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  1. Tar\ik Glenn to retire?

    I'm sure that no matter what happens from here Indy will figure out a way to get the job done.
  2. I can not put into proper words........

    Personally I cannot wait either. Getting the Ticket this year
  3. The Ravens DO like Smith, but he cannot stay healthy
  4. Magahee isn't the second coming, but he'll do more for us than Jamal did. The real laugher is Phil Savage signed him. Jamal just doesn't have it anymore, he's been subpar for a couple seasons now.
  5. Cheap Bastages

    If Lovie enjoys similar success next season I wouldn't worry too much about him getting paid, either by the Bears or someone else
  6. ACC Hoops - Week 8

    Well, GT has been AWFUL on the road, UVA should beat them. Honestly I'm liking your chances against VT at home as well. VT has played very well this season, but they are prone to throwing out a real clunker of a game now and then, and you are playing them at home. Wake is Wake. Even playing them on the road, you have to like your chances. I'd be shocked if UVA didn't win at least 2 of these 3.
  7. ACC Hoops - Week 8

    I sympathize, I really do; heck we lost to Miami AT HOME earlier this season Who do you guys have left? Any home games?
  8. ACC Hoops - Week 8

    How did the Cavs lose to Miami????? Man never thought that would happen. What the heck is up with B.C.? They are better than they've been playing lately. Terps beat FSU
  9. ACC Hoops - Week 8

    Somehow, someway, the Terps have managed a nice little string of victories lately; now 6-6 in the conference. I'm thinking one more conference win might do the trick, and three of our last four are at home. They've really started to come together a bit, hope they can keep up the good work! Didn't see it coming given the way they'd been playing, but we have a pretty decent shot of going back to the tourney this year
  10. ACC Hoops-Week 6

    As for my Maryland Terrapins, well let's just say you can't spell it without N.I.T.
  11. Gamblers (Anonymous) Thread - 2006 Recap

    Ah, that's was in a prop bet thread. Well thank you Rattass, you were right! I had the Colts to win SB Future, Bears +7.5 and the Bear ML, so a little extra insurance seemed in order Thanks again for the inspiration
  12. Wow...if Bill actually applied himself he'd probably be the Dark Overlord of the Universe by now
  13. Gamblers (Anonymous) Thread - 2006 Recap

    Thanks Dre, that was my line of thinking once one of the guys suggested in the Gamblers Anonymous thread that the Prop would be a good bet if the Colts won. I figured barring an incredible game from someone else, Manning would be the MVP if the Colts won. Rhodes ALMOST made me a loser on that one, at least I thought he was going to
  14. Gamblers (Anonymous) Thread - 2006 Recap

    Ah, I remember 2005 fondly, seemed like you could just go down the line picking the favorites to cover and make money. December 2005 was the best month I ever had betting on football There was a prop I wanted to bet, but didn't get to it in time to make any real money...the "Peyton Manning will be SB MVP" prop; one of the regulars on the Gamblers Anonymous thread suggested it (sorry I can't recall who suggested it). When I first took a look at it on Betcris it was +200, it later moved to -180 Crazy money on that one and I'm sure it started much higher than +200!!!