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  1. Plummer or Bledsoe?

    tough one but I would go with Plummer. Denver needs a win and the titans def is pretty poor
  2. Volek or Leftwich

    Which one??? I have Volek in now but I need reassurance or change my mind
  3. My wife needs RB help

    Both Johnsons and Bettis he gets TD even against Balt
  4. Picked up seabass cuz he has collins

    I would start Akers since I think Philly will have more FG attempts than Oak who will be kicking alot of XP's
  5. ready to play the finals

    go with Johnson if those are your only options
  6. Whic crappy TE should I start?

    nothing more than a gut feeling but I like Stevens
  7. Volek or Leftwich

    Volek vs. Denver Leftwich @ Houston I'm leaning towards Volek because he's the hot hand right now but Leftwich has the better match up IMO 1pt 20yds passing 1pt 10yds rushing 4pt passing TD 6pt rushing TD -2 INT 1pt every 15 passing attempts
  8. Which WR to start?

    go with Porter. KC def will get schredded by Collins and Porter
  9. QB question

    that's a tough one but I may go with Collins since I'm not sure how healthy Bulger really is
  10. Suggs or A. Green?

    go with your studs this late in the season. GB needs a win so Green will be featured. Kevin Jones had 79 and 1 td so Green should be good for 130 and possibly 2 TD A.Green
  11. Is it safe?

    Is it safe to drop D.Rhodes so that I can pick up S.Williams from Buffalo so that my opponent who is need of a starting RB this upcoming week can not get him???? I'm just a little paranoid about jinxing Edge who is my starter. I know this is a stupid question but it is SB time and every little thing is over anaylzed?
  12. For everyone who is in your SB.....

    My team-------------------His team Volek or Lefwich-----------Favre C.Martin--------------------L.Johnson E.James--------------------M.Faulk or S.Jackson Holt-------------------------C.Johnson R.Smith---------------------Houshmanzadah D.Bennett-------------------L.Coles or R.Williams Gonzo-----------------------Gates Bills--------------------------Bucs Graham---------------------Vinateri
  13. Helpful advice needed

    Go with Dunn, No TJ should help Dunn get back on track
  14. WDIS at WR week 15?

    I'm a lions fan and I might even lean towards M.Rob. He should be matched up with A.Goodman which is a definate advantage M.Rob. Moulds Boldin M.Rob
  15. QB Quandry

    Not that this will help answer your question but I like Griese,Big Ben,Delhomme and Volek over Brady this week. Now out of those which one???? That's a bigger question. If there was a gun to my head and I had to pick right now it might be Volek. Good Luck