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  1. Greatest British/UK Rock Band of All Time?

    One thing people forget about the Beatles is that they were the first band to make every song on an album a good song. Before the Beatles an album consisted of the hit song and a bunch of trash. They raised the bar. No matter what genre ie: country, rock, easy listen, or top 40, the reason the songs on a cd are not throw away songs is because of the Beatles. There is no other band in music history that created that change. This why they are the greatest band of all time. Can anyone name a band before them that had a great album all the way through? If you can, I will give you ----uh, uh, hmmmm, --- uh--oh yeah, ,my deepest admiration!
  2. Which Huddlers have you met in person ?

    BIllay- a really great guy.
  3. Auto mechanic help needed

    When my car was overheating my driver side window got stuck in the up position. ( not related---just a happy coincidence) The motor was out. It cost $298 to replace the window motor.
  4. Huddler Mechanics

    I own a 1994 Firebird. It has been a good car the only major repair in 14 years was an alternator. There were several window motors but other than that no major repairs. It's a 6 cylinder 5 speed clutch and a lot of fun to drive. Driving 4 wks ago the check gauges light comes on and I look and my car is overheating. I manage to pull over and get it turned off before it redlines. I call AAA and get it towed home. The next day I check the coolant and water and it is low, but there are no leaks under the car. I fill the coolant and water and drive it to a highly recommended gas station -garage,tell them the problem and leave it. I call at the end of the day. They say they don't see a problem---coolant is full, thermostat works Car is not overheating. I pick up car drive home and it overheats. Take it back. They call me say it is fixed. Charge $139.00 to replace thermostat!!!! Drive car home it's fine. 2nd day it overheats. Take it to trusted mechanic, tell him it already has a new thermostat. He calls me tells me leak is internal and there is a big puddle of water in timing gear box. Need to replace timing gears. Replaces timing gears, new water pump, new radiator cap, total bill $883.00. Take it home, drive to work next day, car overheats. Take it back to trusted mechanic, he puts new thermostat in no charge. Drive to work no problem. On the way home car starts to get hot and then there is no power when I shift gears. Take back to trusted mechanic, he saya I need a new car, either cracked block or blown head gasket. Shouldn't somebody have noticed this before I paid all that money. This all transpired during a 4 wk period. Please huddler mechanics, tell me what you think.
  5. Huddler Mechanics

    Exactly! I think the mechanics didn't know the problem and they should have just said that instead of guessing and ultimately ruining my car! As far as getting my money back I have no hope ---it's like getting a Doctor to criticize another one. Groups that police themselves leave no hope for the layman.
  6. Does anybody live their life now based on the extinction of humanity? Most people live on the basis of their own extinction. Do you base your job or buying a house on the extinction of mankind? When you laugh at the "Daily Show" is it based on the future of the world? Would you stop going to McDonalds' if you knew the world was going to end. Would you wonder if you should keep MoJo or TJ if you knew the world was going to end? The only thing I would do for sure is quit my job and hope the world ended before I got evicted. I like knowing what is going to happen, if you have any insight please let me know because I would hate for my obit to read " He died serving tagliolini".
  7. Keeper Advice

    My team is in my sig. I can keep 2. I am leaning towards Westy and TJ, but I am nagged by Holt(mainly) and Colston. What would you do, or is it too soon to tell?
  8. Keeper Advice

  9. Keeper Advice

  10. Calvin Coolidge

    I was checking the web and somebody had this quote on their sig and it is an awesome quote. It is about persistence. I would really like to have the whole exact quote for a meeting I'm having tomorrow. a part of it was " education is not the key, the world is full of educated derelicts". Thanks for your help. Any thoughts Billay?
  11. Calvin Coolidge

  12. Most scientists haven't had oral sex.
  13. Amur Leapord

    Please go to yahoo and read the story about the killing of one of the last Amur leapards. I don't know how to post links. This kind of thing infuriates me. I've never understood killing an animal simply for being what it was. This situation is even more disgusting because it was killed on April 15th or 16th and left dead. The stupid jerk that killed it didn't even take it for a trophy. Hunters like this one serve no purpose other than to anihilate what future genrations might enjoy. They devalue the diversity of what is nature. Why do people feel the urge to destroy living creatures for simply being what evolution decides what they will be?
  14. Amur Leapord

  15. Amur Leapord

    This is a good point as well as some others. If the Amur Leapard was attacking livestock or a human being then it was justified. If it was tracked down into it's natural habitat and destroyed then it was wrong. Destroying a creature for simply living in it's own environment is wrong!
  16. Amur Leapord

    Of course there isn't but there were alot of things that the USSR wasn't cognisant of that they are now.
  17. Amur Leapord

    This is a good point and one that those of us who live in suburbia don't think about. If this were the situation I would think that responsible environmentalists in that country, when it gets down to 7 females would have recognized the situation and dealt with it, instead of waiting to see what happens. It's just another example of proactive vs reactive.
  18. Sopranos

    The Junior thing was another illustration of how ill gotten power ends up. One dies in obscurity in a hospital bed, one is whacked in the streets, and Junior is reduced to a victim who more than likely wishes he was dead. This year is by far better than last year, and it's interesting to see if all the main characters will suffer some sort of demise or if any of them will get out unscathed.
  19. Your 21st Birthday

    I was thinking about my 21st birthday and wondering what it was like for you guys. On my 21st birthday I was working for a bread bakery and went to work. I worked from 1;00pm loading the trucks as the baked goods came out. The night was finished when all the trucks were loaded, there was no set time. I was really hustling that day hoping to get out before the bars closed at 2am. I was excited about finally being able to go into a bar and order a drink and praying that the bartender would ask me for my I.D.! I was doing a summer job before my senior year in college. I remember telling my co-worker Jack that I was going to be 21 at midnight and that I was going to be able to finally get a drink in a bar and I couldn't wait! Jack was 57 and doing the same job as me for the same pay. When I told him I was going to be 21 and able to drink legally and how excited I was he just shook his head and walked away. I thought he would be happy for me because he looked like an alcoholic. I got out at 11:55 and headed for a bar on Granby St. called Mr. Fugg's. When I ordered a drink they said I was too young and I said "It's after midnight I'm 21 now." The owner came out and bought me a drink and said "Happy Birthday!" I drank heavily for the next 2 hrs. and got wasted. My friend who brought me there gave me a ride home. I was so hung-over that I called in the next day. This meant that Jack was on his own. The next day I went in to work and was told that Jack had been let go. Everytime I think about my 21st birthday I think about Jack and wonder what happened. What was your 21st birthday like? Was it a landmark because you could legally drink? Looking back now was it really a special day?
  20. Alex Baldwin

  21. A question of ethics

    Your daughter got that position because of her skill and for no other reason and deserves to play. A good life's lesson is to be able to appreciate those things in which we excel and press forward with graciousness, as well as accept those times when we aren't as skilled or gifted as we would like to be in specific areas. This is something that lasts long after 18U softball. Your daughter and Jaime look like good friends in the picture. This is a situation that shouldn't jeapardize their friendship.
  22. Credit Rating Scare

    We had a really good thread about debt a little while ago and I learned a lot from it. Nowadays a person's debt is determined by the interest rates a person gets. The FICO score seems to be the "Holy Grail" of interest rates and perceived financial stability. I recently had 2 bad experiences with credit card companies that I think are bullsh@t,and I am wondering if anyone else has had the same experience and what I should do. Exp one: ME: Hello, I'd like to check my balance. THEM: ( after the usual barrage of questions) Could I have yor Mother's maiden name? ME: (I tell them her maiden name) Them: I'm sorry sir but this is incorrect. Me: I know my Mother"s maiden name and what I told you is her maiden name. THEM: No sir , it starts with a "J". ME: No it doesn't ! It's what I told you! THEM: Sir if you have a question about your Mother's maiden name let me transfer you to our fraud department. I told them yes so I could get it straight. I was basically accosted by the fraud department and told that my card would be suspended until I went to my bank ( not the bank for this credit card) and made a transaction ( a cash advance) which would be rejected and a no. to call would appear and then I should present a photo i.d. and my bank could verify who I was. I did as they asked and the cash advance went through! I called the credit card company and asked what the hell was going on and after much stress was told that my cash advance went through at an ungodly rate but also that my credit card was still suspended fro suspected fraud! The only way I got this straight was by going to my credit union where I had done a lot of business, and after talking to 6 people my credit union rep finally convinced this company that I was me! This was 2 mos. ago. Then 2 wks ago I got another call from another CC company which said I had suspicious activity on my account and my card had been cancelled and they were sending a new one. When I asked them what it was they said they couldn't tell me. I have paid off one card and am working feverishly on the other one. My question to any credit huddlers is how long should I wait to cancel so it doesn't hurt my credit score? I want nothing to do with either of these inept companies but I feel that if I cancel right away there will be more headaches! Any advice would be welcome. Anyone else had these problems?
  23. Hankk question

    If you work as a manager in a hotel, one of the first things you learn is that " it's amazing what you can do in a suit!"
  24. Imus update

    I think he should team up with Starr Jones and start a syndicated show!
  25. Read this if you have kids

    I have Aflac accident and big "C" insurance where I work. Combined they only cost 17.85 every 2 wks. Three weeks after signing up, a colleague of mine was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer. Because of Aflac she was allowed to receive new proceedures that were not covered by traditional health insurance. At the onset she was given 6 mos. to live, but survived for 2 and a half more years. If your company doesn't offer insurance like this, I suggest that you ask your HR person to check into it. It was a Godsend to my friend and consequently for those of us who loved her. Where I work it is transferrable if you quit. I got a check from my accident policy when I chipped a tooth on some guacamole dip that had the avocado stem in it as an added treat! I didn't sue because I was the unfortunate one who made it! I'm just glad I was the one who suffered as oppossed to any of my guests. If your company offers any accident insurance check it out, if not, ask them to look into it.