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  1. My only question of the year

    No.............I just think forcing Kyle Boller to pass....might lead to a pick or two and possibly a Defensive score.......but I do see your point.......I think I might be over analyzing this one.
  2. I like Evans and Crumpler. They are your safest bet. Good luck
  3. My only question of the year

    what about the two starters that are out? The Ravens have the 3rd worst O in the league and they rely on the run. The Pack are great against the Run.
  4. Do I go with the Colts (vs Chargers) or Packers vs (Ravens) This is the only question I have asked this year.....so please help.
  5. Driver or Moss

    Now I'm really confused
  6. Reggie Brown or Engram this week?

    Go with the Veteran. R.Brown burned me on MNF already.
  7. QB--who gets the nod?

    Tough call.......Warner w/ Boldin and L.Fitz and the pass happy Offense...plus Warner is relatively fresh. Most likely they will be playing catch up and Rasheen Mathis can be beat.....(see Chad Johnson) I would lean towards Warner. I am in a tough situation as well. Please see my post. Good luck.
  8. Season on the line...

    Go with TJ and McGahee...........Dan Morgan is out for the Panthers and that is a huge loss for that D. I like McGahee to have a big game. And NO....he is not on my team. Please see mine.

    I like Engram....I think Porter does better on the road and Moss is near 100% Tough call but I give the edge to the Seahawks and Engram. Please see my post.
  10. Driver or Moss

    Should I play Randy Moss vs the Dolphins or D. Driver at Philly. I am playing Favre as my QB.............but the guy I am playing has Collins as his QB....I figured it might be safe to play D against him??? Is this a good idea or should I go Driver,Favre????
  11. Favre over Leftwich?

    Go with Favre.....he should have plenty of chances.
  12. Would anyone start Martin over Eli?

    I like Eli in this one.....everything I am reading is that J. Martin is banged up and one hit could send him out. Eli and the Giants have an explosive offense.....good luck.
  13. WDIS at QB

    I am in a similar situation w/ Favre or Eli?????? I think I am going to go w/Favre. Good luck
  14. Best fantasy advice

    Favre or Eli Favre at Philly Eli Manning at Seattle Driver, Roy Williams, or Randy Moss pick two Roy WIlliams vs Atlanta Driver at Philly Moss vs Miami Thanks