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  1. Please I really need help at WR

    Jackson and rice are starting ...but since rice might be hampered by the injurty ..its a safe bet to start him ....Drop K Mac Chek my post..
  2. Quick help plz

    Must win game this week... with 25yards- 1 point TD - 6 points should i start Griese @ SD or Volek vs KC and 10 yards = 1 TD = 6 points should i start Chambers vs DEN or L Evans VS CLE Thanks
  3. Holt, Mason, Porter, Branch -- Pick 2

    Holt a must and I would go wtih Mason - as they have to do the catchup all game against Peyton...look at my post ..thnks
  4. WDIS

    I would be thinking between Kennison and Branch...the respecitve RBs might steel their TDs though. I would go with Kennison as TonyG might get double coverage.. Look at my post ..THanks
  5. need advice on RBs

    i have got Dillon,Tomlinson,,Blaylock and Bettis and need to start 2. Dillon vs Browns LT vs Broncos Blaylock vs Raiders Bettis vs Jags 1 TD = 6 points 20 yards Rush/Rece = 1 point Fumble = -2 I am thinking of Dillong and LT, but LT was shut out in the first game vs broncos. should i be going with Blaylock ? Thanks,
  6. Running Back Connundrum

    J Jones... i am planning to start him too...thnks for the reply
  7. Portis, F. Taylor or S. Jackson

    i wouldnt go against Pitts D esp Taylor is not seeing End zone all season... portis and jackson are better options ...please answer my post ... Thanks
  8. WDIS

    i would go with R Willaims against Arizona....look at my post.. Thanks
  9. RBs help

  10. RB and WR help

    you got it right..
  11. WDIS - WR

    get Stokely... and go with D jax against soft Cowboy secondary...
  12. WDIS Spreadsheet!

    sounds great...i wanna check it too. can you send it to Thanks, Eagle
  13. RBs help

    I have Pittman Vs ATL J Jones Vs SEA N Goings Vs NO I need to pick 2. I will start Jones, but not sure between Pittman (didnt do well in the first game against ATL but this is a home game) or Going (playing against a bad NO Def...but he might be sharing with Hoover...) i am in a league with 1 TD = 6 points ; 20 yards = 1 pt; Fumble = -2 Thanks
  14. O. Smith or Blaylock

    blaylock ofcourse... unless you dont want to wait till monday night
  15. Any news about RB Chris Brown?

    i agree, brown might see limited action ...if at all