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  1. Before you support the NFL's drug code

    PM me if you want when you get back because there are too many scenarios to cover. Where was he heading at the time, what was he doing at the time, what are the injuries. It's certainly complicated and you certainly have the right to can him. If you care to continue this later, you know where to find me. Drive safe.
  2. Before you support the NFL's drug code

    Flat out there is no liability. You insurance company fully has the right to jack up your premiums so high that you can't afford to employ the guy or they can refuse to insure you unless you move him from a position that requires him to drive (which just may well mean you are better off letting him go). But they cannot force you to fire the guy if you give him a desk job and make him drive his own car or take the bus. When the insurance company says "we will be liable", we means them, not you or your company. Anyways, no big deal if this is an at-will employee I personally feel you should have the right to can them for just looking at you funny. I just don't believe any company is liable for the negligent conduct (driving) of an employee on their way to work, company car or not simply because in Texas driving to work does not place one within the course and scope of their employment. Now if the guy has the freedom to just get up and head to a client's house or office to do business that is different. If this guy got fired because your insurance company told you to fire him, have him give me a call so we can sue you or the insurance company . If the guy was fired because his driving record is so poor you can no longer afford him as a driver or because he can leave his house and head dirvectly to a customer/client, which is a primary job duty of his, I can't do anything for him.
  3. What is the most disgusting.....

    My knees are terrible (3 surgeries) so most knee injuries make me but I saw Theisman's live like everyone else over and over and over again. IMHO, it was the worst. The ones that creep me out the most; however, are the dislocated fingers, usually on WRs and QBs where the finger or thumb is pointing in the wrong direction.
  4. Before you support the NFL's drug code

    not law in Texas. I'm positive.
  5. Before you support the NFL's drug code

    Weed so totally kicks a$$. I don't get drug tested here at work, either. for now. Perch, can you point to a saingle suit in the state of Texas where an employer has been liable for the negligence of an employee on their way to work not in a company car? Sure if the employee drives for a profession there is reason to let them go because of your increased insurance costs, but I call BS for any claim of liability for say a car crash on the way to work.
  6. Clinton Portis

    Me give credit where creidt is due as you try and belittle Alex Gibbs, whatever. You aren't even reading what I'm typing. Besides, Shanahan's what all of 11 games post-Gibbs. Switzer won for two seasons after Jimmy left. All I've ever said is that if you want to convince me Shanny's a genius you will have to point to more than then RBs and the Portis/Bailey trade.
  7. Jamal Lewis and Priest Holmes

    You got these two on the same roster too?
  8. Clinton Portis

    IMHO Alex Gibbs deserves the credit. If Shanny can keep his system in place and draft players that fit into that system fine, but these guys blocking for Droughns right now are still Gibbs guys under the Gibbs system. Switzer was great and all but those were Jimmy's teams. Shanny may or may not be a great head coach. Nothing about the Portis/Bailey trade nor the Droughns success tells me Shanny is a genius. 52 tackles and 3 ints pretty much makes you Terrance Newan so big whoop. Portis has no help and I'll give Gibbs the credit for the system until I see that system succeed without him.
  9. Clinton Portis

    That answers none of my 3 questions. This theory can be shot down with three words: 1. Alex 2. Gibbs 3. Luck
  10. Clinton Portis

    If Shanny didn't get lucky with Droughns someone explain to me: 1. Why Droughns was a fullback to start the season; 2. Why the Broncos brought in Hearst in the offseason; and, 3. Started with Griffin for the first 4 weeks of the season? Give me a break.
  11. Clinton Portis

    He got lucky with Droughns, pure and simple so please don't act like Droughns is additional proof of the genius of skeletor. He watched his secondary and Bailey specifically get torched for 3 TDs last night although it looked like Bailey though he had help over the middle on the 3rd one. Denver may be a better team than last year, my only point is Bailey ain't that great.
  12. Thank YOu Huddle

    Same here.
  13. Clinton Portis

    Yeah he's thrilled Bailey was punked again.
  14. So, What have we learned?

    Not yet, my bloodhound gang obsession just began Friday.
  15. So, What have we learned?

    A lap dance is so much better when the stripper's crying.