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  1. Pittman or Westbrook?

    Pittman is better than Westbrook this week... Westbrook will be lucky to play the first half.
  2. Need some help with a Flex spot/D

    I'd stick with Goings and the Washington D.
  3. PLEASE HELP: Hardest WR WDIS in Fantasy History!

    Clayton, Moulds, Johnson.
  4. Need help. Super Bowl is on the line.

    I'd probably go with Collins in this case... I'd also think seriously about Gates over Holt. The Eagles D is still going to be good no matter who they sit on offense... Gates could be huge against Indy as they don't match up well and it could be a big time shootout.
  5. Would Someone Make a Decision For Me?

    Collins can go big, but he's also put up some real stinkers as well... I'd probably go with Brees. Brees will have to throw in that game against Indy, and I think he's got more talent to work with... not to mention a lot more on the line so he'll really be on his A game for this one.
  6. WDIS (Need 2 RB and a DEF)

    Go with Portis and Green... as for Defenses, I'd probably go with Atlanta for the turnover factor.
  7. Clayton, Gonzalez, Burleson?

    that one's tough... I'd really want to go with Gonzo here, but that means starting two TEs. But he seems like your best bet... if you don't want to start two TEs, I'd go with Clayton next.
  8. Super Bowl Game: WDIS at WR?

    I'd go with Bennett and Horn... wouldn't think twice about it.

    Not that tough... go first with health, then talent, then matchup. Using that formula your easy picks should be: D. Davis L. Suggs Now the harder one... in this case, I'd make a play for talent because even though not completely healthy, his talent, matchup, and opportunity are all better than the other guys: T. Bell
  10. Curtis Martin or Fred Taylor?

    I'd stick with Martin here...
  11. Superbowl WR matchups

    stick with Housh... he's been more consistent.
  12. I never ask for Advice-A. Johnson Vs. Burrelson

    Personally, I'd probably go with AJ this weekend... AJ has trouble with cover 2 defenses, and last time I checked, Jacksonville doesn't play one of those. Also, AJ just made the Pro Bowl and I'm thinking he finds the reason why he was picked and has a game more like early in the season. Also, I think Burleson takes a step back this week as Moss takes yet another step forward toward being the best option for Culpepper... It's just a hunch, but I think AJ might be a good play this week.
  13. Dillon, Portis, Kevin Jones, Pittman - start 2...

    I'm going to go against the grain and say Portis... Dallas run D is awful, and Washington wants nothing more than to give Portis the ball 30 times a game.
  14. Super Bowl WDIS

    Ok, looks like Rod Smith is a lock then according to everyone... he leads the votes here with 5. So the last spot comes down to these three: Andre Johnson @ Jax. (3 votes) Brandon Stokley vs. S.D. (3 votes) Brian Westbrook @ ST.L. (2 votes) Anyone else wanna chime in to break the tie?
  15. RB help needed for SB.

    Go with Rudi... he's your best bet for a guaranteed 100 yards and a TD.