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  1. HOLT

    I think torry thought the game was at 4:15
  2. HOLT

    he just caught a 27 yarder.. lets see more TORRY, bout time you woke up
  3. Holt

    Whatst he deal?
  4. MaMo - Maurice Morris...

    When i had Alexander go down i had no ideat that his backup would be THIS worthless.. is it really the 0-line or does Maurice really suck this bad? combination of both?? dang... this sucks
  5. Pick up Moss?

    never thought i'd hear of Randy Moss being a free agent as long as he plays.. just another testimant to the crazy world of fantasy sports
  6. Season Altering Trade

  7. Season Altering Trade

    What's up everyone? I'm in a standard scoring league (6 pts td/1 pt every 10 yards rush/receiving 1pt every 25 yards passing) In this trade i give up Joe Horn and Drew Brees and I get Larry Fitzgerald and Charlie Frye. Now, I know Fitzgerald could be out until week 10, and I also realize that the Browns are poor on offense, but Charlie Frye looks like a capable backup to Jake Delhomme (my other qb).. Also, I'm getting shaun alexander back in week 10 most likely which would leave my starting lineup to be: Delhomme Alexander Marian Barber Fitzgerald Torry Holt Santana Moss Jay Feely Jaguars D tell me if it seems like i made the right deal, also keep in mind that only two teams don't make our playoffs (retarted - i know!) My current record is 3-3
  8. Fanball down?

    NOT working for me, this better start back up, or i will throw down.. and you don't want me to throw down - need to set my stankin' lineup!
  9. Alexander out at least two more weeks

    don't forget that the seahawks have an easy schedule down the stretch!! (around fantasy playoff time)
  10. THNAK YOU Huddle responders

    I don't think i was around to give you my two cents, but congratulations! This is why boards like this exist.. keep up the good work
  11. Michael Turner

    Okay thanks guys.. yeah he just carried on 3rd down for 0 yards, but hey im relieved to know that he's at least in the game
  12. Michael Turner

    Any updates on Michael Turner's status? Need to lock this one up
  13. Polamalu's Hair

    That was awesome!! i cant stand paalalmamaalallmalal's hair.. GO LJ!
  14. LT - 3 TDs Baby!

    GOOD FOR LT!!! but where the hell is turner
  15. Is MTurner playing?

    Turner is in.. he fumbled earlier in the game, so maybe he lost some of the confidence shotty has in him, but he should still rack up some garbage points in the second half!