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  1. Urlacher

    Two words for you: Boo Yaa! Going from "Most Overrated" last year (which was a load of garbage) to Top Dawg this year. Vilma Schmilma. When you're the only guy on the team that knows how to tackle your gonna rack 169 up. Urlacher (along with Brown) lead the best defense in the league!
  2. New username

    Then we could accuse him of being a newbie.
  3. Weekly Blitz

  4. Calling Bears homers...

    Heard Brown may be coming back this week. Harris already is back at FS. McGowan was SS in week 16. Green filled in. With the Bears getting a first round bye and the game in Minnesota not meaning much, is Lovie starting Brown this week or giving the nod to McGowan and resting Brown? Any news out of Chicago on this?
  5. Come Back Player Of The Year-2006

    Flip those 2 and you're right on! Kevin Jones..
  6. Do The Bears REALLY have a shot at the Super Bowl?

    It all comes down to this: Mike Holmgren and no Brett Favre. It's an anomaly the Seahawks have made it this far.
  7. Seahawks!

    Nope. It's becasue they've beaten San Fran TWICE!
  8. Do The Bears REALLY have a shot at the Super Bowl?

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Nope, you don't! The question I have for everybody is: Are the Seahawks for real? They've barely won some insanely easy match-ups and their SOS was softer than the Bears this year by .23. Okay, so the Seahawks beat a Sorgi lead / Harrisonless Colt squad.
  9. Thanks for nothing Brett Favre

    Guess that's what you get for being in a cheesy league with team defenses.
  10. '85 Bears special on FOX today @ 2:30 (CST)

    For my fellow Bears Huddlers! This should be fun to watch. Nothing like watching Sweetness, Singletary, and the boys to get us pumped up on Christmas day right before we hand it to the Pack in their house!
  11. Bears safeties

    Brandon McGowan is your man in Chicago right now.
  12. "Russman is Lost" Challenge Week 16!

    R Johnson C Johnson L Johnson
  13. Tony Dungy's Son Found Dead

    What a selfish little racist small thingie. I've got no sympathy for those that (barring a chemical imbalance) commit suicide. Gotta feel bad for Coach Dungy. However, what was more important to him: his team or his own kid? Honestly guys, ask yourself. Makes you wonder if you're involved enough in your own kids' lives.
  14. Weekly Blitz

  15. LT THE DUD!

    So, is Jonathan Wells officially better than LT2 now??