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  1. I like to avoid early trades...but

    I don't do this deal for two reasons --- You'd be trading your insurance on Dillon for a back that is still sharing the load in Indy...Moss is an upgrade over Edwards, but that's not where you need need help in the QB #1 and RB #2 so I don't see how this helps you...JMHO...Good luck!
  2. On the fence and need a little nudge... I've got to start 2 WRs in a pts per reception league with 6 pt TDs... Mason vs. Oakland Coles vs. NE Moss vs. Ravens Horn vs. GB I don't like Moss' match up and QB issues. Mason @ Oakland seems the easy pick, but with the way LT lit them up last week, I'm not sure McNair will throw enough to warrant consideration. Leaving me with Horn and Coles...
  3. WDIS @ WR

    Of the 3 match-ups -- I like Colston going against a weak GB secondary. Horn will draw coverage from their top DB (not that you can really say they have one), leaving him out there to get 80 & a TD.
  4. Heath Miller TD

    CPep's not blind...he can see Chambers all too well...problem is the Pitt D knows that's all he sees...
  5. Any value with this wr?

    Hold on to what you've got...I don't see any real value in making the move.
  6. WDIS: Donald Driver or Ben Watson

    I'd always go with the a #1 WR over TE...unless you're talking Gate...
  7. Another WDIS

    Go with your gut on this one... Reuben, Reuben, Reuben....
  8. J. Lewis, Gore, & C. Taylor

    Gore & Taylor....Lewis banged up and is still questionable...
  9. Culpepper's night

    CPep with his first TD pass of the season...oh wait he's on the dolphins...wait to go Daunte...looks like another year of Farve-like INTs...
  10. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Alexander, CJohnson & M Bell...
  11. I have 5 pretty good RBs

    I'd go McGahee, BWest & Bell... Taylor has an crappy YPC average thus far in the pre-season...yes, I know we are talking pre-season, but couple that with a decent Skins defense and the fact that Bell has a better match up...I'd go with Bell over Taylor...
  12. T. Owens or A. Gates with 3rd Round Pick?

    Getting TO in the 3rd round is a great value pick! Take it. Besides -- if the run on WRs went in the 2nd round that would mean most people are looking for RBs in the it is still possible to get a top 3 TE in the 4th or 5th round...
  13. Which FLEX RB to start with Caddy and Ronnie B?

    I like Chris Brown in this match up. SF may be down big and abondon the run --- limiting Gore's production.
  14. Trade Carson Palmer for Steve Smith

    No way! Palmer has a chance to put up "Manning-type" numbers...and Smith's production should decrease given Keyshawn's arrival...couple that with 2 hammy dice!
  15. Who gets the bench?

    No brainer...Mason sits...
  16. Need 2 of these 4

    I have the same dilemma...I have Brown, Westbrook, Gore, and Rhodes...I've narrowed it to Brown, BWest, and Gore...I'm leaning towards Brown and BWest -- provided there aren't any last minute injury updates with BWest...I really like Gore as a sleeper and will give him a week or two to see how the SF offense fairs...
  17. If you're going to throw Brooks and Green one down --- you've got to add in Favre...
  18. F. Gore

    I picked him up in the 5th round --- (5.7)...
  19. Work Access Denied!

    Recent upgrades at work has made it impossible to get in....any work around???
  20. Work Access Denied!

    Thanks --- I'll give this one a try too!
  21. Work Access Denied!

    Thanks --- I'll give it a try...
  22. Commishes

    Put it to a league vote