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  1. PPR or Standard?

    In a PPR, it's Cohen. In a standard league its closer, but I still like Cohen for a few reasons.

    1) it was nearly a 50/50 split between CJ and Charles 

    2) Raiders front is pretty good against the run - Thompson killed them catching the ball.

    3) Chicago will start out with a goal of "ball control" but inevitably will be playing catchup so Cohen has a good chance to pick up a receiving TD

  2. I've got both Engram and Ebron and I'm starting Engram. Ebron is inconsistent and plays a good defense. Engram is getting consistent work -- usually good for 4 or 5 receptions and 40-50 yards...Brate is a greater threat for a TD but is splitting time with OJ.  Go with Engram if you prefer consistent production with limited upside. Go with Brate if you are looking for higher upside -- the G-men have given up a TE TD in each game this year -- including to Ebron...

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  3. In FF we all deal with a player or two who are underperforming...we usually chalk it up to early season struggles...this is looking at those "teams" where most are not living up to expectations..

    I'm in a Standard (non-PPR) was my day one starting lineup...







    Marshall (flex)



    McCoy matched the number or receptions for all other players and 0 TDs...


    Robinson out for the year, Olsen gone for several weeks...and still 0 TDs...LOL


    I shared about you?

  4. 5 hours ago, stevegrab said:

    You get points for yardage, or just TDs?


    Difference with RBs without PPR is they need more touches to be relavent, and those pass catching backs that build lots of points with short dump offs aren't worth as much. They need yards (presuming you get some points for that.) Sure a goal line back is nice, but they're also very inconsistent in most cases. If that is all they do you have what maybe a TD every 2-3 weeks, and almost nothing the other games.


    Guys like Riddick and Tevin Coleman are still good value, they always get some touches, and could get more if the starter is struggling or injured.

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  5. 10 team standard league (1pt for every 10)...I have McCoy, Murray as starters...Martin suspended and Blount (only can roster 4 RBs)...Cohen available...would you drop Blount for Cohen and stand pat? Thoughts?

  6. In a 10 team standard league and need WR help...Kupp, Golladay, Agholor available on waivers but would need to drop a WR...I have Benjamin, Marshall, CDavis, Snead...lost ARob to injury...can only hold 4 WRs...drop Marshall given OBJ out for another few weeks to pick up Kupp or just roll with it...thoughts?