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    Play of the Weekend is The Boyz laying 3 at the Gents....take it to the bank!
  2. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    LJ Driver Barber

    Don't like the matchups for McGahee or Taylor...I'd go with Williams. MMuhammad and I really like Jennings this week. Think it could be a high scoring affair. Good luck!
  4. Someone offered Driver for Brown and since I'm in dire need of a WR -- I'm considering it. I still have BWest and Gore as starters. I've also been offered BWest for Roy Williams. It's a ppr league and I can only start 2 RBs and 2 WRs. Which trade would you make?
  5. I agree...I'd drop Norwood and go p/u Carney
  6. Trade Vick to get Ronnie Brown?

    Do it! While Vick's stock is still high...look to trade Brown soon too...
  7. C. J. for Colston

    Keep Colston...
  8. RB depth

    I started out 2-0 and have lost 4 out of the last 5. I'm sitting pretty w/ RBs but I'm considering dropping DRhodes (as his production is dropping as Addai's is increasing). I'm thinking about dropping Rhodes for DeAngelo to solidify my bench in hopes of trading RBrown or Gore for a legit #1 WR. I'm in a point per reception league so WRs do have their value. Looking for other opinions. Thanks.
  9. RB depth

  10. Need some trade advice...

    I like 2 -- if you can get KJ, Addai, & Boldin...
  11. I like Taylor's matchup over Brown. Then it comes down to Dillon or Maroney...heads it dillon...tails its maroney...<flip>...heads it is...go with dillon.
  12. I like Washington... don't get me wrong...but you should be able to get a better RB than him if you're planning to give up LFitz. Jennings and Terry Glenn have value comparable to Leon Washington.
  13. WDIS WR's

    I ride the hot hand...go with Colston and Plax...better match ups, too.
  14. Hasslebeck has been dropped

    drop pennington and pick him!!!!
  15. Trade Request - Need Help

    There's speculation that Pennington's arm is getting "tired" -- Coles' value could drop significantly. I think the upgrade in WR outweighs the potential loss in prod at RB. Although Buf's schedule isn't too bad for the rest of the season. I'd do the deal and don't look back.
  16. Trade Offer Advice

    In a keeper league, Heath Miller is a great value, but looking at the sig you already have BWatson. Edge may not be great this year, but he's still has a lot more value in a keeper league than you're being offered. I'd pass unless he makes a better offer.
  17. WDIS? Pick one..

    Of the three -- I'd probably layoff RBrown given he is going vs. Chi D. Jone-Drew and Bell...MJD has the better match up but may not get the carries to warrant starting him. I read earlier today that TBell has turf toe in both feet. If this plays out as expected, I'd lean toward starting MBell. Good luck!
  18. No way. With Miami's week offense and QB, I think Gore is better than Brown...and check out SF schedule beyond Chicago...
  19. Jones going against a weak SF defese. I still like Gore...but one thing there is no doubt about is that Chicago can stop the run...go with the matchup...
  20. I was one of the jacka$$e$ that thought CPep would do well this year ( ). So I'm stuck with Pennington & Losman as my QBBC. I like Pennington's match up this week, but I'm considering dropping Losman for Leinart b/c of his matchups the next couple weeks. I picked up Losman b/c his matchups on Pennington's bye week and tough match ups are good. Any thoughts on this?
  21. Should I make this trade?

    Nope...too many ?s with SA...
  22. WDIS?!?!

    LJ - Stud -- can't sit him. KJ - Jets are bad vs. run and KJ is becoming more & more involved in the offense.