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  1. Trade Help PLZ

    Trading Holt leaves you significantly weaker at WR than the acquisition of Gore. You might be able to swing a deal involving Coles and Gore...
  2. WDIS @ QB

    First...I'd stick with the QBs you've got...Both Hass & Delhomme have been hot of late...I think Delhomme has been hotter...I can't believe I'm saying this...but I'd probably go with Delhomme...
  3. WW QB

    I like both...but Contrary to the other posts...I stick it out with Leinart...Looking at his next few match ups...he should put up 300 yds and 2/3 tds vs. Oak & GB...especially if Fitz is back...I wouldn't be too concerned about the running game with the matchups and WRs he has...
  4. Derrick Mason

    I have Mason and if there was anything worth picking up on our WW...I'd drop him like a bad habit.
  5. Colston for Edge straight up?

    Having the RB depth is nice...but Colston has been money and looking at the rest of your WRs is probably your #1 for points...Any other options for RBs on WW -- Leon from the Jets???
  6. Scraping the bottom of the barrell alright...If you're looking best of the bunch I'd go with Clayton. If it weren't for the bad match up this week -- I'd say Battle was a sneaky pick.
  7. Don't do the deal. What are you needs? QB and an upgrade to RB2? I don't see that in the deal.
  8. Oh man...

    I think the guys right in countering with a request for Rivers & Housh. I'd stick with Rivers this week and go from there...
  9. Trade Review - Did I miss something ?

    Anyway you slice it...The deal doesn't make sense...CJ is a stud who hasn't performed to date, but there's no reason to doubt he won't explode (unlike Randy Moss). I don't see giving away RBrown for KJones -- given that Jones just lost 3 O-linemen and was reported to have suffered a concussion...I just don't see the value, Pete...
  10. Holy bye-week panic Batman!

    Reggie...Reggie...Reggie Wayne
  11. T Bell, D McAllister, Ronnie Brown

    I'd go with T Bell and McCallister. T. Bell...well it's Oakland McCallister because Philly has been giving up some good yardage to the RBs of late.
  12. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE !

    Rudi L. Evans T. Jones
  13. I'm hurting this year at WR. Thought I got a steal picking Randy up in the 4th round. I guess everone else was right. I know Walters and Brooks both SUCK ARSSSSS...but c'mon it is San Fran...He's got to do something right?
  14. No surprise, Surgery for Westbrook soon?

    I just read it myself Eagles | Westbrook might need arthroscopic surgery Tue, 3 Oct 2006 19:22:51 -0700 Les Bowen, of the Philadelphia Daily News, reports Philadelphia Eagles RB Brian Westbrook (knee) might need arthroscopic surgery on his knee if rest does not resolve his recurring problems. Westbrook would miss two to six weeks if he had the surgery, but he would then be fine and not have to worry about how his knee is on a week-to-week basis. The team has recently acknowledged Westbrook has a bone bruise, which usually means there is damage to the articular cartilage. Westbrook's agent, Fletcher Smith, said he and the team have not yet discusses Westbrook's options.
  15. I'd go for it...I have him in my league and I'm getting no bites for him at all...If Harrington comes in eventually due to some false injury to CPep...there may be hope...I say that tongue and cheek because Harrington isn't all that great an option but can at least throw the ball downfield...
  16. Moss --- if he don't produce this week........

    I don't think he'll retire. Maybe he'll reach a settlement so he can start his Josh Gordon distribution company...
  17. Tidbit of Westbrook news

    I agree with you 100%...Correll Balldropper..uh..I mean Goal-linefalter...uh..I mean Buckhalter lost the confidence of the coach and the team after that 2nd drop inside the 5...
  18. Who here first gave the advice to

    Man! You must be in my league...I put in for both of them after week 2 and because I was 1-1 with the most points another team got dibs on both Colston & Jennings....
  19. Moss

    I've read a lot about the CLE 2ndary being decimated with injuries. Moss hasn't produced to date, but I would think they'd be looking to throw to him even in double coverage. Anyone else got the same feeling?
  20. Moss

    I hear ya...I can't imagine him going all season without having at least a handful of 80 yrd & 1 TD games. That said, I've got to put my money on today's game... Oh and did I mention -- I took a chance on CPep in my draft, too! far that's worked out well for me... Somehow, I'm 2-1...DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!!!!
  21. WDIS Gore or Brown?

    Here I am...Sunday morning doubting my gut again... Brown can't seem to put together a solid yardage and TD day with CPep at the helm (by the way that's the reason I'm sitting CPep). I'm in a PPR league and Gore seems to be more involved in the passing game with Brown getting less looks. Any thoughts/opinions on Gore vs. Brown...Talk me down!
  22. T.O. B.Edwards G.Jennings

    Edwards & Jennings...
  23. Need a QB...WDYT?

    Ride the hot hand ...err uh...arm. Go with Farve and don't give it a 2nd thought.
  24. Chambers was hurt?

    Well I guess that explains why Culpepper is so bad... RIIIIIIIGHT...
  25. Trade Advice again

    Don't do the deal. I trade Keyshawn but not for MBell. You can get more for that.