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    Being that Dillon isnt going to be playing Til tomorrow night, I am going to assume that he is not playing today! J/K I get a feeling that he is not going to play
  2. Please help with my RB

    C. Dillon at ATL M. Anderson vs Wash N. Davenport vs NO L. Jordan (bye week) standard scoring league. I think that Dillon is a must start based on TD's
  3. Best Rb coming out of college ?

    I agree with your pick or Ronnie Brown. He looks like the best RB that I have seen this year. I was more impressed with him than Williams. I watched Benson a few times and was not impresses at all.
  4. Going into the game I thought Kearse was going to give Matt Light fits. Not only did he not give him fits, he got pancaked several times. As surprising as that was, it was even more suprising that Dawkins had NO IMPACT at all. I am a HUGE pats fan, but with that being said, if those 2 show up, they win!
  5. Once again I am a Pats fan. It is unfortunate that all we hear are quotes and questions about TO and Freddy Mitchell. But in the limited time that we have gotten to hear/see Donovan McNabb, I have a newfound respect for this guy. This guy shows a lot of confidence and humor, and it seems like he will not choke under the pressure. It is too bad that even he can't escape the TO questions, and in some weird way, he is in TO's shadow. I wish D McNabb all the luck after this game, and not any sooner. He is a class guy like the other QB in the superbowl, and you cant help but root for them. Wow, did i just give props to another teams player? I need a nap.
  6. Freddy Mitchell calling out R. Harrison?

    Well stupid or not, I just do not understand why a player who has been a bust, and is a very small part of his teams offense could ever open his mouth. As said earlier in this thread, why the hell is he even on that show?
  7. Unless Freddy was kidding last night on ESPN (Bud Hotseat), what the hell was he thinking calling out Rodney Harrison like he did? Lets get it on!
  8. Sheldon Brown and Lito Sheppard

    So you are assuming that the Eagles would have won both of their last 2 games? I know you must have been extremely confident since they just trashed the vaunted Washington Redskins 17-14, and the immovable object Dallas Cowboys 12-7. If you think that the Vikings or the Packers would have playoff eligible in the AFC you are wrong! The Jets would have been the #2 seed in the NFC. Yes you do need to beat the teams on their schedule, but a good record with a soft schedule is not as nearly as impressive as a good record against a schedule with 8 quality opponents. Just my 2 cents
  9. Brady

    Not only did his toes get broken, but i hear he has a severly bruised ego, and no heart.
  10. Sheldon Brown and Lito Sheppard

    You are talking about beating the Vikings and the Falcons by double digits? Neither of those team would have been in the playoffs if they were in the AFC. 11-5 for Atlanta = 8-8 in the AFC.... The Eagles inflated their regular-season record (13-3) facing a substandard schedule this season. Opponents were a combined 116-140 and the Eagles faced just three quality opponents all season. They were hammered by Pittsburgh (15-1), squeaked by Baltimore (9-7) by five points and crushed Green Bay (10-6) which, you will soon see, is no great accomplishment. Bonus Cold, Hard Football Fact: The Eagles faced four teams that made the postseason (Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Green Bay and St. Louis and outscored those opponents by a mere 1 point per game (21.0-20.0). Those numbers were from
  11. "I just learned so much"

    Hines was just upset that he is not going to Jacksonville, afterall, he already had his $hit packed
  12. Are there still Brady bashers out there?

    Yes he would be great in Arizona, afterall the weather is always perfect.
  13. Are there still Brady bashers out there?

    The easter bunny isnt real?
  14. Are there still Brady bashers out there?

    Hey Clown boy, I am the furthest thing from a wannabbe. You want to compare me with UT, go ahead, seeing that he has been 100% correct about his opinions the last month or so. I do not agree with the way he presents his views, but accuracy is accuracy. Just out of curiousity, who do you think is the best???? You are so insightful, and we are all waiting for your enlightning analysis of what you consider to be the best QB in the NFL.
  15. Tom Brady defines what a QB should be. I know that there are a lot of Brady bashers on this board, which is your opinion. But in my opinion, no one runs a team better than this guy period. (man purse and all).