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  1. Tatum Bell the starter for the lions

    While most everyone in Detroit seems to think this trade is great, I don't. Pro bowl corners are rare and Bly was that, and I don't care what anyones says. He plays on a Island, covering the best WR on the other team and, yes, that will get you burned sometimes. But he cannot be replaced with the FA out their, draft picks out there or what is on the Lions today. Tatum Bell, was "okay" in an offense that makes average guys look great. Foster is a dime a dozen tackle of which the Lions have a few already or can pick up cheaply in FA. So the Lions traded a pro bowler for two average guys who may or may not start. Where is the upgrade? Where have they filled needs that couldn't otherwise be filled? Was a hole not just created at CB? Granted, he asked for a trade so they may have lost Bly by the end of the year anyways but at least they would have had him in 2007 at a relative bargain. IMO- It's just another bad move by a poorly run organization.
  2. Keep 3

    Keep the guy that will be the toughest to replace and would be the 1st on your draft board if you had not kept them already. Kitna- Top 5 in most scoring systems. Should look better next year with increased familiarity with the offense Evans- Not a big fan but he too was top 5 on a team with no QB identity Winslow- Valued, to me, in the 4-7 ranking range. At a position where only 12 players start each week and most rosters only run with one, I think you can afford to pass. He's still behind Gonzo, Gates, Shockey, Heap and maybe Crumpler or Cooley. I would be just as happy with any of those guys over Winslow. V. Young- #2 behind Manning over the last 6 weeks of the season I think Kitna was your most consistent player over the course of the season and there is no reason to think he won't do it again.

    I seriously get an autographed book? I'll take it. I'm sure you have my me if you don't
  4. Ugly Bear Fans

    I would certainly blame THIS on the Chicago Bears fans that were taking part in "over the line" harassing of Saints Fans...not stupid at all. Then again, we could just blame the abolishment of prohibition as I'm certain a lot of this is the booze talking. I guess to blanket ALL Bears fans is a bit much, but having gone to a Lions/Bears game and gotten crap from the parking lot, to the stadium, to my seat, in my seat, in the bathroom, on the concourse and back to my car, I can say it's a fostered mentality of many fans. I haven't seen so many classless fans in one place since they closed the Silverdome....many a game I was embarrassed to be a Lions fan in that place.
  5. Ugly Bear Fans

    I've been to a half dozen Bears/Lions games in Chicago and had only one really bad experience that went all game long. Most of the time, its just after the game and some during IF I have Lions gear on of course (then again, I'm asking for it. IMO). The one bad time I purchased tickets outside the stadium and wound up deep in season ticket holder territory right near the field. I had people yelling at me and calling me A-Hole and worse most of the game. By the 4th quarter every Lions fan within two sections of me had been kicked out because the Bears fans basically picked at them, or took their hats or "bumped" them until they looked at them wrong and it was on. I just sat there and didn't let it get to me. Plenty of beer was on my coat from fans several seats away! Right after the game was over I got out of my seat and was heading up the stairs...some guy got right up in my face and screamed "Your a F-G"....sprayed spit all over me. I just smiled as there was not much I could do. After that game, I'm convinced anyone wearing an "Orange" 54 jersey has to be an idiot! I don't wear Lions gear, or at least Blue Lions gear to Soldier Field any more. Just not worth the hassle. As a Lions season ticket holder, I've seen much of the same or worse at the Silverdome. At the current time, Lions fans are just not that emotional about the team to stand up for them.
  6. I'd be sick

    That game was theirs in so many ways and they just fell apart in the 4th quarter. Mental break downs, officials calls or no calls going against them...and then there was that last drive! I'll have to watch it again but they lost so much time by not spiking the ball on 1st then having to do so on second. Over a minute and they got, WHAT, 4 plays with one of them being a spike...not counting the kick. I could be wrong but it looked so very messed up! You would think Marty would have learned something watching other teams manage late comebacks against him. Should have ran another pass with 8 seconds left too! Nah, we'll just go for a 52 yard kick!
  7. Vacation Timeshares

    I don't really know who to ask so I guess I'll post this were I post 99% of my thehuddle. I'm going to a timeshare preview vacation with my wife in the next few months. I anticipate a pretty heavy sales pitch as the tour is 90 minutes long. I assume at some point I'll be presented with various packages and such. We have discussed vacation timeshares off and on for a few years now and think it might be best for us as vacation and free time is short to justify the cost and upkeep of a summer home or cottage. I have a couple questions that maybe some of you can help me with. 1. Are the packages negotiable? While I might like what is being offered, I'd be interested to know what kind of wiggle room is in the price. 2. Is anyone else involved in a time share that they are pleased with? This outfit is Bluegreen which seems to have plenty of locations...which is nice. We're in Michigan with two young children so sometimes being within 6 hours would be best while other times it might be nice to traver further. If you can post any links that are helpful, I'd certainly appreciate it.
  8. Am I an Idiot?

    Would you have called "any" of the coaches in the league? I had a similar dilema some years ago and the guy I was playing against was a close friend while others in the league are not. I decided I would not call most of the guys so I didn't call him either. Now, I made no mention of the fact I noticed his error. I'm also the commish of the league which influenced my decision...but not much. I agree with whoever said, they can't coach other teams so make it a universal policy. Is the other guy your boss?
  9. Offensive comeback player of the year

    Brees should not even be considered for a "Come Back" award. I don't think anyone is getting the point when they vote for him.
  10. So Who Is Getting Fired After Week 17?

    I wouldn't be surprised to see any of the following gone, for one reason or another, after this season: Coughlin Shell Marinelli Del Rio Mora Green Gruden Cowher Gibbs Parcells Childress Saban Holmgren Some may retire, some may get canned or some might move up to a FO position. Certainly there are some reaches here but I'm just saying I wouldn't be surpised.
  11. What's next, Lipstick and Mini Skirts?

    Ear rings on grown men are sometimes like Mullets....out of style. I see "older" men around work walking around with long hair and ear rings thinking(I presume) it makes them look younger or something. However, I don't think it looks too bad for an athlete to wear 20k+ on their ears. If you got it, show it. No loops or dangling stuff please....but that's just my opinion. In fact, an ear ring on a guy can look almost half as silly as a Bluetooth headset in a crowded bar!!! Now that is jewelry and you just don't know it. "Uh..hang on I gotta an important call....Quiet everyone!!!"
  12. Why am I not surprised by this?

    I have season tickets and tailgate with about 20 people every week. All but 1 (who has two tickets) got rid of their tickets for this game weeks ago. Most quit going to the games and just hung out at the tailgate...not me. I think if the Lions follow through on having Kitna start 2007, many ticket holders will be gone next year. 2-12, taking all the snaps and no sigh of being benched, frustrating to say the least. I like the guys fire but he completely folds in the 4th quarter....every game. Same in Cincy if I recall.
  13. Is anyone else still sick over your loss ?

    I used to really get torn up about it but not so much anymore. Something about "I can't change it" keeps me from dwelling on the fact I lost both money leagues this week....both by benching guys I started most of the year! Again, I can't do anything about it and all the anger in the week can't change it. Better luck next year.

    At least you have unlimited internet access!