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  1. Agree with the JetFan. I think that the Dayne situation is a good one to be in. He is going to have a good game
  2. RBs to shine

    I have survived and get the honor of playing against LT in the title game. $5000 to the winner, $0 to the loser. I am losing sleep over this one. I cant make the decision for my number 2 RB to go along with LJ This is a PPR league T Bell vs. CIN Droughns vs. TB Cedric Benson @ DET I know everyone hates T Bell but I think he is my biggest upside. I smell a TD this week from him. What do you all think????
  3. Pick a D

    I have to say Pitt is the play this week. McNair with a hand injury smells like INT to me..Look for a Pick 6 this week
  4. The horror that is the Bells in Denver

    I have to make the same decision this week. I have to choose between T Bell, Maroney (maybe out again) or Reuben. Hate to say it but I am having to go with T Bell. If I had both Bells I would use Tatum
  5. RB problem WDIS?

    LJ and Gore...LJ b/c you have too, Gore b/c Sea cant stop anyone
  6. Been offered T. Holt for J. Walker

    U really want his help after posting a question about the biggest no brainer trade ever?
  7. LT is in this Trade

    Holding Leftwich right now
  8. Sit LJ for Tatum this week?

    I like LJ this week, I have the same isssue in one league and am goind Bell looks ng with LJ
  9. WDIPU @ WR

    R Williams no doubt this week
  10. Here is the offer(This is a 4 man keeper league): I get LT, TJ Housh, Roy Williams and Rex Grossman for Westbrook, Cady, Holt and Carson Palmer. Damn when I type it I dont like it that much...Should I do this? I would be stuck with Edge and LT, Roy, TJ and Keyshawn at WR. Need some great advice. Standard Scoring 1 for 10 and 6 pt TDs. no PPR. 3 Point Passing TDs from QBs
  11. MNF, "Just Lost"

    :doah: Lost by 4 points..Thanks to R Moats...I was the idiot that sat J. Jones for Moats...Also had Bell on the Bench. I am still crying
  12. Joey Porter

    He is all show...He is from my home town and I have gotten to know him in the last year. He is the nicest guy you will ever meet. Once he gets on the field, he will do anything to distract a team, even if it is to demoralize a Punter...There are not may LBs out there with his heart on the field. Be thankful u have a guy like this
  13. Hey, DMD, on those Keeper Rankings...

    I do agree...but around 8-10 looks good...If they miss the playoffs I can see another top 10 year, If they get in his schedule may be just as tough as this years, where I think he will finish outside the top 10
  14. Hey, DMD, on those Keeper Rankings...

    Whats up with Vick that High??
  15. Commish Dilemma

    The Rookie makes a point...My question here is how the NFL looks at it...There are the Stats for giveaways and takeaways, I would say if the fumble recovery was considered a takeaway in the NFL it makes sense to keep the points for the D/ST...I am not sure where to find that info, but it has to be out there...Basically, at the end of the year does it count for the BEARS D???? I am just really asking here. I may be 100% wrong