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  1. 2006 Survivor Challenge Week 5 -

    New Orleans Saints
  2. 2006 Huddle Survivor Challenge Week 4

    Philadelphia Eagles
  3. WDIS TE

    Yeah, I checked the Yahoo rankings to see what they thought about this. They have Miller listed as the #2 Tight End Overall this week... so I will be starting KW2 on Sunday.
  4. WDIS TE

    Okay, I need to pick one of the following (1 ppr, 1pt/10yds, 6pt/td): Winslow vs. BAL Miller vs. CIN Tight ends seem like such a crapshoot, so I usually try and go with the one that will probably get more looks. Pittsburgh doesn't seem to be using Miller much (take away the long TD and he hasn't done squat) or even looking his way. Meanwhile, Winslow is getting more looks, has had a TD, and is running his yap. He plays against a much tougher D this week. What do you think?
  5. Bronco's Fantasy Advice

    Broncos: I need to decide whether I want to start Mike Bell at Flex versus the Pats or Deangelo Williams against the Bucs. Scoring is 1/10 yds., 0.5 ppr, and 6 td. While the Pats D hasn't been tested much, I feel like the Bronco O will struggle again this week. Meanwhile, DW looked great last week and is playing against a team that Dunn and Jamal ran well against... The only drawback is how limited his carries will be. I'm leaning towards DW... What do you think? Thanks.
  6. 2006 Huddle Survivor Challenge Week 3

    Miami Dolphins
  7. 2006 Huddle Survivor Challenge Week 2

    Denver Broncos
  8. 2006 NFL Survivor Challenge

    New England
  9. Let's Talk About

    With all the questions surrounding backs like Portis, Tiki, Edge, Jackson, etc. that won't be answered until the season starts - What does everyone think about Rudi this year if Carson looks fine tomorrow? I feel like he is being ranked a little low for what he brings to the table. Last year, he played with torn knee cartilege and put up numbers that were just as good as the previous year. This year, he is back to 100 percent, is reported as being lighter and faster than ever, and will be a big part of a strong and improving O. Perry still is not practicing, so his role won't be increasing any time soon. Unlike Brown, Edge, and Jackson, Rudi's line is solid. Unlike Tiki and Portis, he'll be getting the goal line calls. Unlike Portis and Jackson, he doesn't have durability concerns. He's also done it before and is still young. So where's the love for Rudi?
  10. Bucs at Jags

    The holder Bidwell took the snap and rolled right on what looked like a designed fake. The Jags weren't fooled and covered the receiver that went out. Bidwell forced a throw into coverage that was picked right by the sidelines. However, #90 on the Bucs ripped it out of the hands of the defender and was pushed out of bounds. Hope that helps.
  11. Steven Jackson

    Not getting the game tonight - How well is SJ playing? Is his O-Line giving him room to run?
  12. Preseason's almost over...let's take a step back...

    I think that a bigger concern with R. Brown should be the play of the O-line. I know that it was against one of the better Ds in the league, but they looked terrible on Thursday. Brown had no room to go anywhere.
  13. The Dreaded 4 Pick

    I think SD is just insurance for SJ... nothing more. He and Moe Williams could both be used at the goal line, though. While I don't think SJ will lose his TDs, it looks like the only backs that won't have vultures around are Brown and Edge. I really don't like Edge's situation - Their line was so bad last year and I can't see how it could've improved enough for him to compete with the Big 3. Picking at 6, I'm hoping that someone scoops him up before me. As for Brown, he's going to get his team's TDs and has yardage upside. At 6, I think I'll be hoping for him to be around. I still don't know about his line, though. I guess we'll all see when they play Carolina tonight.
  14. The Dreaded 4 Pick

    What does everyone think about the 4 pick now that the preseason is almost over? Assuming that the big 3 are already gone, you're left with a lot of question marks. The 4 will dictate the rest of the 1st round, so I feel like knowing who goes at 4 will help me plan things (and help me decide who take when I go at 6). Right now, I'm not sure what order I would list these guys in: Tiki: Everyone is predicting another monster year, but I'm not so sure. He's got a brutal schedule and is getting old. He'll be hard-pressed to have as many long runs as last year... some of those were so ridiculous that it would be crazy to expect them again. Brandon Jacobs will definitely take all short TDs from him. Portis: The shoulder injury is a big question mark. Even if he starts week 1, will he be fighting a lingering injury all season long? Can he use the shoulder well enough to pass-block and catch passes? The Skins may spell him at times to make sure he stays healthy. They gave up a 3rd rounder for Duckett, so he might be taking the goal line carries, too. Lots of questions here. Edge: Arizona made some moves to upgrade it's Oline, but it was so bad last year that it may not be a quick fix. Is Edge that much of an upgrade over Shipp and Arrington that he'll put up better numbers than the alternatives? When the fantasy playoffs begin, it's possible that Leinart will be seeing his first action... this could mean an early exit. SJax: He's certainly got the goods, but can he stay healthy? He's expecting a bigger worklad, but seems to run high and just seems to get banged up easily. Also, his Oline was not very good last year and his fantasy playoff schedule is brutal. RBrown: Like SJ, he's got a world of talent. However, he's never carried a full load before. Can he last for the whole year? Is his line any good at all? I didn't see many Miami games last year, but it seemed like he and Ricky hardly ever had blocking. Lots of upside and downside here. Right now, I think I would go Brown, Sjax, Tiki, Edge, and then Portis. I loved Portis before, but he seems way too risky now. I don't trust the Zona line for Edge and Tiki doesn't have the TD upside as the others. What do you all think?