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  1. I have been charged with COLLUSION

    Thanks for all the repsonses! Both of us have made our case (made the same points as the above post, basically), and the accusation was still made. Everyone has not responded in the league (12 team), and only the accuser is willing to call is "collusion", but 2 other teams have called it "shady", which is just as bad in my opinion. Anyway, thanks for all the reassurance everyone. I think my league has gone crazy!!
  2. I have been charged with COLLUSION

    Dear all, I think the records DO have somehting to do with it. I have edited the original post to reflect this. I am 3-1 and the other team is 0-4. I am the 2 time defending Super Bowl champ as well. I am starting to think this has somehting to do with it. Thanks.
  3. Huddlers, One of my league members has charged me with collusion. I am in a league with a bunch of friends. So the charge came from a friend and the trade was with a friend I am still waiting on a response from the rest of the league. It's a std performance league with points per reception. I got: Ricky Williams, Baltimore I gave: A. Johnson, Buffalo Let me know what you guys think. Thanks. Edit: typo, clarification on "R. Williams", could have been the WR or the RB My record: 3-1 (2 time defensing champ) His record: 0-4 (finished last last year) UPDATE: The accuser has backed off of his charge, saying he was kidding. I told him accusing me of cheating is not a very good joke. Thanks for the all the responses. I was planning on posting all the replies to this post today if things didn't look any better. Thanks again.
  4. Absolutely Killing Me!

    Martin. No brainer. He is not sharing carries, and is healthy. Bell is neither of those things.
  5. In The Finals: Need 1 RB

    Matchups would be helpful, but I wold play Martin unless J. Jones had a really soft defense. Bettis is likely to sit if the game gets out of hand.
  6. Help Please! Pick 2 WR

    Definately not over Walker. He has a great matchup. SD has been playing pretty well, and there are 3 receviers in IND. I would play Porter over Harrison. What is the S. Morris or S. Morris question about? Did you mean T. Minor? If so, then play Morris.
  7. Just Pick One

    T. Bell@TEN--Droughns has been named the starter, plus Bell is banged up T. Jones@DET--Might shares carries with Thomas, has been lackluster as of late D. Levens@STL--Wil split with Westbrook, but will see sighnificant work late in the game when Westbrook sits S. Williams@SF--Will get all the carries against a bad defense, but only has 75 yds on his 25 carries and is largely unproven. I am starting Portis and Pittman as my other two RBs. Thanks for the help, and good luck to all who are still playing.
  8. Crazy thought?

    Not crazy at all. Volek has been doing well lately. I am not sure I would start him though. Green is playing with a suspect running game, so he will pass more. Volek may have lost Mason for the weekend, which could limit his effectiveness. I would still start Green, but If you have a free roster spot, by all means pick up Volek.
  9. WDIS RB?

    The Bucs D is playing well, but the game in GB could have a 3:1 run:pass ratio due to the weather. Tough Call. NO could core less than 10 points, but JAX is going to score on GB. I would play Taylor (by a hair) over Deuce.
  10. QB decision

    Farve is playig in the Arctic Circle this weeked. Cold, wind, and possibly snow. Even Farve probably won't put up good numbers in those conditions. Do I start Griese in "sunny TB" against a bad NO team? In advance, thanks.
  11. Opinions on # 2 RB

    I think Blaylock is the way to go this week. Portis just has a terrible matchup. Blaylock may split carries, but he will see more chances i nthe redzone than Portis, regardless of sharing carries.
  12. wide receiver question

    Driver at DET. First, DET is terrible. Second, Farve will have something to prove this week. Driver will get a lot of looks.
  13. WDIS-2positions

    Griese, Driver, and Jackson. Griese could get in a shootout. Bruce is too risky with Chandler at the helm.
  14. Take a Chance on B. Volek

    You could get screwed by the Titans QB. Start Collins ot be safe. His matchup isn't that bad, and he has been performing well in the last couple of weeks.
  15. WDIS?

    Easy choices. Sit Holt. Chandler has a glass chin and could go out on the first play. Even if he plays all game, how good is he going to be. Holt is too risky. Start Johnson, Mason, and Marvin.