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  1. pick one keeper

    Maroney simply for the fact that the Patriots have undoubtedly stepped it up in the passing game now with the addition of Moss.
  2. Larry Johnson

    The military is a business too, but does it benefit anyone serving our country to be put in a situation where the outcome will inevitably lead to those soldiers' deaths? No it doesn't, but those soldiers honor the contract they signed before they took the oath of enlistment. So why should a little football player honor his contract? Because it's a contract!!! He whines about making $1.75 million to play a game when people risk their lives for $40 grand a year just so he can play that game????? Some people need to get their priorities in line.
  3. Larry Johnson

    I think every player should honor the contract that they signed initially and then worry about renegotiating during the last year of it. Then their new contract should reflect what they have done on the field the previous few years. I know LJ has lit it up over the past 2 seasons, but when he signed, he was a back up to Priest Holmes and probably wasn't looking at much field time before Holmes got injured.
  4. Should Reggie Bush Get Points for Punt Return TD?

    I think it should be stated in your league rules, just like a lot of the guys here. If you want a player to be able to "double-dip" on points, then put it in your scoring system. Give the TD to the player who scored it and also to the DT/ST that he's on.
  5. WDIS: Coles or Roy Williams

    Hands down Coles. I just can't say anything good about the Lions passing game, or lack thereof
  6. I have the 3rd overall pick in our draft coming up. It's a keeper league with the usual performance scoring: 1/10 rush & receive; 1/20 passing; 1 per reception. We keep 2 players from the previous year's roster and the players I kept are LJ and Gates. Arguably I have the best RB in football and the best TE on my team already, so out of this list who should I pick at #3, assuming Tomlinson & Alexander go 1 & 2? Tiki Barber Clinton Portis Ronnie Brown Rudi Johnson Edge, Steven Jackson, and Cadillac Williams are already on other teams rosters and aren't in the draft this year. I'm leaning towards Ronnie Brown mainly because of Portis' shoulder injury and not knowing for sure that he will not aggravate it again once the season starts and I'm just not sure that the Giants are going to be that dedicated to running the ball now that Eli is coming into his 2nd full season as a starter. Any suggestions?
  7. #3 Pick in keeper league - who would you take?

    Point well taken concerning Tiki. The only other issue I had with him is his age, but it is hard to overlook his performance on the field the past couple of seasons. Any other input?
  8. RE: Article about picking Manning first

    Amen to that! I wouldn't take Manning in the first round even; wouldn't even consider it. Yes he's solid but not as valuable as a top RB.
  9. To keep or not to keep

    I'd keep Palmer, Witten, & McMichael. As far as TO taking production away from Witten, I personally don't think that will happen. If anything it may open the short game in the middle with TO taking an extra defender downfield with him.
  10. Champions Sign In

    Won my 3rd championship in 10 seasons this year and my roster for the championship game was Palmer, LJ, Cadillac, Holt, R. Moss, Fitzgerald, Witten, Feely, Broncos Def. Gotta thank Huddle for all the info they put out each week because last season I became the first ever 2 time champion in the 11 year history of this league and now this year became the first ever 3 time champion and also the first team to ever successfully defend his title from the previous season. Not a keeper league either, it's a full redraft every year, but some swift waiver moves and a fairly one sided trade in my favor paid off big for me. That trade consisted of me sending Brady, McAllister, & Andre Johnson to another team for Palmer & Holt. Anyway, you gotta love all the info that thehuddle supplies each week. It does help out.
  11. NCAA to crack down on Hostile Nicknames

    I agree here, and I'll tell everyone what I think is offensive: Somebody else telling that something is offensive!!! There's nothing I hate more than a group of people who have nothing better to do than think that they have the right to make decisions for me based on something that they deem offensive!! I really don't think it should be an issue that some of these teams use names that are linked to Native Americans and their culture. I think some of these people need to sit back and worry about straightening up their own lives before they have a revelation and think they need to change other people's lives. While I'm on the subject, here's what else I hate: Politicians who constantly preach about abstinence, but somehow have 10 kids........this is our do as I say, not as I do government at work. These same politicians are the ones who are anti-porn but have home movies of themselves and their spouse doing things that the porn industry hasn't even thought of yet. I'll stop there because I know that I'm just ranting here, but right or wrong, it's just my opinion.
  12. Pick your National Champion

    I'm gonna go with a prediction that I made earlier this summer.............Miami. I think there will be a classic matchup with the 'Canes defeating USC 39-31.
  13. Travis Taylor wins starting job.

    Taylor may not be the greatest WR, but could put up OK numbers with Culpepper throwing to him. I also see Williamson taking over the starting job by week 4.
  14. Number 6

    Maybe guys like these will be around at #6: Domanick Davis Randy Moss Jamal Lewis Deuce McAllister Corey Dillon Daunte Culpepper If you have Willis McGahee ranked ahead of them, maybe look a pick or two down your list if you don't think he will stay healthy.
  15. Pick #2

    I'd go with Alexander also.
  16. World's Best Fantasy Team Names..

    Will my trophy fit under that rock too???????
  17. Superbowl Bound?

    Here's my take on this one: Out of the 12 teams that make the playoffs, the one that wins all of their playoff games will win the Super Bowl! Sorry, I must have been possessed by John Madden for a second there. Seriously, Vikings-Colts with the Moss-less Vikings finally winning a Super Bowl.
  18. World's Best Fantasy Team Names..

    I can't believe you left out Bouncing Sweater Puppets! Of course, I have to add this one to the list: Multiple Scorgasms If memory serves me well, weren't the Scorgasms last year's league champs?
  19. Daunte Culpepper or Ahman Green

    Definitely Culpepper. Ahman's best years are clearly behind him.
  20. Who's #1?

    In the keeper league that I run, the guy with the first overall pick has already told me that he is going with Manning at #1. While it may be a good pick, he's not going to have another pick until the 12th pick in the 2nd round and I don't think he will get the quality RB @ #24 that he may want. If it was me, I'd shy away from Manning if your draft is a typical serpentine like mine.
  21. Best WR

    I'd say that you can't go wrong with either Chad Johnson or Andre Johnson. Both are on teams that have decent enough RBs that could allow these 2 to stretch the field quite a bit.
  22. Domanick Davis or Willis McGahee

    Definitely Davis.
  23. Need advice on who to keep!

    Good choice in Gates, I think he is worth it. I think I would keep Porter and the only reason I would do that is because he may find himself in a bunch of 1 on 1 situations with Moss opposite him. That could boost his production somewhat this year IF Moss is contained in a lot of double coverage.
  24. The greatest sports movie of all time

    Personally, I say Friday Night Lights even though the "based on a true story" did stretch the truth just a bit. Permian never made the Texas state finals in 1988, they actually lost in the semi-finals 14-9. The other team was later forced to forfeit the game because of an ineligible player. Still a good movie though. I'm sure nobody really cares about that tidbit of info on Permian that year. I don't even know why I put that in there.
  25. From a Viking message board

    I think that this guy wore his hat when he was typing and the molecules rearranged all the keys on his keyboard.