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  1. Which 2 WRs to start this week?

    Iwould go with Holt and Walker....also you preety much have to start the bears def, especially with thier special teams play ( hester)....
  2. WDIS

    Young @ home against Jax, Bulger @ OAK, Kitna @ Greenbay
  3. Chester Taylor

    I am leaning towards starting him but I have Tatum Bell on my bench.
  4. WDIS? Kitna@GB or Garcia@NYG

    I am in the same situation and I am leaning towards KITNA. The both are nice options today but I am thinking Philly will run the ball alot. Tough one though
  5. WDIS

    I have Colston that I am srarting and I have Devery on my bench as well.
  6. WDIS

    I need tro pick one. Fitz vs. Denver or Housh vs. Indy
  7. Tatum Bell or Corey Dillon ... WDIS?

    Dillion if he is gonna carry the load. Please check my post Good Luck
  8. Last Minute Decision Who to Start at QB

    Touigh but I would lean toward Romo for the Sunday Night factor. Please check my post. Good Luck
  9. PLEASE HELP - Which 3 DIS?

    Fiason Dillion Jones-Drew Please check my post
  10. QB Help

    I am leaning towards Garcia unless anyone else can sell me Eli? I will answer your post.
  11. QB Help

  12. lee evans or copper

    I like Evans. Too many weapons in NO and the Bills depend on him. He always delivers for them. Please answer my post
  13. QB Help

    I feel like Eli may feast on the pantheres but he hasn't proven much thus far. Garcia is tempting. What do you think? I will answer your post. Good Luck
  14. Chester Taylor Out

    I care. I am torn between going with Fason or Tatum Bell.
  15. Bench Holt on MNF?

    I am sticking with Holt too in both of my leagues.