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  1. Are we actually starting to see this team acting like an NFL franchise? Lions coaches already ruffling feathers In the first three weeks of off-season workouts, the message the coaching staff is delivering to players is this: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. The coaches are making it clear that starting jobs will be earned, not assigned on previous performance or draft or contract status. The coaching staff has already ratcheted up the intensity during their brief periods on the practice field; some players (including veterans) have already been cussed out loudly during drills. And another surprise is coming. Head coach Rod Marinelli is a strong believer in having his starters play on special teams and that's not going to go over well with some of the Lions. Marinelli dismisses any notion that players might become disgruntled. At the owners meeting last week, Marinelli said that if Pro Bowl players like Derrick Brooks and Ronde Barber could play on special teams in Tampa, the players in Detroit can handle it, too. I'll say it again -- this is going to be an interesting training camp.
  2. Opinions on Huddle Draft Kit

    Best online Service CBSSportsline
  3. Sleeper RB of 2007!

  4. EASports Mock Draft

    What is the scoring system? If it is 6pts for a passing TD I can understand the QB's going early. Cannot critize until I see the scoring system used.
  5. Vick Indicted

    You think the Falcons are upset they lost Schaub? Seriously, what does this do to any Falcon players fantasy wise? Will this have any major affect on they or will this not even be a factor this year?
  6. Shaun Rogers accused of sexual assault

    As predicted
  7. Fantasy Football Magazines Rated

    Totally agree. I really like that the guys in my league use them as they still have "older" cheat sheets! The huddle has stayed a secret thus far
  8. Where's the 07' Sleeper thread?

    JP Losman TJ Houshmandzadeh Vincent Jackason DeAngelo Williams TJ Duckett
  9. Best in his sport

    Borque never won one without Roy, does that make Borque less talented? I guess we will just have to disagree.
  10. Kevin Jones

    That is all that comes out of Lionland until the season starts. Hey Furley, I would never say never. What if he fell to the 9th round. Would you pass on him then?
  11. Best in his sport

    He has the most assists of all time. You call that stat padding? Sets an NHL record for most goals in one season with 92 in 1981-82, breaking Phil Esposito's record of 76, set with Boston in 1970-71. Breaks his own mark of most assists in a single season with 120 in 1981-82. Nets 10 hat tricks in 1981-82 to garner yet another record. Surpasses his own mark for most assists in a single season with 125 in 1982-83. Notches an NHL record with a 30-game scoring streak during the 1982-83 season, surpassing Guy Lafleur's record of 28 in 1976-77. Sets NHL Stanley Cup Playoff records during the 1983 postseason with 26 assists and 38 points. Establishes a new record by notching at least one point in 51 consecutive games, tallying 61 goals and 92 assists for 153 points during the streak in 1983-84. The next longest streak is held by Mario Lemieux, who had a 46-game scoring streak in which he scored 39 goals and 103 points. Sets an NHL record with 12 shorthanded goals and ties his own mark with 10 hat tricks during the 1983-84 season. Leads the NHL in 1984-85 with a plus-98 rating. Breaks his own single season record with 135 assists in 1984-85. During the 1985 postseason, Gretzky rewrites the record books, with 30 assists and 47 points in one playoff year. Gretzky keeps raising the bar for points in one season, including playoffs, registering 255 in 1984-85. # Gretzky scores his 37th career three-goal-game on Jan. 8, 1986, tying Mike Bossy's career mark. Gretzky wins eight consecutive Hart Trophies as the MVP of the League. Yeah, a lot of padding going on there. Oh and by the way, Messier stated that the best player he ever played with was the Great One. Yeah, he had a great team in Edmonton but he was still putting up huge stats in St. Louis and LA without help. And he did go to the Stanley Cup with LA but lost to Montreal in 1993.
  12. PacMan facing possible life-time ban?

    ESPN states that Pacman now facing 2 felonies from February shootout. Pacman =
  13. Which FF Site is the best?

    7 years with MFL and no problems. Hands down the best IMHO.
  14. Players ready to break out.

    From prison or the pound?
  15. biggest ''bust'' of 2007

    T. Henry. The RBBC three headed dragon will rise again.
  16. The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round,....
  17. biggest ''bust'' of 2007

    So who do you have high on your lists?
  18. Super Bowl Champion Colts

    I will never see a ring with a Lion on it!
  19. Probably not. But for Henry to even be mentioned is just amazing. He should know that he is under the microscope and that anything he does will be noticed. I am surprised we do not get Paris Hilton type reporting on his where-a-bouts. This guy needs to walk away from everything no matter what the situation is.
  20. Vince Young works out with WRs

    Uh, anyone else scared of Young now that he is a Madden cover boy?