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  1. think you have it bad?

    4 RBs drafted = McCallister, JJones, FTaylor, and DFoster (all out with injuries). Of the 4 WRs drafted, Ajohnson hurt (worthless) and Boldin on a bye. Needless to say, I fielded team Waiver Wire this week. Every week I look at the injury report and just .... ...It beats the alternative Here's to the injury bug leaving my team and visiting someone else!!!!
  2. Decimated.....

    I hear ya n00bie! I, too, had McCallister and JJ. The kicker is I have Foster and Taylor as back ups. :doah: I was able to pick up ASmith on the WW and I'm hoping to get lucky working a trade for Droughns -- not that it matters given that Droughns is going against Balt. It's better than nothin'. Good Luck!
  3. The David Carr Fanclub!

    Mama - I'd have to say the bag is FULL!!! So look out!
  4. D Foster Knee Injury?

    Any Carolina homers have more information on this? I'm in a pinch and may have to start him given that my 2 starters are hurt (Jones and McCallister), and F Taylor is already slated to start.
  5. Deuce officially on IR

    How 'bout McCallister, JJones, DFoster, Bobby Engram & AJohnson (with rumblings of Fragile Freddie coming back to his old form). Needless to say -- I'm in a bit of a quandry
  6. WR Bobby Engram

    Ditto. I hear the same. He resting the ribs and should be back after the bye. It'll be interesting what happens when he's back in the line up. As I understand it, JJ is assuming his role in the offense while he's out and it's obvious that he's flourishing. I'd keep a close eye to see if they move Bobby back to the slot which will more than likely cause a decrease in production.
  7. News On S.Davis?

    Here's the latest I've read: Both he and Foster sat out of practice today and are listed as questionable. Davis started the season on the injury report and has yet to go a week without appearing on it. Foster, on the other hand, seemed to have caught the injury bug but no one know from who or exactly how he was injured. That being said, it appears that if either one or both are unavailable for the game, Nick Goings is healthy and able to stand in.
  8. Antwain Smith madness

    I found this report on NFL AP Release 10/12/05, 5:45pm: Haslett said he'll count on Smith because he fits the pound-it-out offense the Saints employed with McAllister. Smith is 6-2, 232, almost identical to McAllister's 6-1, 232. The article mentions that Smith and Stecker will share carries the report above leads me to believe that ASmith will be getting the bulk of the carries. Here's the link to the article: Hope this helps...
  9. Andre Johnson

  10. I was surfing for a solution to my RB dilemma and found on the Saints official team site that Stecker (not Smith) is listed as the #1 on the depth chart? Any Saints fans care to elaborate? Is RajnCajn still out of commission?
  11. Official Team Site lists Stecker over A Smith

    Thanks, Randall. Anyone else hear an update???
  12. D Foster Knee Injury?

    Thanks, PD. Peace.
  13. D Foster Knee Injury?

    I saw that thread too. I noticed the "if" and decided to go another route. Thanks for the info.
  14. Anyone else come on this forum

    I visit far too often as well. There's a lot of knowledge and resources on the board - whether they be opinions or getting info from "locals" on players injury status. It's also good for the occasional bbq recipe or two.
  15. J. Horn on WW. Should I pick him up?

    If you can keep them both do it. If not, I'd absolutely give the edge to Horn, especially when they will be playing from behind most of the season. Good luck!
  16. D Foster Knee Injury?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, PD.
  17. I'm one of the many McCallister owners left scrambling for a replacement. Just wanted to bounce my ideas off of anyone willing to listen and offer their wisdom. I thought about taking the back ups but I can't imagine their performance would be anywhere near the production of McCallister. Other options, Ricky Williams - has a huge upside and could be a viable option if he is able to regain his form and push the rook...Shipp -- an average back on an average team (at best) who hasn't really produced...Benson -- the rook who has had opportunities to show his stuff but has failed miserably thus far to prove himself. As if it isn't apparent, I'm leaning toward Williams given the upside. Any thoughts?
  18. Curious question?

    I think a bunch of the pirates thsailed of into the thsuntshet on a ship co-captained by the 4 guys who had their FX show canceled. To be honest, I hope they keep those shirts out at sea....
  19. Are Brandon Lloyd's productive days done?

    If you have the room on your roster to hold on to him -- I'd wait it out in case Nolan realizes that it's not worth the risk to throw him to the wolves. At least with Rattay in there, you know he can throw the ball downfield - IMHO.
  20. Do you need to vent?

    I start 8 players - 2 RBs go down to injury (McCallister and JJones), 1 WR goes down to injury (AJohnson) and a tight end reserve stiff (my starter's on a bye) who has one freakin' catch and fumbles the ball netting a whopping -.5 pts...and I somehow manage to stay in the game until my opponents' WRs breaks the 40 yrd mark on the last series of the game and earns him an extra 1.5 pts which mean he wins by 1 stinkin' point!
  21. Andre Johnson

    I think I've got everone beat. I started AJ just to see him go down in the first series. Then had to sit and watch both of my starting RBs go down - Deuce McCallister and Julius Jones not to return. The look on my face was worth a thousand words ---
  22. Andre Johnson

    I bought in to the hype and started him. It seems to me that he is stealing money right now...I wish I could package him up in a deal in my league but I'd get nothing for him....
  23. A. Battle Update

    I'm desperate for a back up WR this weekend and have been trying to keep tabs on his situation. I figure it should be a shoot out, but don't want to pick him up if he's not playing. Anybody hear any update on his status?