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  1. 1 hit wonders and bandwagons ...

    I'm doing the same this week. Ride the pine DD til a better matchup.
  2. drew bennett

    i have a bad feeling that champ bailey will be giving bennett alot of attention this week. and also if thats the case will chambers be a better start against cleveland. any help will be much appreciated.
  3. It's Over

    Praise to the Huddle!!!
  4. Why do Patriots go bothways?

    I'm not saying that he's gay but his celebration last night after his td pass was a little suspect even for a guy with a hot wife who lives in Florida.
  5. Why do Patriots go bothways?

    I think A.J Feeley might be in their with them too, Oh yeah and Kordell Stewart
  6. Why do the Patriots players play on both sides of the ball? They have offensive players playing defense and vice versa. They also have starters playing special teams. Don't they need a break. How long can they play that way?
  7. Just Won/ Just Lost

    I'm going into MNF up by 28 points and all he has is Sammy Morris. I'm feeling pretty positive about a win but this year who can tell what will happen? I look on the computer to see how many points he has and I'm only up by 2.8. Thank you Tom Brady for throwing that int. and closing this game out with a kneel down. TIME FOR THE SUPERBOWL
  8. Need a D for the Super Bowl

    Pick up SD, I'm starting them this week instead of Baltimore.
  9. SD is THE hot commodity this week

    Well G & S, how do you think the Chargers will do this weekend against the Browneyes?
  10. Pick my WRs for me.

    Clayton, Muhammad and Harrison would be my choice.
  11. What's more frustrating?

    I feel the same way. This week I sat Volek and Bennett and started Brees and Gates against the #1 def. I would have won but now I'm out of the playoffs. Oh I also sat Hicks and played Dunn. What a frustrating Monday Night Football. ARGGGGG
  12. Your NFL Christmas Wish/Gift

    For Peyton Manning to only throw two touchdowns this week instead of 5. Go Edge Go
  13. Your NFL Christmas Wish/Gift

    I second that wish
  14. Twas the Night Before the Fantasy Playoffs

    Nice job Tites.
  15. Chew on theses......

    That was LAST year. Don't live in the past. What have they won this year that matters????