my flex player

    If Joe J. is Jurevicius, definately go with him. the only favorable Defensive matchup, and I like him in general. I could see going with Jones if you feel good about him, but I like jurevicius
  14. Horn & Givens for Harrison?

    If you can get Marvin for Horn and Givens, I'd say do it. Marvin's still a tip top reciever, and I'd rather have him than Horn. Plus the fact that Horn is injured makes it even more of a deal. as for Givens, well, he's good but not great. who else do you have a reciever?
  15. Man this is ugly...pick one to start

    Definitely Pittman if Caddy is out. otherwise it gets complicated, and I'd probably still go with McDonald. I have some faith in Orton, but not immediately and not in the short term. Mush is his favorite (only) target though.